Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beautannia Bath and Body Range

Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird has recently launched a beautiful range of bath body products wonderfully named 'Beautannia', designed to celebrate all things British and to evoke the senses one can associate with Britain. The collection includes body lotions, candles, oils, bubble bath and so on and is split into three different scent groups - Bloomsbury, Brideshead and Balfour. 

Bloomsbury's scent is inspired by London's creativity and diversity and contains Pimento, Orange and Neroli to create it's unique and intimate scent. Brideshead is the most girly of the three and captures the floral essence of England, with particular reference to the gardens of a country manor. This is very feminine and fresh and contains bluebells, honeysuckle, plum and peach which makes for a gorgeous combination. The one I have been using is Balfour, which I think is a great unisex scent, this one is inspired by the Scottish Highlands and is very refreshing yet rich and has a complex sophisticated structure, it include fern, birch leaf and vetiver which I love to encapsulate the fresh and green scent of the outdoors.

The smell of these products are amazing and the scent lasts on the skin all day, they are the kind of scents that when you first smell them you don't want to stop! I've been using these two products non-stop - the gel in the bath to create an ultra luxurious bubble bath, leaving the skin feeling very fresh and supple followed by the body loton which is really nourishing and leaves the skin extremely soft and silky to touch. I also think the packaging of these products is so attractive, sophisticated and timeless, I love the classic floral boxes that the products come in and then the products inside are simple yet unique, with the British Beautannia logo placed on them, they are a real cut above the rest for any dressing table or bathroom. 

If you are passing a Space NK then definitely go in and check these products out, they are my favourite bath and body products at the moment. Prices range from £15 for the soaps to £42 for the oils and creams. You can see all the products on Space NK's website here and also the 'Beautannia Bulletin' - a mock newspaper about the products and their creator. 



  1. I've been dying to get my hands on these, they sound so beautiful! I love bluebell, so Brideshead the one I'm lusting after:)

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  2. So glad you've posted about this: I've seen them but not smelled them so I had wondered what they are like.. sounds delicious.. uh-oh.. my stay-away-from-spacenk rule is about to combust!

  3. I never tried this brand, so thanks for the info

  4. Very new brand and looking cool....
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  5. I also like to use vegan products. Recently i bought a vegan body lotion from just @ 8.80$ us. I am satisfied.


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