Friday, 23 December 2011

Creative Eyelashes for New Year

With the party season in full swing here are a selection of our favourite beautiful and wild false eyelashes, from MAC, Shu Uemura, Illamasqua and up and coming brand Shimmer Twins. 

Shu Uemura 'Lashes in Nature' series. (No longer available, but they are amazing!)

Partial Silver Lower Eyelashes (£18)

Twisted Space Lashes (£27)

A personal favourite - Tribal Patch Lashes 

Cosmic Chains Lashes (£27)

MAC Gareth Pugh 'Flight Lash' Lashes (£18)

Illamasqua Diamante False Eyelashes (£25)

All lashes available in store and online.

Finally, inspiring lash designs from Shimmer Twins, which have been featured on the cover of i-D magazine :


Shimmer Twin Lashes are available from Urban Outfitters and ASOS go check them out! We love them.  See them on ASOS here (most are about £15).


  1. Too cute! Tribal patch is my fave too.

  2. LOVE IT :D hearts are the best

  3. Omigosh, these are gorgeous!! The hearts are just too cute!!

  4. i am in love with the tribal patch! Great post!

  5. ♥ all of these!! Great style xxx

  6. I love that very first pair of lashes! Had to set my eyes on the discontinued ones, of course...

  7. Love the hearts and stars!!

  8. Wow these are amazing! I thought that this was creative and innovative for brows...

    Chat soon!

    Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge

  9. This post reminded me of my friend's eylashes that she makes. I LOVE them and any excuse I can find to wear them i do. Hope you liek them.

  10. I personally prefer individual lashes because they lash so long. I would usually go and have them done at Primalashes in London or just get the lashes from to get them applied


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