Saturday, 24 December 2011

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

After a relatively mild start to December here in the U.K, winter has now arrived and there is a definite icy cold bite in the air. The coldness can mean a slight change to skin care to keep skin hydrated and healthy. My hands often suffer in the winter months and become chapped and dry in the cold air therefore I constantly need to keep my hands nourished and soft. The award-winning Kiehl’s hand salve works perfectly for me. It is completely no nonsense, and not marketed as a ‘luxury’ hand cream and instead it prides itself on being an ‘ultimate strength’ salve that fights the driest and toughest of hands and provides them with a really intense moisturising process, directly targeting and then combating the problem of dry hands with no other fuss about it. It has a really simple, natural scent. It also leaves no residue and doesn’t feel at all slippery, and it absorbs in seconds. It simultaneously restores the hands back to health, leaving them soothed and moisturised, as well as being a protector from dryness and exposure to the harshest of elements in the future.

I love how simple but how effective it is, I keep it in my hand bag all the time and apply it liberally throughout the day or whenever my hands need a moisture hit. The formula of the salve actually encourages the hands to absorb moisture from the air, instead of moisture being lost from the hands. It contains avocado, eucalyptus and sesame seed botanical oils to maintain hands health, as well as a natural wax that comes from olive oil.

This is a product that is already widely recognised, but I thought I would share it with you as one of my winter ‘must-haves’. Is this anyone else’s holy grail of hand cream/salves?

The Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is available in a variety of sizes and is widely available. 


  1. I LOVE this stuff. It is literally the best hand cream ever, followed very closely by Liz Earle's body lotion, rather than her hand cream.
    This pair stops my hands cracking during the Winter.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. It works very very well, it´s one of my favorite hand creams, thanks merry Christmas!

  3. isn't kiehl's test with animals?

  4. Haven't tried this one. but my problem is constantly washing my hands so buying hand cream is waste of money :(

  5. love ur blog <3 check mine out. follow if u like it

  6. I have used this for years!! I love it, I never use anything else on my hands, it's also bloody brilliant if you having a dry feet day! Random I know!!!

  7. I received it last Christmas and it has lasted a very long time. Another favorite must-have is the Aveda hand cream. A little goes a very long way, plus your hands still feel hydrated after washing them.

  8. i love kiehls but have never tried the hand salve... something to pick up i think :D

  9. This is THE best hand crème ever produced in my opinion :-) (although I sure haven't tried them all) Heaven!


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