Sunday, 16 October 2011

ILLAMASQUA fragrance 'Freak'

"Freak is you, freak is me, freak is he, freak's who you are and want to be, freak's the door, freaks the key, freak is out, freak is free. The freak's will inherit the earth" - Alex Box, Illamasqua's creative director.

On October 20th Illamasqua will be launching their beautiful new fragrance 'Freak' (You can pre-order it from their website now This is the brands debut fragrance, adding yet another fantastic product to the ever-growing and flourishing make-up brand. I absolutely love the fragrance and have been wearing it constantly, it's a really warm and floral fragrance, rich with aromas to make it last all night long. It is quite a heavy scent therefore may be more suited to night time, as Illamasqua says itself 'Freak is a concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers which Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night'. However, I am totally happy to wear it in the day, perhaps just not as sparingly.

The top notes of the fragrance are black davana, giving it it's magical and night time appeal, and opium flower and belladonna which are meant to enhance senses of lust and passion. It definitely does have an air of this to it, the scent is irresistible.

The heart notes are poison hemlock, datura and queen of the night blossom. The base notes, which give the fragrance it's body are frankincense, oud and myrrh which are combined to last on the skin and give the fragrance its warm and sensory appeal. As you can see from the notes of the fragrance, they are wild, original and different giving it the magical, enchanted forest-esque and dangerous edge that the scent offers. For example, the datura (moonflower) is an aphrodisiac and the queen of the night blossom is a blossom that blooms only for one night each year. A real original mix.

I am also absolutely loving the visuals to go with 'Freak' and think they totally capture the effect and aromas of the fragrance. As with lots of the Illamasqua campaigns they are dark, innovative, beautiful and utterly inspiring. I love the incorporation of the moonlight and the body adorned in flowers in the images, which completely captures the essence of the Illamasqua brand itself as well as the fragrance. The art deco inspired bottle is also a great twist on a conventional perfume bottle, and an asset to any dressing table. I love how the bottle tilts to one side and the purple and silver smokey colours which indicate the night time, warm and sweet aspects to the scent. There is also a snail on the side of the bottle with its trail following, there to symbolise it's 'addictive passionate path of desire that is both distinctive and unusually provocative'.

Definitely check this perfume out, I am a huge fan. Freak will be available on the counter from October 20th and retails at £59 for 75ml.



  1. No way! a fragrance also! that´s so cool!! I wish we will have Illamasque on the stores here in Spain to have a look! thanks for sharing!

  2. wish we had illamasqua in Canada :( not fair !
    the images are lovely <3

  3. i love the bottle :D

  4. I love the images! Would love to see a tutorial based off the last one (with the squid on the shoulder) :)

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