Thursday, 22 December 2011

EYE ROCK Designer Eye Fashion

I've just got these fantastic products from ASOS. 'Eye Rock' are a unique concept of crystal 'eye tattoos' launched by the same company that make the excellent 'Nail Rock' nail wraps. The tattoo's are made with Swarvoski elements to add extra shine and glitter.

There is a trick to applying these, they absolutely must be applied to clean dry skin and unfortunately cannot be applied on top of any make-up at all. Once your skin is clean and ready to go they are incredibly easy to put on,  remove the white backing sheet carefully, ensuring that all the crystals remain on the clear sheet and then press the Eye Rock on to the skin and hold it firmly in place for a good few seconds to ensure that the adhesive (dermatologically approved) has warmed up so it can stick in place on to the skin. After this, gently remove the clear sheet ensuring every crystal is stuck in place then you're good to go! They are great for a glamorous party look or a dress-up occasion, and although you can't specifically re-use them, you could keep the crystals and then apply them with lash glue to create a look of your own. 

The two styles here are from a total of six styles and colours you can choose from and they cost £22. See the full range on their website  


  1. I love the look of these but i'd never have anywhere to wear them to!

  2. These sound fabulous xoxo

  3. I must be the only one who thinks these are totally pointless and overpriced! For that price you could get a little tub of good quality rhinestones and eyelash glue and still have plenty of change :P

  4. When I sang in a band, I used to buy the body crystals by...Nine West, I think it was? But you could put them anywhere: face, arm, stomach. Really cool and flashy, especially for stage-wear and/or partying. :)

  5. I use swarovski crystals in my salon, so i guess i could use those instead of buying these one off...i like the concept though! xxx


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