Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Couple of Tweezerman Products...

Tweezerman have a great range of beauty grooming products that goes a lot further than you may think. As well as their brilliant tweezers and other tools for the brows there are also an array of products available for lashes, face, hands and feet. Recently my winning combination has been their classic tweezers and a fantastic mirror.

The tweezers I have been using are the limited edition Breast Cancer Campaign Slant Tweezers which are just like the classic slanted ones but have a different design for breast cancer awareness, and £2 of each sales goes to the cause. You can get these in the U.K at Boots and ASOS online (In the U.S they have a similar limited edition Precision in Pink tweezer for the same cause). Breast Cancer Awareness month was in October but many of the products are still available to buy.

These tweezers have won awards over and over and its easy to see why, they are incredibly easy to use and get the hairs out fast and effectively. I have been using Tweezerman tweezers for years and not many other tweezers can match up to them. Tweezerman are also constantly bringing out different collections and designs of tweezers which is great because there is so much to choose from and a tweezer for everyone, if you like! It's always refreshing to see brands that can be diverse and that have a lot of great products to offer. 

What I have been using to pluck my brows is this fantastic mirror which is an optically correct 10X magnifying mirror, which in other words means it is incredibly precise and allows for every hair to be seen perfectly when looking into the mirror. Here it is...

It is a perfect handbag size and comes with a light too, so you can even use it in the dark or it can be used in day light too for optimum results. The other thing that I love about it is that it can be stuck anywhere, it has removable suction cups so it can be pretty much placed on to any smooth surface whether it's on your bathroom mirror or somewhere on the go, very neat indeed. It is also not just great for showing those hairs that you might not have otherwise seen, but works wonderfully for contact lense application or for precise and close make-up application. Completely rate this product and Tweezerman in general, its a brand where I don't feel let down by any of the products I have tried so far. 

The mirror is £18 and the tweezers are £22 with the contribution towards BCA. Available worldwide.



  1. Wow great initiative! I have never used this brand, but I think that will buy it!
    Kisses from Italy, Erica

  2. Oooh I could really do with the mirror! xo

  3. No other Tweezers man up to Tweezerman!!

  4. I have never tried Tweezerman tweezers, thinki its about time i invest in a pair! x

  5. Ive been meaning to buy some tweezerman tweezers, definitely going to get these ones!


  6. The mirror I think is very useful, thanks for sharing!

  7. ive never used tweezerman but have heard lots of good things about them :D



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