Monday, 10 October 2011


Chanel will be releasing this limited edition highlighting powder as part of their 2011 holiday collection. I am really in two minds about this product - on the one hand I am head over heels for the timeless, sophisticated packaging which exudes glamour. However, although I anticipated this product would give a festive glow, I was left disappointed as the colour pay off wasn't very strong (see swatch below), and only after quite a bit of product it left a very subtle sheen on my skin.  I also found the tone quite frosty rather than pearly and festive but this is down to my skin tone and may not be the same for everyone. The texture of the product is lovely though, and has a gentle and velvety feel which makes it blend into the skin well. 

In light of this, it may be best used for a hint of daytime radiance rather than the rich, warm and glamorous look that I predicted it would offer. Despite my disappointment in the appearance of the product upon application, I absolutely adore the pattern imprinted on the surface of the powder which is so elegant and sophisticated, adding a luxurious touch to anyone's make up bag.

The powder is coming to counters soon.....

Review written by Kate Gowing. 
To give you an indication of skin tone Kate wears 40 in Chanel foundation and NW35 in MAC. 

In conclusion, This product is much more suitable for light skin tones. On my skin (NC25) Lumiere Sculptee has a pretty subtle pearl/golden sheen. As Kate said, it has more of a daytime payoff.


  1. Nice to see Kate feature on blogger- is she a makeup artist too? I love the chanel collections at the moment. I'm not sure I need another highlighter though! Then again....

  2. Kate's not an MUA. She is a beauty writer so understands what to look for in products. From our point of view it is really nice to see a non-mua's opinion on products.

  3. hmmm i agree i love the look and packaging but probably wouldnt get the use out of the product :( i am quite pale though so it would probably show up more on my skin.

  4. I have seen her feature in youtube videos, but I just assumed she was a makeup artist! Thats cool.

  5. Great review, product seems disappointing though, although i am very pale so might be checking it out in person when its out!

  6. I just tried this very product, Chanel Lumiere Sculptee (highlighting pressed powder), at Saks NYC over the weekend!- (where it is already for sale for about $70USD). I had basically the same observations as Kate, the reviewer, did. I am also pretty pale but liked the light, pearliness for daytime. It looked a bit different in natural light outside, too.

    As far as a holiday, golden, glow-y, bright highlighter, I think the Estee Lauder ($40USD) illuminating powder gelee would work better.

    FYI: I heard that Bergdorf Goodman NYC has an EL gift with purchase starting around now.

    Question for Pixiwoo: when I was at the Chanel counter, playing with makeup, I tried the two new holiday eye shadows and would appreciate your opinion on the gold one! The neutral beige color was not much different from other beige shadows, but the gold one was pretty fancy in that it layered nicely and easily on top of the plain/neutral beige. If you could review that as well-or describe how to gold-ify a daytime neutral, that would be great! Thanks!

    www. toobigwillfail.blogspot .com - I just wrote an AWESOME blog post about the temporary perfume museum at Sephora NYC.
    Imagine! A perfume MUSEUM!

  7. Good to know as I would look for something a bit rich warm and glamorous as well!

  8. Wow great review! This sounds like a nice product!

  9. Thank you finally an honest review I this product did not meet my expectations when I tested it I did not think it was worth the money just for the beautiful packaging product should be worthly of your money as well. Thanks for posting!


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