Friday, 30 December 2011

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser

This is a fantastic moisturiser that I have been trying out for about 3 weeks and I am extremely pleased with how effective it has been. 
Dr. Jon Bragi created the line after his scientific findings and work based upon discovering new marine enzymes (in water) that had strong healing and therapeutic properties. He then decided to look at the enzyme technologies cosmetic potential and turned this potential into the creation of the unique Dr. Bragi skincare range. 

This is the only product I have tried from the range but it is brilliant at keeping my dry skin extremely healthy and constantly hydrated. After a few days of using it day and night, my skin looked much fresher and luminous and very soft to touch. Dr. Bragi recommends leaving it to work on the skin for around 15 minutes before putting any make-up on to the skin for it to reach its full potential. A little goes a long way with this product also and one pump is more than sufficient to fully cover the face and neck area. 

I love the innovative formula of this moisturiser, instead of a cream, it comes in a colourless gel-like consistency. It blends in easily without leaving residue and my skin feels fresh and breathable immediately afterwards. It is also completely oil free. 
The enzymes are also said to aid the cleansing and exfoliating process, so it is like having a variety of products combined into one compact bottle.
All this wonderfulness does however come with quite a hefty price tag, at £120 it is extremely high end as far as moisturisers go. Perhaps a rather huge investment, but a good one if you ask me. 


  1. Wow the price is really high. Lucky me I'm just 25. I can save money for few years before I need it.

    The Life After

  2. The bottle is so amazing! it looks so good! thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to all of you!

  3. That looks like a great product, i love it i have really dry skin and i love the Hydramax from Chanel and thats amazing so this must be 10x more amazing

  4. I use this and it is amazing my skin never looks dry anymore. Also its very good for lines around the eyes. Mine were very visible even when I didn't smile, now they are just fine lines. It's amazing and lasts a very long time. Had it about 3 months and only used 40%

  5. Hey guys! I love your videos and blogs and everything! I just couldn't help but notice that in this you wrote Dr. Bragi, but actually that is just his middle name, his surname is Bjarnason, but usually with Icelandic names we would always just address people by their first name, or first two names (so in this case Dr. Jón Bragi). Just wanted to mention it because I thought it was fun to stumble across an Icelandic name on your blog!
    Best regards,
    Benedikta Ársælsdóttir


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