Tuesday, 4 October 2011

ILLAMASQUA Theatre of the Nameless collection

Illamasqua have recently launched a collection named 'Theatre of the Nameless' for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. The products are just beautiful, and in conjunction with the tutorial that was recently uploaded (see below) featuring the products in the collection, here is a blog post displaying some of the visuals and some swatches of the products. See the full collection on Illamsqua's website here and also a short film on Illamasqua's YouTube channel here. Enjoy...

Above are the two new powder blushers that are part of the collection. The one of the left is Ambition, which is used in the tutorial and the one of the right is called Morale. As you can see the one on the right looks particularly bright in the pan but on the skin it leaves a softer and more subtle pink tone, however it is buildable if you want the brighter more daring look. They are both beautiful though with the subtle shimmer, giving a beautiful glow to the skin that brightens the face and adds a much needed pop of colour for the winter months.

The blushers retail at £16.50

I am absolutely in love with the varnishes in the collection. A gorgeous selection of autumnal colours that are striking and unique. I like how they have an almost matte like appearance to them and are not to glossy which fits in with the dark, 1920's feel to the collection. They are warm colours and glide on easily and can be worn even after one coat as they have a strong colour depth. Fantastic. I have been wearing the green one 'Kink' constantly, but actually quite like them all together as they are here and in the tutorial also. 

Left to right - 

Faux Pas

The varnishes retail at £13.50

Also we recently did a review of the 'Masquara' that is included in the collection and in the tutorial. See that here

See more of the products in play in the Theatre of the Nameless tutorial -



  1. looks amazing, cant wait to watch the video :D


  2. The second photo is fab! Illamasqua should come to canadian sephora! D:

  3. Amazing look! Your lines are perfect even without photoshop!


  4. I just love Illamasqua, they're amazing!

  5. Amazing look! You´re fantastic!

  6. What a pitty what I can't get it here in my country :/ You look amazing Sam!

  7. I loooove this look, but sadly Illamasqua isn't available in Belgium. Maybe one day, if I go to England I'll get broke at their shop :p

  8. I LOVE Illamasqua, this collection looks the bomb! You did a good job with that makeup Sam :)

    Mim x

  9. wow, that's amazing! I love Illamasqua's products even if it's very very hard to find them in my country!

  10. I watched the video with my 8 year old last night and she wants me to recreate your look on her for halloween now. Will have to improvise, no Illamasqua in south Italy!

  11. Genius, love those looks from you sooo so much!

    Love from Germany :)


  12. Wow, the nailpolishes are beautiful, love the emerald green. The Video is still loading right now, so looking forward to watch it!!

  13. Loved this video! You look so amazing and I'm glad you used the bright blush too, really wanted to see the colour pay off xx

  14. Amazing! This kind of look is what got me hooked on Pixiwoo from the beginning. When makeup meets art, it just makes sense you know?! Thank you for being so inspiring <3

  15. The blushes are incredible !!

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  17. I am in love with this collection and the tutorial is amazing, Sam! xx

  18. amazing! You are very pretty Sam!

    pls check my blog too http://sugardrapes.blogspot.com/

  19. Awsome, i love it thaks for sharing with us



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