Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Stacey Oakes @PixiwooHQ

Hi everyone, today is the launch of PixiwooHQ and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you guys.
 My name is Stacey Oakes and my connection with the Pixiwoo girls began way back in 1997 when I studied Make-up with Nic at college.
On a nervous first day Nic was the friendly person that came over to say "hi".
 I still remember her wearing a blue Levi's jumper, skinny jeans and the whitest, frostiest eyeshadow you've ever seen right up to her perfect eyebrows! I'm sure I can dig out a photo to embarrass her.
 A great friendship developed from there and we went on to work quite closely with each other throughout the make-up industry.We both worked within boots, Nic on Estee Lauder and me on No7 and then later both left at the same time to work for MAC.
 Sam I then met through Nic.
 The first time I met Sam I was at Nic's mums (Judy) house and Nic told me her sister who was living away in London and working for Cosmetics a' la Carte was home and that I should ignore her because she's horrible.!
 Since then we've all kinda been in each others lives, even more so 18 months ago when I moved into Nic and Sam's mum's house.
 I moved to Australia for a year out travelling and on my return I managed to secure my job back with MAC but still needed to find a place to live so Nic offered her mum's spare room to me temporarily. I never left and I think Judy (their mum) actually prefers me to them now!
 Only downside is I have to also live with Tanya Burr and Jim and John Chapman. Just kidding, they are a lovely family who all have a big place in my heart.

Anyway that's the connection now a little bit about me...

I'm 30 years old and have worked as a make-up artist for 12 years.
 Initially I worked within a local beauty salon carrying out all their make-up appointments and then moved to No7 Cosmetics for a year working on counter whilst also doing freelance make-up jobs on the side.
 MAC then opened in our city so I moved to work there. I started off part time but quickly went full time, then assistant manager and the finally onto retail manager.
After 3 years at MAC I decided to go travelling for a year which was amazing. The best year of my life!
I returned home and was fortunate enough to get a job back with MAC and continue with freelance jobs aswell.
 Sam and Nic approached me to help them with the running of their Pixiwoo make-up courses and also to be an extra help with correspondence to subscribers and general PR enquiries.
 I'll be working with them part time and continuing my work part time as a make-up artist for MAC.
Im excited to be part of the Pixiwoo team and am looking forward to meeting and hearing from lots of great people on the way.
You can contact me via twitter @PixiwooHQ or via my email stacey.pixiwoo@gmail.com
I look forward to speaking with you all.


  1. i hope you had a great time :)


  2. Welcome, Stacey! Like all the Pixiwoo family, you're lovely!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  3. http://mylifeasgs.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Stacey, I wish you keep going as well as you doing, take care

  5. Welcome Stace! I hope to do the Pixiwoo course one day, look forward to meeting you all xxx

  6. Nice to meet you, Stacey!
    Glad to see how the Pixiwoo "family" keeps on growing =)

  7. *Waves Hello* :D


  8. Hey Stacey!

  9. your story sounds great, the chapmans must be a cool family :D

  10. Gorgeous photo of you both! Loved this post.


  11. LOL! Judys house is like a regular hotel.. everyone has stayed there.

  12. I know you have been working with the girls for a while now, but just wanted to write a comment anyway ;) great that you joined the sisters :)
    I also work for Mac as a freelance make-up artist in the Netherlands by the way :)

  13. Nice that you joined the sisters stacey :)
    I'm also working for Mac in the Netherlands on a freelance base :) So we are colleagues too in a way haha ;)


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