Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Elemis Pro-collagen Body cream

The change of the seasons and the switch on of the central heating has had the classic effects on my skin.
Sam passed on this new Elemis body cream for me to review.
I really like the packaging. It's very expensive and stylish looking with unisex appeal.
It feels extremely rich but is absorbed really quickly with no greasy after effects.
I could dress straight away with no residue going onto my clothes.

I didn't think the cream had much of a smell to it which I guess is quite appealing to most people and adds to that unisex appeal.
I do normally like to have a body cream with a scent to it though.
I've been using the cream for a few weeks now and my skin feels soft and supple. This product also gives you a subtle sheen, which adds radiance to dryer skins like mine.
It contains lots of nurturing ingredients such as Brown Seaweed which is used in health studies for its fat burning properties and Bilberry Oil which is an anti oxidant that benefits the circulation.
Definitely a cream to use between the season changes.
200ml - £49.00 from

Stacey Oakes - Make-up Artist and Runner of all Pixiwoo stuff that requires organisation. :)


  1. I know the facial cream and is awesome, i suppose the body cream is also excellent as most Elemis products are, thanks for the review.

  2. I never heard of this brand, thanks for the info, take care

  3. Adore Elemis products xoxo

  4. i love elemis products, they are always so reliable :D

  5. I never heard of the brand. thanks for the post.


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