Friday, 27 January 2012


diptyque is a Parisian brand of perfume, scented candles and luxury bath and body products. Founded in 1961, diptyque has since gone on to become one of the most sought after and sophisticated brands of its kind. Since being introduced to diptyque a couple of years back (we can't get it in Norwich) I have continuously had one product or another in my possession continually. 
I love the vanilla and warmth to Eau Duelle, the fig scented, summery and unisex Philosykos and at the moment I am going through a vetiver phase (a type of grass derived from India) so the appropriately named Vetyverio is another of my must-have diptyque fragrances.

I recently got a new addition, the fairly new diptyque Vetyver candle. My perfume is on its last few sprays, so the candle has come at a welcome time. 
As well as the wealth of the amazing scents that the diptyque range features, I love the packaging, It is so effortlessly timeless and chic, simple and non-fuss, yet it exudes classic French sophistication. Also, once the candle has burnt down they make for brilliant and stylish holders, I'm thinking I will use mine as a make-up brush pot. 
The fragrances last on the skin all day, I have even had comments on it at the end of the day. The candles fill the room with scent almost instantly and resonate for a good while after. They are available in smaller sizes, but the size I have gives around 60 hours of burning time. 

diptyque products also make for fantastic gifts as there is a scent for everyone, not only that but the packaging and the variety of products available from will make them hard to resist. Although perfumes may be hard to choose for someone specifically, the candles are so diverse and unique, each and everyone of them offering something different, yet all with an unarguable air of luxuriousness. 

Who else is a diptyque fanatic?



  1. I'm dying to try something from them !

  2. I love Philosykos and all the candles x

  3. I'm fan of Diptique too, have bought it on one of the trips in Duty Free (we don't have it where i live), it was L'Ombre dans L'Eau and then while in London I fall in love with Vetiverio trying it in Liberty :) Sweet memories! Now i have one more Vetiverio bottle and a Philosycos candle, unfortunately, candle isn't that "filling the room".

  4. I'm an absolutely dying to try something from them - I can't get over how gorgeous the packaging is!

  5. I really love Philosykos candles, I love to have one always burning! thanks for sharing!

  6. diptyque is my favourite perfume brand, i have 'jardin clos' and it smells ah-ma-zing
    emma x

  7. I carry diptyque in my spa and ADORE it. the feu du bois is amazing

  8. Really in the need to buy some diptyque candles now! :D xo.

  9. Great post!
    Hopefully you could check out my blog, and maybe we can follow each other after? xx

  10. Love Love Love Diptyque. I received a bottle of Vetyverio for xmas this year and I'm in love with it. I've also got the Baies Noir candle and it smells amazing. I really want to get Eau Mage! In addition to how great they smell I love the design of their product!

  11. I love Vetyverio! And for summer L'Ombre dans L'Eau :)


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