Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marks and Spencer Perfection Range

We are loving a bit of the Marks and Sparks 'Perfection' make-up range. It's a range that doesn't have a huge amount of hype around it, and little press coverage and I think it deserves more. It is a diverse, extensive and great quality range that is affordable, effective and BUAV approved. 
Here are our top picks.....

Perfection Illuminating Touch Instant Highlighter 

This product is very similar to the YSL Touche Eclat and in my opinion does the trick just as nicely at half the price. I've been using the medium shade, but a natural one is available too. It is great for highlighting the face and it is very handbag friends so perfect for refreshing make-up on the go. It has a light formula and a silky finish making it simple to blend into the face for an illuminating touch any time of day. 

Perfection Illusions Radiance Illuminating Fluid

Again, a product very similar to others on the market. This works as a great illuminating make-up base to give skin a glowing, healthy and radiating finish. It brightens dull skin in seconds. I've been mixing it with my foundation to give that extra healthy yet natural appearance which is exactly how I like my base to look. However, It also looks great on it's own, for the days when you don't want to wear a full face of make-up. This shade is 'Ivory', which is relatively colourless compared to the 'Gold' or 'Rose' versions. 

Perfection Moisture Lipstick in Crimson SPF 15

A truly divine shade of red . The lipstick's forumla is hydrating and smooth with a bit of gloss through it, so it does not feel at all uncomfortable on the lips. It stays in place brilliantly and the colour is long lasting, with little need to top up.
As with the entire range, the packaging looks and feels luxurious and much more expensive than it actually is.

Perfection Powder Blush and Blend Duo in Dusky Pink

This blusher is gorgeous, wear them separately or mixed together to create a shimmering pink blush on the cheek. I love the warmth to this shade, It is certainly much needed at this time of year. 
The powder itself is really soft and velvety and the colour pay off brilliant, only a little product is needed for a beautiful blush on the skin. 

Essential Colours Brow and Lash Gel

This brow and lash gel is such excellent value. I've been primarily using this on my brows to maintain their shape and to set the powder. The longevity of this product is good, as once the gel is applied it stays intact all day long. It also doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and although it coats the hairs, it doesn't harden up massively, like other gels can do. Ultimately, I just think this is such a bargain and will last ages.
If you are like me then you can use these to experiment by adding coloured pigments to create your own coloured brow/lash gels.

See the full range in store and online at www.marksandspencer.com


  1. All of these products look great! I'll have to take a trip to M&S and have a peek :) xoxo

  2. Think I will definitely be having a peek at this collection now! The YSL dupe looks very interesting :) Happy New Year by the way!


  3. The crimson lipstick looks amazing

  4. I like how the lipsticks have the color on the bottom. Makes organization/grabbing lipsticks easy.

  5. I love M&S for make-up, but there are the occasional dud products and quite often a lack of testers or unused, sealed products - in the stores I visit at least. That being said, the ranges are still amazing and the first place I ever bought make up from :o) x

  6. I definitely want to try out the blusher duo! :)


  7. ooh, these products actually look quite decent! haven't ever thought of looking at m&s for make-up, but they do have very good quality products so would be worth a try! the blush, lippy and highlighter look nice!!


  8. That blusher looks lovely! Definitely worth a try xx

  9. I'm getting that blusher! Love it x

  10. I'm getting that blusher! Love it x

  11. Pitty we don´t have the make-up line here in Spain cause it looks good, thanks for sharing though

  12. You said that you create your own coloured brow gels, what products do you use to do this? Thanks so much :)

  13. Awesome stuff!

    Check out my new blog:

  14. I've never even bothered looking at M&S make-up, but these products actually don't look too bad. I'm particularly interested in the highlighter pen and the brow gel which looks like a great bargain.


  15. I also have never considered M & S makeup but plan to go in and make a few purchases.

  16. I also have never considered M & S makeup but I plan to make a few purchases.

  17. I'll be sure to check these products out next time i'm in marks, they look great!

    If anyone has the time please check out my new blog:

    thanks :-)

  18. I'd never have thought of trying M&S makeup but since you guys have mentioned them in your posts and now everytime I walk into a Marks and Spencers i always browse through the makeup, still not bought anything though.




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