Monday, 27 February 2012

Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream

Our winter (well, all year round to be honest) hand saviour in a bottle! Just launched from Elemis is this amazing hand and nail cream. It works wonders for any thirsty hands or just to maintain healthy hands all year round. I've been using it for about a week now and my hands have never felt so soft and hydrated. I've used it little and often, and to be honest to get fully moisturised hands you probably don't need to use it as much as I have been,  I love the smell (magnolia and jasmine) and the feel of it! I've kept it in my handbag so whenever I need a hand cream fix its there. 

The hand and nail cream is the latest addition to Elemis' fantastic 'spa@home' body anti-ageing line. The way that it works is that when skin is exposed to extremes of temperatures it becomes easily dehydrated and dry. Hands in particular, are an area easy to neglect if you don't have a regular hand cream in your routine, but it is important to. Hands are one of the most prone areas of tell-tale signs of ageing to occur, they lose elasticity and easily get chapped which can result in the wrinkling or dullness of the skin on the hands which we do not want! 

So this is where the amazing Elemis product steps in to ensure our hands are looking their very best! It has been specially formulated with a combination of lipid-rich oils to ensure optimum hydration. This, combined with the silicon-free formula of the cream ensures that it works both on top of the skin for appearance, whilst also repairing and conditioning deep into the skin to keep hands and nails stronger and smoother constantly, it also doesn't leave any residue so your hands are not left feeling oily of greasy after use. The hand and nail cream is completely paraben free, and uses plant extracts as some of its ingredients.

For a good sized bottle (100ml) the pro-radiance hand and nail cream is £22, an investment that will not disappoint! 
Available online and on counters, February 2012.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

JESSICA Hologram Chic

Absolutely loving this limited edition set from our favourite Jessica nails, the set consists of two varnishes to create amazing three dimensional colour. You begin by applying colour on the left, 'Retro Revival', to give a clear glowing base, this only needs one coat (you might be wondering why it says 'Top Coat' on the bottle of this one, I was too, but on the website it confirms it is a base coat), then follow this with two coats of the silver 'Disco Diva' to give the most awesome colourful, shining, holographic nails. As with all Jessica polishes, they are amazingly chip proof and so easy to apply, which I think is partly down to the brush which is firm and thick so allows for it to be evenly applied. On the huge plus side, they dry really quickly too which is great if you don't have lots of time or are prone to smudging. Jessica also recommends that with all their polishes, you should paint both under and over the nail to seal the varnish, which is a really good tip to avoid chipping.

Ultimately though, I just love the finish, it's something fun and unique, one of those nail varnishes where you can't stop looking at your hands. Sounds a bit weird, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Nic used the silver to tip her nails for an alternative french manicure and it looked amazing.

Get the gorgeous duo whilst you can from Jessica Cosmetics online or in the UK you can get it from  for just over £20. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

Estee Lauder is soon to launch their new 'fluid makeup', with John Lewis already having the worldwide exclusive, so expect to see it on counters soon. 
Technically, it is a foundation, but I have only ever seen it referred to as 'fluid makeup', this is one of the new generations of water based foundations that seem to be increasingly on the rise. This product gives an incredibly lightweight and soft finish, and enhances skins luminosity and health. It also gives a fantastic amount of coverage, combatting redness and blemishes effectively without feeling like you have too much product on. There are a couple of important things to point out with this product - because it is water based you have to give it a really good shake before use otherwise it will come out watery and lumpy instead of an even consistency which is what you want, the other thing is that when this foundation is blended into the skin it blends about a good two shades darker than it first looks so it is essential that you try before you buy with this one because you could be in for a shock, I have been opting for fingers over a brush as I find the warmth of my hands really helps it to blend and also makes application more malleable. I have also found myself using quite a lot of this product in one application to get my desired finish, it is perfect for building up colour, but this will use up a fair bit of product, I found I needed a couple of good squeezes to give an even, all-over coverage, however I just love the finish it gives and since wearing it, several people have asked what foundation I had on which is always a good sign!

I was also really pleased to see what Lauder had done with their packaging, many of their foundations, like Double Wear, come in glass containers with screw lids which makes it both kit unfriendly and wasteful as you could end up using more product by tipping too much out, this one however comes in a plastic bottle with a fine nozzle so you can control exactly how much you want! Perfect. 

£27.00 for 30ml. Available at John Lewis now. 

Foundation reviewed by Kate Gowing. Thanks Kate. x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The perfect dupe?

I am a huge fan of this metallic, multi-dimensional nail colour and I love Chanel 'Peridot' (see pic above) So when I saw that Jessica had one that is pretty much the perfect match in their colour 'Iridescent Eye', you can imagine how pleased I was. 
Don't get me wrong, I do love the Chanel varnishes in terms of their beautiful colour range, and of course with anything Chanel you are paying for the luxury, which they certainly do deliver. However, I've said it before and I will say it once more - Jessica Nail Polish cannot be faulted, I love the colours and the finish, they are so easy and quick to use, and they are virtually chip proof. I much prefer the brush on the Jessica polishes, I find the Chanel one a little thin and unfortunately I find Chanel polishes chip very easily!

In terms of the finish of this particular golden-green colour they are pretty much exact, if they were in the same unlabelled bottle then you would think they were the same polish, both off and on the nail. If you prefer the idea of Chanel's sophistication then of course you pay for that, as the Chanel one is £17.50, Jessica, on the other hand, not only comes in a bigger bottle (0.5ml compared to Chanel's 0.4), but is also cheaper £9.75, or even less in the U.S at $7.50 - bargain! 

Get the Jessica one here in the U.K and the Chanel one on their website here, or on counters nationwide. 
Love the colour so much, what do you guys think? 

Monday, 20 February 2012

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

A firm product of the moment has got to be the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser from NARS. It is the perfect boost for skin both in terms of colour and of luminosity. The product is due to launch in Spring 2012 and I'm sure it will be flying off the shelves because it is just divine! 

I've been using it in place of foundation recently, which is something I tend to do anyway when my skin is in good shape or I don't want a full on make-up look, and I am so loving its finish.  It has a pretty lightweight formula and blends nicely into the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvinated and hydrated and giving a gorgeous, healthy glow in terms of appearance. For me it has just the right amount of colour - a small amount of coverage, but I think its main focus is to get skin looking radiant, hydrated and bright, whilst the colour keeps the skin even and prevents dullness.
The amazing thing about this tinted moisturiser is that it comes in a mighty nine shades which means, unlike other tints that come in only a few colours, there is such a great variety to chose from and you can therefore get the best colour tone for your skin and adding to the finished result looking natural. The colour I have been using is 'St Moritz' - one of the medium shades. 

Although I haven't been using it for 4 weeks, it claims to reduce appearance of pigmentation and dark spots in this time, which sounds promising considering my initial love for this product, and the effectiveness it has already delivered. I will get back to you on that one, but if it does deliver this too, then it will be a 'holy grail' product. It is also SPF 30 which is a huge bonus, keeping the skin well protected from the sun, and although the sun is always about, this will be a great product for those natural and dewy summer looks. As well as this it has anti-ageing elements, so the product is simultaneously make-up and skincare with its collagen boosting, soothing and anti-ageing benefits.

See it on the counters soon, I'm excited... can you tell!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Aishwarya Rai

If you want to check out any of the products in this video

Friday, 17 February 2012

SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Brown Eyes

This is a beautiful and handy palette from Smashbox for all you brown eyed people out there. It is a great starter palette that is perfect for everyday use, because these six shadows are each carefully selected to bring out the best in brown eyes, both as shadows on their own, and also with the variety of looks you can create using more than one shadow. 

The shadows come in durable packaging, and the shadows themselves are quite large in size which is a bonus if this is a palette you are constantly reaching for. Together they are created to compliment brown eyes whichever way you wear them, the palette consists of 4 beautiful shimmery shadows, with the two other cream and navy shades coming in matte formula which is great for creating a base and adding definition. The top three shadows are labelled as the 'soft trio', a collection of shimmery browns and taupes, great for creating gorgeous looks for every day or for a more subtle night time look. The bottom line of shadows are the 'smoky trio' which you can use for a more dramatic and dark look, although I don't think you have to stick to this necessarily, they are a good guideline and work perfectly as trio's, but I think you can mix them up to create equally as amazing looks.

As for the shadow quality itself, it is pretty awesome, the pigmentation is great and I love how shimmery and light reflective the iridescent ones are. They don't drop and blend really well. Most importantly though it's the colours that I love in this set, It is brilliant that Smashbox came up with specific eye colour palettes (blue and hazel are available to) so once you invest in this palette you would absolutely get your moneys worth. The only flaw is there is not a green eye palette as yet, if they had a green one then it would make for a wicked series of staple shadows for a kit.

Smashbox is available at Debenhams in the UK and Sephora elsewhere.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Laura Mercier 'Lingerie' Eye & Cheek Palette

How absolutely beautiful is this palette from Laura Mercier?! We love it here in the studio.
It is part of Laura Mercier's Lingerie Spring collection therefore limited edition, so we feel very fortunate to have one in our hands. It is the perfect palette for subtle hits of warm and glowing colour,  great for bringing about spring-like youthfulness all year round.
In the palette are six shades for the eyes, most of which are exclusive to this palette with the exception of African Violet and Black Plum.
The two blushers, One pink toned, one peach toned, are a versatile duo to have in one set for a gorgeous and healthy blush. Both are perfect for everyday, I would pair the peach toned blush with a stronger lip or eye look and the pink toned with a softer fresh make-up finish. The shadows are the most beautiful and luxurious warm toned colours, from which you can create a multitude of looks. Within the six there are great options for defining, contouring, base colours and options to create both natural and sumptuous smokey looks from the different combinations. All products have brilliant staying power, a smooth finish, strong pigmentation and blend softly. There is a very sophisticated air about this palette, from the sleek case the products come in, to the richness of the products inside. I love how all the colours are totally wearable too, making for a good investment.

Get the palette whilst you can from Laura Mercier counters or online at


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NIP + FAB Shower Fix Oil

NIP + FAB is a body and beauty range formed by the creator of Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis. They offer all sorts of different products from cellulite combatting to eye and skin brightening and plumping. This shower oil has been my go-to bath product of the moment and it is fantastic for giving skin a gorgeous smooth feel and a glowing finish. It simultaneously cleanses the skin to maintain skins natural moisture balance. It is so gorgeously rich, and smells like oranges and mandarins, with the orange element toning, energising and awakening the skin, and the mandarin element also encourages circulation and can  reduce appearance of lines with the addition of gentle oils to cleanse and protect. 

It's a great pick me up for skin, helping to eradicating dryness and giving skin a healthy glow whilst also keeping skin soft and supple. This is the first NIP + FAB product I have tried and it totally does what it sets out to do, so I can't wait to try more products from the range which I hope will be equally as good! For £12.25 it is quite expensive for a shower product so it is fortunate that the bottle goes a long way, only a little amount of product is needed for all over application.  

Friday, 10 February 2012

Evangeline Lilly (Kate from LOST) 'No Make-up'

Products Used:
BECCA Luminous Skin Colour Foundation
BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector
MAQPRO Palette
Clinique High Impact Mascara -
Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer -
MAC Fluidline in Black Trax -
MAC Petting Pink Lip Conditioner
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Bronzer in Fiji
Anastasia Brow in Espresso

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

TOPSHOP goodness!

Although I wouldn't consider the Topshop make up line as one of my favourites, I think they have some exciting products, particularly in terms of their very trend driven colour range. Here's a few stand outs...

Nail varnish in Dead Ringer and Crackle Topcoat in Frosty

The Topshop nail polish are pretty awesome, they are brilliant to work with, apply evenly and just one coat is enough (although I do two coats for extra shine). They dry on the nail quickly and the colour range is fabulous. 
I love the bright and glossy finish to Dead Ringer, it's a perfect pick me up for this dull February. As for the Crackle Topcoat, I think I have mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of that finish personally, but for those that do like it, this one is a winner. 
The finish is sparkly and iridescent but also matte. My only flaw with these polishes is that they aren't amazingly chip proof and it only takes a day or so for scuffing and chipping to appear. Having said that, if you like painting your nails regularly then this isn't a problem. 
Available in Topshops stores, £6.

Crayon's in Sunshower (gold) and Ramble (brown)

These are great products. Gorgeously pigmented and shimmery they make for a perfect base for eyeshadows to add extra depth and intensity, or they look great on their own for a quick and easy eyeshadow fix. Products like these are great for a summery glowing look or for really building up a smokey eye when used as a base. I love these two colours, both pretty and shimmery to make the eyes stand out. They are so soft that it is simple to run all over the lid and under the eye too, they are also wonderfully smudgy so you can blend with fingers or a brush to get your desired finished. At £7.50 each these are great value.

Click to have a look at Topshop Make-Up

Friday, 3 February 2012

AVON Ideal Flawless Foundation

Nic and I had a lovely tweet from the gorgeous Alesha Dixon yesterday and as you may know she is the face of the new AVON Ideal Flawless Foundation. Which, I then realised hadn't yet featured on the blog.
When writing a post I usually google the product to find out other peoples experiences, this helps to either validate my own opinions or to make me think a little more.

While googling I came across this brilliant backstage video of the 'Ideal Flawless' shoot.
I urge you to watch this, it is full of great make-up tips from the very lovely Liz Pugh and Alesha's skin looks heavenly. Such tips validate my own love of lipstick on cheeks!

Ok, back to the foundation...

AVON Ideal Flawless Foundation is Oil-Free with an SPF15. It is £12.00 for 30ml and available from Avon or your local Avon representative.
It comes in 16 shades, from very pale to darker that Alesha. Nic and I always like to see cosmetic brands embrace darker and lighter skin tones, as they should.

Ideal Flawless comes in a slick glass bottle with a black cap not dissimilar to some other prestige brands. It looks expensive and classy on the dressing table.
The texture of the product itself feels smooth and moisturising. It blends into skin perfectly without looking cakey or thick but has incredible coverage.
Due to the oil-free formulation it is suitable for all skin types and does set so you need to work quickly.
Just like Liz Pugh in the video (above), I think you get optimum results from this foundation if you apply it with your hands or a buffing brush.

A great foundation for the price and lets hope we see more brands incorporating shades for darker skin.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Real Techniques Stockists

It has been a very exciting week for Real Techniques.
Finally our online store opened to US customers and then Boots announced that they will be stocking them as of the 15th February.

Select Boots stores will stock RT.

Aldershot Wellington Ctr Aldershot Hampshire 
Ashford High St Kent Ashford Kent 
Aylesbury Hale Leys Sc Aylesbury Buckinghamshire 
Banbury Castle Quay Banbury Oxfordshire 
Banbury Cross RP Banbury Oxfordshire
Basildon Mayflower Rp Basildon Essex 
Basildon Town Sq Basildon Essex 
Basingstoke Chineham Sc Basingstoke Hampshire
Basingstoke Old Mall Basingstoke Hampshire 
Bedford Harpur Ctr Bedford Bedfordshire 
Bedford Interchange Rp Bedford Bedfordshire 
Bexhill Ravenside Rp Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex 
Bishops Stort Potter St Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire 
Bletchley Beacon Rp Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire  
Bracknell Princess Sq Bracknell Berkshire
Brighton North St Brighton East Sussex
Bury St Edmunds Cornhill Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk 
Camberley Obelisk Way Camberley Surrey 
Cambridge Newmarket Rd Cambridge Cambridgeshire 
Cambridge Petty Cury Cambridge Cambridgeshire 
Canterbury Whitefrs Sc Canterbury Kent  
Chatham Pentagon Ctr Chatham Kent 
Chelmsford Chelmer Vill Chelmsford Essex 
Chelmsford High Chelmer Chelmsford Essex 
Cheshunt Brookfield Ctr Waltham Cross Hertfordshire 
Chichester North St Chichester West Sussex 
Colchester Lion Walk Colchester Essex 
Corby The Peel Centre RP Corby Northamptonshire 
Coventry Arena Rp Coventry West Midlands 
Coventry Central 6 Rp Coventry West Midlands 
Coventry Lower Precinct Coventry West Midlands 
Crawley County Mall Crawley West Sussex 
Dartford High St Dartford Kent 
Derby Kingsway Retail Pk Derby Derbyshire
Derby Westfields Sc Derby Derbyshire 
Derby Wyvern Rp Derby Derbyshire 
East Grinstead London Rd East Grinstead West Sussex
Eastbourne Arndale Ctr Eastbourne East Sussex 
Eastbourne Sovereign Rp Eastbourne East Sussex 
Fareham Westbury Mall Fareham Hampshire 
Folkestone Sandgate Rd Folkestone Kent 
Grantham High St Grantham Lincolnshire 
Gravesend St George Sc Gravesend Kent 
Great Yarmouth Market Sc Great Yarmouth Norfolk 
Guildford High St Guildford Surrey 
Harlow Broadwalk Harlow Essex 
Hastings Kingswalk Hastings East Sussex 
High Wycombe Eden Ctr High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
Horsham Swan Walk Horsham West Sussex  
Isle Wight Newport Hghst Newport Isle of Wight  
Kenilworth Talisman Sq Kenilworth Warwickshire 
Kettering Gold St Kettering Northamptonshire 
Leamington Spa Parade Leamington Spa Warwickshire  
Leicester Fosse Park Leicester Leicestershire 
Leicester Gallowtree Gt Leicester Leicestershire 
Leicester Thurmaston Sc Leicester Leicestershire  
Lincoln High St Lincoln Lincolnshire 
Loughborough Market Pl Loughborough Leicestershire
Luton The Mall Luton Bedfordshire 
Maidenhead High St Maidenhead Berkshire 
Maidstone Fremlin Walk Maidstone Kent
Maidstone King St Maidstone Kent
Mansfield 4 Seasons Ctr Mansfield Nottinghamshire 
Milton Keynes Crown Walk Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire 
Newbury Northbrook St Newbury Berkshire 
Northampton Riverside Bp Northampton Northamptonshire
Northampton The Parade Northampton Northamptonshire 
Northampton Westgate Rp Northampton Northamptonshire 
Norwich Castle Mall Norwich Norfolk
Norwich Chapelfield Norwich Norfolk 
Norwich Riverside Rp Norwich Norfolk 
Nottingham Broadmarsh Nottingham Nottinghamshire 
Nottingham Giltbrook Rp
Nottingham Riverside Rp Nottingham Nottinghamshire 
Nottingham Victoria Ctr Nottingham Nottinghamshire 
Nuneaton Market Place Nuneaton Warwickshire 
Oxford Cornmarket St Oxford Oxfordshire 
Oxford Cowley Rp Oxford Oxfordshire 
Peterborough Serpentine Peterborough Cambridgeshir
Peterbrgh Queensgate Ctr Peterborough Cambridgeshire 
Petersfield High St Petersfield Hampshire
Portsmouth Commercial Rd Portsmouth Hampshire 
Reading Broad St Reading Berkshire
Reading Calcot Reading Berkshire 
Reading Oracle Ctr Reading Berkshire 
Redhill High St Redhill Surrey EAST 6497 
Romford The Brewery Romford Essex 
Romford The Liberty Romford Essex 
Rugby Junction One Rp Rugby Warwickshire 
Slough High St Slough Berkshire 
Southampton Above Bar St Southampton Hampshire 
Southampton West Quay Southampton Hampshire 
Southend The Royals Sc Southend-on-Sea Essex 
Stevenage Queensway Stevenage Hertfordshire 
Stevenage Roaring Meg Rp Stevenage Hertfordshire 
Stratford U Avon Bridge Stratford-Upon-Avon Warwickshire 
W Thurrock Junction Rp THURROCK Essex 
Winchester High St Winchester Hampshire 
Windsor Peascod St Windsor Berkshire  
Witney High St Witney Oxfordshire 
Woking Commercial Way Woking Surrey 
Worthing Montague St Worthing West Sussex
Altrincham Rp Altrincham Cheshire 
Altrincham Stamford Qtr Altrincham Lancashire 
Ashton Ul Staveleigh Way Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire 
Barnsley Cheapside Barnsley South Yorkshire 
Bishop Auckld Newgate St Bishop Auckland County Durham  
Blackburn Cobden Court Blackburn Lancashire  
Blackpool Bank Hey St Blackpool Lancashire 
Bolton Gates Sc Bolton Lancashire 
Bolton Middlebrook Rp Bolton Lancashire  
Bolton Trinity Street Rp Bolton Lancashire  
Bradford Darley St BRADFORD West Yorkshire 
Burnley St James St Burnley Lancashire 
Bury The Mall Bury Lancashire 
Chesterfield Low Pavemnt Chesterfield Derbyshire  
Doncaster Frenchgate Ctr Doncaster South Yorkshire  
Doncaster Wheatley Hall Doncaster South Yorkshire 
Durham City Retail Park Durham County Durham 
Gateshead Metro Centre Gateshead County Durham 
Grimsby Friargate Grimsby Lincolnshire
Halifax Market St Halifax West Yorkshire
Harrogate Cambridge St Harrogate North Yorkshire 
Hartlepool Anchor Rp Hartlepool County Durham 
Huddersfield King St HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire 
Isle Of Man Douglas Isle of Man 
Keighley Airdale Ctr Keighley West Yorkshire
Kendal Stricklandgate Kendal Cumbria 
Lancaster St Nicholas Lancaster Lancashire 
Leeds Albion Arcade Leeds West Yorkshire 
Leeds Birstall Rp Batley West Yorkshire 
Leeds Colton Rp Leeds West Yorkshire 
Leeds White Rose Sc Leeds West Yorkshire 
Liverpool Aintree Rp Liverpool Merseyside  
Liverpool Clayton Sq Sc Liverpool Merseyside 
Liverpool New Mersey Rp Liverpool Merseyside 
Manch Walkden Ellesmr SC Manchester Lancashire 
Manchester Market Street Manchester Lancashire 
Manchester Trafford Ctr Manchester Lancashire 
Middlesbro Cleveland Ctr Middlesbrough North Yorkshire 
Newcastle Eldon Sq Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear
Newcastle Kingston Sc Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear 
North Shield Silvrlnk Rp Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear 
Oldham Elk Mill Cntr Rp Oldham Lancashire 
Oldham Town Sq Sc Oldham Lancashire 
Pontefract Beastfair Pontefract West Yorkshire 
Preston Capitol Rp Preston Lancashire 
Preston Deepdale Rp Preston Lancashire 
Preston Fishergate Preston Lancashire 
Rochdale Royal Exchng Sc Rochdale Lancashire
Rotherham Retail World Rotherham South Yorkshire
Scarborough Westborough Scarborough North Yorkshire
Sheffield High St Sheffield South Yorkshire
Sheffield Meadowhall Sc Sheffield South Yorkshire 
Southport Central Sc Southport Merseyside 
St Helens Church St ST HELENS Lancashire 
Stockport Merseyway Stockport Cheshire 
Stockton On Ts Tside Rp Stockton-on-Tees County Durham 
Sunderland The Bridges Sunderland
Wakefield Kirkgate Wakefield West Yorkshire 
Warrington Gemini Rp Warrington Cheshire
Warrington Golden Square Warrington Cheshire 
Widnes Shopping Park Widnes Lancashire
Wigan Robin Park Wigan Lancashire 
York 43 Coney Street York North Yorkshire 
York Monks Cross Rp York North Yorkshire NORTHERN IRELAND 
Ballymena Tower Sc Ballymena County Antrim NORTHERN IRELAND 
Bangor Cd Main St Bangor County Down NORTHERN IRELAND 
Belfast Boucher Road Belfast County Antrim NORTHERN IRELAND
Belfast Donegal Place Belfast County Antrim NORTHERN IRELAND
Belfast Forestside Sc Belfast County Antrim NORTHERN IRELAND
Lisburn Sprucefield Sc Lisburn County Antrim NORTHERN IRELAND
Londonderry Cresnt Rp Londonderry County Londonderry NORTHERN IRELAND
Londonderry Foyleside Sc Londonderry County Londonderry ROI
Athlone Golden Isle Sc Athlone Westmeath ROI 
Blanchardstown Ctr Blanchardstown Dublin ROI 
Bray Main Street Bray Wicklow ROI 
Castlebar Hopkins Rd Castlebar Mayo ROI 
Cork Blackpool RP Cork Cork ROI
Cork Half Moon St Cork Cork ROI
Cork Mahon Point Cork Cork ROI 
Drogheda Laurence Sc Drogheda Meath ROI 
Dublin Grafton Street Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin Jervis Sc Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin Liffey Valley Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin Lower Baggot St Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin Omni Centre Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin St Stephens Green Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dublin Swords Pavillions Dublin Dublin ROI 
Dundalk The Marshes Sc Dundalk Louth ROI 
Dundrum Town Ctr Dundrum Dublin ROI 
Galway Shop St Galway Galway ROI
Gorey Main Street Gorey Wexford ROI 
Limerick Childers Rp Limerick Limerick ROI 
Limerick William St Limerick Limerick ROI 
Maynooth Carton Park Maynooth Kildare ROI 
Mullingar Habour Pl Sc Mullingar Westmeath ROI 
Portlaoise Town Centre Portlaoise Laois ROI 
Tallaght 245 Square Sc Tallaght Dublin ROI 
Thurles Sc Thurles Tipperary 
Aberdeen Bon Accord Ctr Aberdeen Aberdeenshire 
Aberdeen Garthdee Rd Rp Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
Aberdeen Union Sq Sc Aberdeen Aberdeenshire 
Arbroath High St Arbroath Angus 
Bexleyheath Broadway Sc Bexleyheath Kent
Bishopbriggs Strath Rp Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Bromley The Glades Sc Bromley Kent
Crayford Towers Rp Dartford Kent 
Croydon Valley Plaza Rp Croydon Surrey 
Croydon Whitgift Sc Croydon Surrey
Dartford Bluewater Park Greenhithe Kent 
Dumfries High St Dumfries Dumfriesshire 
Dundee High St Dundee Angus 
Dundee Kingsway West RP Dundee Fife 
East Kilbride The Plaza Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Edgware Broadwalk Sc Edgware Middlesex
Edinburgh 101Princes St Edinburgh Midlothian
Edinburgh Craigleith Edinburgh Midlothian 
Edinburgh Fort Rp Edinburgh Midlothian 
Edinburgh Gyle Centre Edinburgh Midlothian
Elgin High St Elgin Morayshire 
Epsom Ashley Ctr Epsom Surrey 
Falkirk Central Rp Falkirk Stirlingshire
Falkirk High St Falkirk Stirlingshire  
Glasg 200 Sauchiehill St Glasgow Lanarkshire
Glasgow Braehead Centre Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Glasgow Buchanan Gallery Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Glasgow Enoch Sq Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Glasgow Fort Glasgow Lanarkshire 
Greenford Westway Rp Greenford Middlesex 
Greenock Hamilton Way Greenock Renfrewshire 
Hamilton Palace Twers Rp Hamilton Lanarkshire
Hamilton Regent Way Hamilton Lanarkshire 
Harrow St George Sc Harrow Middlesex 
Hemel Hempstead Marlowes Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire 
Hounslow High St HOUNSLOW Middlesex 
Ilford 177 High Rd Ilford Essex
Inverness Retail Park Inverness Inverness-shire 
Irvine Fullerton Square Irvine Ayrshir
Kilmarnock King St Kilmarnock Ayrshire
Kingston U Thms Union St Kingston Upon Thames Surrey 
Kirkcaldy High St Kirkcaldy Fife
Lond Beckton Galleons Rp London Middlesex 
Lond Charlton Grnwich Rp London Middlesex 
Lond Hammersmith King St London Middlesex 
Lond Wimbledon Ctr Court London Middlesex
Lond Wood Green High Rd London Middlesex 
London 16 Tottenhm Ct Rd London Middlesex 
London 193 Oxford St London Middlesex 
London 385-389 Oxford St London Middlesex 
London Balham High Rd London Middlesex 
London Bishopsgate London Middlesex 
London Brent Cross Sc London Middlesex 
London Canary Whf Jubile London Middlesex
London Carnaby St London Middlesex 
London Cheapside London Middlesex 
London Clapham Falcon Ln London Middlesex
London Colliers Wood London Middlesex  
London Ealing 35Broadway London Middlesex 
London Enfield Plce Gdns Enfield Middlesex 
London Fleet Street London Middlesex S
London Fulham Broadwy Rp London Middlesex
London Holborn London Middlesex 
London Kensington London Middlesex 
London Kew Richmond Surrey  
London Lewisham London Middlesex 
London Liverpool St Stn London Middlesex 
London Piccadilly London Middlesex 
London Piccadilly Circus London Middlesex 
London Queensway London Middlesex 
London Sedley Place London Middlesex 
London Stratford City London Middlesex 
London Tooting London Middlesex 
London Victoria Crdnl Pl London Middlesex S
London Wandsworth London Middlesex 
London White City Sc London Middlesex 
Montrose High St Montrose Angus 
Perth High St Perth Perthshire S
St Albans St Peters St St. Albans Hertfordshire
Staines Two Rivers Rp Staines Surrey
Stirling Thistle Ctr Stirling Stirlingshire
Sutton Surrey High St Sutton Surrey 
Uxbridge Chimes Sc Uxbridge Middlesex
W Thurrock Lakeside Sc Grays Essex 
Watford The Harlequin Watford Hertfordshire 
Watford Waterfields Rp Watford Hertfordshire 
Whetstone High Rd London Middlesex  
Barnstaple High St Barnstaple Devon
Bath Southgate Centre Bath Somerset
Birkenhead Grange Rd Birkenhead Merseyside 
Birm Fort Dunlop BIRMINGHAM West Midlands
Birmingham Bull Ring Sc BIRMINGHAM West Midlands
Bournemouth Castle P Sc Bournemouth Dorset 
Bournemouth Cmmercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset
Bridgend Caroline St Bridgend Mid Glamorgan
Bristol Broadmead Bristol Avon 
Bristol Clifton Down Ctr Bristol Avon
Bristol Cribbs Causeway Bristol Avon 
Bristol Eastgate Rp Bristol Avon 
Bristol Emerson Green Bristol Avon
Bristol Imperial Rp Bristol Avon 
Burton On T Coopers Sq Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire
Cannock Orbital Rp Cannock Staffordshire
Cardiff Bay Rp Cardiff South Glamorgan 
Cardiff Queen St Cardiff South Glamorgan
Cardiff St Davids 2 Cardiff South Glamorgan 
Cardiff Ty Glas Rp Cardiff South Glamorgan 
Cheltenham Gallagher Rp Cheltenham Gloucestershire 
Cheltenham High St Cheltenham Gloucestershire 
Chester Broughton Sc Chester Cheshire
Chester Foregate St Chester Cheshire 
Chester Greyhound Rp Chester Cheshire 
Congleton Retail Park Congleton Cheshire 
Crewe Grand Junction Rp Crewe Cheshire
Dudley Merry Hill Centre Brierley Hill West Midlands 
Ellesmere Prt Cheshr Oak Ellesmere Port Cheshire 
Exeter Exebridge Ctr Exeter Devon
Exeter High St Exeter Devon
Haverfordwest Withbsh Rp Haverford West Dyfed 
Hayle West Cornwall Sc Hayle Cornwall 
Hereford High St Hereford Hertfordshire
Jersey St Helier Qun St Jersey 
Llanelli Parc Trostre Rp Llanelli Dyfed 
Llantrisant Talbt Grn Rp Pontyclun Mid Glamorgan
Macclesfield Grosvenor Macclesfield Cheshire 
Neath Water St Neath West Glamorgan 
Newcastle U Lyme High St Newcastle Staffordshire  
Newport Gwent Commercial Newport Gwent  
Newton Abbot Courtney St Newton Abbot Devon 
Newton Abbt Greenhill Rp Newton Abbot Devon
Oswestry Church St Oswestry Shropshire 
Plymouth Drake Circus Plymouth Devon 
Poole Commerce Centre Poole Dorset 
Poole High St Poole Dorset 
Redditch Kingfisher Sc Redditch Worcestershire
Shrewsbury Meole Brace Shrewsbury Shropshire 
Shrewsbury Pride Hill Shrewsbury Shropshire 
Smethwick Windmill RP Smethwick West Midlands 
Solihull Mell Square Solihull West Midlands
Solihull Sears Rp Solihull West Midlands 
Stafford Queens Rp Stafford Staffordshire 
Stoke On T Hanley Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire 
Stoke On Trent Festvl Rp Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Sutton Cold Gracechch Sc Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
Sutton Cold Prc Alice Dr Sutton Coldfield West Midlands 
Swansea Fforest Fach Rp Swansea West Glamorgan 
Swansea The Quadrant Swansea West Glamorgan
Swindon Brunel Plaza Swindon Wiltshire 
Swindon Greenbridge Rp Swindon Wiltshire 
Swindon Orbital Rp Swindon Wiltshire 
Tamworth Ventura Rp Tamworth Staffordshire
Taunton High St Taunton Somerset 
Telford Forge Rp Telford Shropshire  
Telford Nth Sherwood St Telford Shropshire 
Trowbridge Gateway Trowbridge Wiltshire
Truro Pydar St Truro Cornwall 
Walsall Park Place Walsall West Midlands 
Wednesbury Gallagher Rp WEDNESBURY West Midlands
West Brom Grt Bridge St West Bromwich West Midlands
West Brom Sandwell Ctr West Bromwich West Midlands 
Weston Sm High St Weston-Super-Mare Somerset 
Wolverhmptn Dudley St Wolverhampton West Midlands 
Worcester High St Worcester Worcestershire
Wrexham Eagles Meadow Wrexham Clwyd  
Wrexham Rp Wrexham Clwyd 
Yeovil Middle St Yeovil Somerset
Yeoville The Peel Ctr Yeovil Somerset

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