Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sleek PPQ 'Me, Myself and Eye' Palette

Sleek has teamed up with London fashion house PPQ to produce a fantastic palette of colourful eyeshadows called 'Me, Myself and Eye'. The shadows, which are only available directly from sleek online are really on trend and diverse, allowing for so many looks to be achieved within this one palette. Like all other Sleek palettes they are amazing value, and even though PPQ is a high end brand the price of the palette remains the same as all other ones available at £6.49, which is incredible considering the quality of the shadows and the fact that the palette is a limited edition collaboration, so get it quick! The PPQ palette was created in partnership with PPQ's SS12 collection at London Fashion Week, therefore is inspired by the vibrancy and different textures in the show. 

I like the packaging, which is like all other sleek palettes with the addition of PPQ on the palette and the bright red cover that the palette comes in. The shadows, are as usual brilliant quality in comparison with the value of the product, 12 great shadows for £6.49 can't really be faulted. It also has extra appeal because with the array of shadows there is something for everyone, from matte's to shimmers, brights to neutrals. They have also named each eyeshadow after different musicians and songs, I am not exactly sure why but it adds a bit more interest! The shadows last and the pay off is great because they are well pigmented, the finely milled formula allows for easy blending and unfussy application. Ultimately, I can't fault this palette at this price range, definitely go and buy it!

From left to right
1. Barry White
2. Black Box
3. Salt 'N' Peppermint
4. Simply Red
5. Pink Beret
6. Primal Green
7. Fade to Grey
8. Blue Monday
9. Supernova
10. Chris de Burgundy
11. Lilac Allen
12. Golden Silvers


  1. I love the sleek palettes but this one is not my style....

    choose your language to read it in english

  2. i love the colours ;)

  3. Ohh lovely colour but i dont think theyre my style, not the most wearable shades!

  4. Beautiful colors :D... gold and coral so nice!

  5. marza mi sie wszystkie paletki Sleeka, a sama mam na razie niestety tylko 3;) ta jest piekna!

  6. i love this palette, i ordered it and it should arrive on friday :d can't wait :D

  7. I'd love this palette for college!

  8. Look amazing!!! I will check the website! thanks for sharing!! kiss

  9. Lovely mix of colours :) x

  10. I have this palette and I love it. The colours are on trend and can easily compliment each other if worn together. I just LOVE Supernova and Primal Green

  11. I like Sleek palettes, very good quality,but I think they could do some more wearable,matte shades..because all the palettes have the same shimmery, drag queen finish!!:-))

  12. Bellissima!!! *_*

  13. i like the colours in the palette, it looks lovely... :D

  14. Just bought this palette, I now have all of them :D. These shadows are amazing for the price, I took inspiration from your brights vid where Sam uses blue and green: and vowed to only use sleek eye shadows... the results where amazing considering the price of these!! I have a couple of pics :) and

  15. The eye palette is great. My favorite shade is 'Pink Beret'. Thanks for sharing!


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