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Ellis Faas - Human Colours

As a follow up from the tutorial that was uploaded a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would give a closer look at some of the luxurious products and some information on the creation of the unique make-up range. Ellis Faas is professional make-up artist from the Netherlands that has worked on some of the biggest publications, fashion shows and campaigns and even created a skincare line for the brand Biotherm. After this collaboration came to a close, Ellis launched her self-titled make-up brand in late 2009.

What they say "
Human Colours®
Ellis Faas based the whole collection of her brand on the colours that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by the human body’s owns colours.
Human ColoursFrom the tawny peach of a freckle to the pure, vivid red that pulses through our veins, the ELLIS FAAS Human Colours collection looks to the human palette for inspiration. The colours that exist naturally in our bodies are complex and rich, but they're also universal, shared by each and every one of us. Based on this universal spectrum, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one's best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us? 
Made with the highest quality ingredients, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours inspire exploration: No matter what complexion, age or style, with ELLIS FAAS a woman can customise her own look with subtle effects or dramatic flair with colours that are sure to complement and flatter.

Versatility Of Looks
Human Colours® is all about going back to nature without having to appear natural. This is because the colours can be used to achieve a subdued natural look in an extravagant theatrical way – and any style in between. In the near future, ELLIS FAAS will also provide you with shimmery powders, holographic and metal shimmers, plus various glosses to give your look a more festive appearance."

The brand sprung to life after she wanted to create a brand that would be handbag friendly and solve the problem of constantly searching for things that get easily lost amid all the jumble in peoples handbags. The Ellis Faas holder was the solution to this problem, which apart from the powder which is located in the top along with a compact mirror (see below), is comprimised of a series of innovative pens which hold the products in them - including lipstick, mascara, shadows, foundations, concealers and blushers with a huge range of colours to choose from. It really is a super special product which you can mix and match around and make it to completely suit you and your make-up for the day, and take with you everywhere you go (if you dare damaging the holder!)

The foundation is in the middle, with the other products surrounding it, to release the products you simply twist the bottom of the holder and each pen pops up so you can grab them out with ease. The foundation and concealers are available in eight shades and work in pairs to get the right match between them to suit any skin tone. There are also two types of shadows - creamy eyes and milky eyes - which have different textures and appearances so there are plenty to choose from.

There is also a clever and stylish holder that you can clip the pens in to for when you don't want to carry the whole Ellis Faas holder around with you but still have your products grouped together, the holder folds up neatly and keeps the pens securely in place.

The products are very high-end and luxurious, but they all work wonderfully (apart from the foundation, which I would opt to use with a different brush if I was near one) and are very exciting and unique. I think the concept is a totally cool creation and it is definitely worth checking out if you come across Ellis Faas as there is nothing like it on the market. In the UK, Ellis Faas is available at Liberty's department store, I spent ages looking and choosing from the array of beautiful colours and products available - lots of fun to be had! What do you guys think of this concept?

See the holder and the products in action in the Ellis Faas tutorial here


  1. I love the packaging and the concept. as long as the priducts are good then this is a sure fire winner with me.
    I better write my letter to Santa now

    thanks for great reviews and tutorials


  2. I love the video you guys did on this, they looked amazing. X

  3. I have wanted to try the concealer for a while as I have heard great things about it.

  4. I love them, they are great! thanks for the review

  5. i so need to get this!! lovely look <3

  6. Not so sure about this one...a bit like buying a Nespresso machine and being tied into buying the pods that fit it for life! I saw it reviewed on Lisa Eldridge's channel & she pointed out how heavy it was - which kind of defeats its all-in-one, portable aspect. Add on to that having to take any brushes you prefer to use as well...Nice concept in theory, but doesn't seem very practical to me (and a bit of a gimmick, if I'm to be totally honest).

  7. I much prefer to carry the pods separately from the container. That way they are much lighter and I would hate to damage the container in my handbag.

  8. I like the concept but I don't think it's worth the outrageous price the whole item retails...

  9. I've been so intrigued by this line, I can't wait to try it - I quite like the ease and matching of it all - I hate clutter:)

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  11. This would be great for travelling, as there's no need to carry extra brushes. I like how the pens are refillable, because it would be painful to have to throw away the beautiful bullet packaging.

    I've heard wonderful things about their blush.

  12. great product, love the idea. thanks

  13. Price is just to much.. i think there are way better products for such a money.

  14. If I could refill the containers with products of my choosing I'd be much more inclined to invest in the package

  15. I love the concept, its so different.
    Loved the tutorial too!


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