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BM Beauty by Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly with co-founder Laura McComiskie

Last year, former Pussycat Doll and 'Got to Dance' judge Kimberly Wyatt launched new make-up brand BM Beauty - the PETA and BUAV approved line is a unique brand of make-up that puts its ethical and all-natural ethos at the forefront of its campaign. As well as this, Kimberly currently campaigns for, and stars in, the PETA's 'Ugly Side of Beauty' advert which urges the European Union to not postpone the total ban of all animal tested cosmetics, and stay with the planned deadline, initially set for 2013. I talked to Kimberly about both the campaign, and the blossoming BM Beauty line.

The advert for PETA is a really hard-hitting and effective image that really brings the message home. I asked Kimberly if she thinks the advert will create positive change that will help put an end to animal testing. "I feel like none of these animals have a voice, so by creating a picture like that and making it as close as it can possibly be to the truth, people will start to look, to use their own voice, to just take time to help make this change. Not one person can do it, but together we can be something great. The only people that can have a voice for them is us, in creating make-up lines and making those choices, hoping we bring a better consciousness to make-up and to life."
It is this sort of attitude and ambition to see the end of animal testing that is integral to the aim and ethos of BM Beauty.

The make-up line, currently only sold online since its launch almost a year ago, has already had a great amount of success and will expanding into retail stores later in the year. 
The make-up promotes itself as completely cruelty free, and is also free from parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances and nano particles (just to name a few). Most of the make-up is mineral based and there are an abundance of colours and products to choose from to create looks for any occasion. 
I have been trying out the mineral foundation. It contains zinc oxide, which can help with spot prone skin - so whilst some foundations feel like they are clogging up your skin, this one simultaneously provides good coverage but also allows skin to breath, feels lightweight, and helps with any breakouts. It is affordable too at £14 which is even more of a reason to try out this product. 

In addition to the mineral foundation,  I have been using the mineral based eyeshadows and the mineral bronzer in 'Summer Warmth'. I love the soft, velvety texture of them, they all are beautifully pigmented and blend flawlessly.  I had to ask Kimberly what her top picks from the range were - "A girl can't ever go without a mascara and I'm really proud of this mascara, it's all natural but it still gives the thickness and the blackness that we all want. I also think a nude lip gloss is always fantastic, I don't ever leave home without mine. The finishing powder is so beautiful and dewy, it covers any spots that you may have, I have to deal with red spots occasionally, and it just gives you this flawless no make-up looking face and feel, it's perfect."

There products are broken up into collections so that it is easy to choose colours that compliment each other, there is also a string of online make-up tutorials showcasing the different collections, about which I asked Kimberly what her favourite tutorial is and which collection she uses the most. "I have to say Earthy Princess, I really wanted to create something that would be easy for any girl that’s trying to apply make-up and use colours that really compliment each other, and this is like a go-to palette for me - for everyday, for night, for stage and I can use it in different ways for pretty much everything. It lends itself to being accessible and easy." You can check out the Earthy Princess at work along with other tutorials and information on their website here
Other collections are Starry Eyed Glamour (cool neutrals), Storybook (bright & bold greens, pink and purple)  Burning Spirit (soft golds and bronzes) and Earthy Princess (warm browns and pink)

I also discovered that her business partner Laura McComiskie had previously worked on an organic skincare range 'Love the Planet' for which Kimberly credited for giving her valuable insight into the processes of make-up creation - from creating colours to knowing about the ingredients that go into them. She told me how the initiative BM Beauty arose after meeting Laura through people in the music industry. "We became best friends, we really shared a passion for making positive change as people, and making positive choices as consumers, I really loved what she was doing with her 'Love the Planet' range, I was really inspired by that. As we got to know each other more we really shared a passion for make-up so with the inspiration and the changes that we were both making we decided to merge them together and create something special, and that is how BM Beauty was born."

Finally, I wanted to know what we can expect to see from the range in the future.  "We're working on incorporating some creamy products, I love powders, but I do love creams too. We are working on an eyeliner, a highlighter that is great for eyeshadows and cheekbones, we have a rouge too, the colours are beautiful. With the arrival of the cosmetics in store soon too it is all exciting stuff!"

It's so exciting and refreshing to see this innovative and ethical brand growing and the products are effective, affordable and unique. It was a pleasure to talk to Kimberly about the range and to gain further insight into its development and ethos. Everyone should check out the range which is currently stocked online, you can follow them on Twitter too (@BMBeauty) for updates and more information.



  1. I saw Kimberly in person at the clothes show when she was promoting the range- it looked quite good although I didn't purchase any at that particular point. Raises very important questions though!

  2. really want to try this, fantastic ethos!

  3. Looks brilliant!! Glad I saw this post :) xx

  4. I hope people will give up one day from such a horrifying activities on the animals. They are living beings too! Such a people should be put up in jail..

  5. Great!!..off course it will never be made available in India :(

  6. I LOVE BM Beauty! Their eyeshadow in Her Majesty is amazing! :) xx

  7. wow beautiful products! the picture is amazing! so shocking! thanks for sharing!

  8. I hope people will give up one day from such a horrifying activities on the animals.

    Then how should new medicines be tested safely? Seriously, that's what the medical field does when there's a possibility of a new vaccine or a drug: they test on an animal first, then make adjustments if need be before trying it on humans.

    I should point out that I'm okay with using animals for medical testing, but not for cosmetic/ingredient testing. That said, it seems to me that every ingredient in cosmetics has been tested on animals at some point over the years, so in truth, the only way to go completely cruelty-free would be to stop wearing makeup. (Which would put people like Sam and Nic out of a job, really.)

    Also: I see "PETA" and I get stabby. I think their tactics are disgusting, and I loathe the way they exploit women in their ad campaigns. Not to mention their hypocrisy -- most of the pets they've rescued end up being euthanized. (Seriously. Google "peta kills animals".) I think if you want to stand up against animal cruelty, that's fine, but I'd rather support a no-kill animal shelter than PETA.

    1. Absolutely agree with your points. PETA banks on the controversial, be it shoving shocking videos of animals being skinned alive into peoples' faces or selling their ideas through nudity (which I'd be ok with but they don't seem to be trying out other methods). They've put down thousands of animals and are against having animals as pets. Not to mention their support for domestic terrorism! When I see PETA attached to any brand or cause, I find it hard to take it seriously.

      Also testing on animals is by far the most reliable method. Companies that claim not to use products tested on animals only know to use them based on the toxicity results from animal-testing laboratories. Alternatives to such testing exist but they usually still require serum from animals and are done on cultured tissue from animal and human cells.

      I believe that if you buy any consumables anywhere, you should understand that most of your food, lotions, soaps, cosmetics, have been tested on animals and/or humans before. That is the way it will remain until we achieve bigger and more reliable breakthroughs in alternatives to animal testing.

  9. Wow this looks great!
    Will definitely have to check this out.

  10. I know Sam and Nic are very ethically minded, so I really hope they will see this and research this for themselves... PETA are actually worse than most of the companies they attack.

    They are renowned for killing pets rather than re-homing them - the statistics of their re-homing rate are published online for all to see.

    They have repeatedly been entrusted with animals from vets, shelters etc and more often than not ALL are put down in the back of the PETA van before they even leave the car park - a recent incident of this was discovered when a haul of like 24 animals were found bagged up and thrown into a supermarket dumpster. This included puppies and kittens. These were perfectly healthy animals that would have easily been re-homed.

    PETA would much rather spend their money on shock-tactic adverts and celebrity endorsements, than on actually caring for animals.

    They actively fight against no-kill policy, will attack no-kill advocates and have sent hampers etc to companies, shelters and politicians who have spoken out against no-kill legislation.

    The head of PETA has even said in an interview that he thinks that EVERY Pitt-bull style dog should be put down rather than re-homed, regardless of how healthy and well behaved they are.

    Please check out what I've told you for yourself and when you have the chance, please make sure you let others know.

    Basically now as soon as I see PETA involved in anything, I just turn away from it. I'd much rather support the RSPCA and for when I'm in america - The Humane Society (but even they aren't perfect on a national level)


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