Saturday, 31 December 2011

Nic's Hen Party Hand Luggage

We are all getting very excited because it is just a few weeks until we all jet off to Amsterdam for Nic's Hen Party (14 of us).  It got me thinking about products to pack to suit airline regulations for hand luggage.

For a quick airport exit we have decided to only take hand luggage. Which means minimal product to stay within the weight restrictions and also the rules for UK flights require that only 100ml liquid per product can be carried onto the aircraft.

 MAC do some great little travel skin care products called MAC Sized to go.
 These can be purchased individually and include cleansers and moisturisers to suit your skin type all within the 100ml rule for liquids.
I will be taking the Demi wipes, Oil Control Lotion and I just love the mini Fix+ which is great to refresh your skin during flights.
There is also the cutest little weeny Strobe cream which is a great radiance booster to the skin.
Radiance is definitely something my skin will be needing after a weekend of mayhem in Amsterdam!

Any other liquids,creams or pastes that are in large containers can be decanted into smaller travel bottles. Boots and Superdrug do some good ones as do Muji (my personal favorite).


I've also found some great mini body cream, shower gels and roll on deodorants from Boots. All packed into a little bag in case of spillages.
 I plan on decanting my own shampoo and conditioner into travel bottles but for those of you lucky enough to get away without having to wash your hair daily there are the mini Batiste dry shampoo sprays.
Not forgetting our beloved Travalo perfume atomizers which the Pixiwoo team always have in our handbags.
They are easy to fill up from any of your favourite fragrances and also provide hours of entertainment. 'Guess the fragrance' being a very popular game amongst us.

So excited, Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for embarrassing photos live and direct from Amsterdam.



  1. I Traveled to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, its a amazing place to see. Even if the red light district is totaly unreal there bakearys are amazing. Any hooo i must say i packed many of your sujestions myself although i did over pack as the locals dont seam to dress up in the evenings its all very casual. Enjoy it never the less :) xox

  2. Liked the post - it reminded me of getting the Travalo.. seems so handy to have whilst traveling! <3

  3. i can't wait to hear about your trip!!!


  4. Really good post! thanks, happy new year!

  5. Lookin forward to fun from Amsterdam!!

  6. Great suggestions! wish you all the best for your flight and Hen Night and all the happiness in the world for the wedding!

  7. Excited!!

    Check out my new blog:

  8. Have fun!!! it should be a great trip. And thanks for the tip about Travalo perfume atomizers - I've been looking for something like that!!!

  9. Need any tips for your stay in Amsterdam?
    Have fun!
    x from Holland ;)

  10. So organised! I'd be running around last minute worrying about which products I could take in my hand luggage!
    Have a great time in Amsterdam :)

  11. I'm really excited for that. Wew!


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