Wednesday, 26 October 2011

ARMANI 'Eyes to Kill' Silk Eyeshadows

I love these shadows from Armani, they are very similar in lots of ways to the Chanel pots that were blogged about here, but have a slightly more 'whipped' forumla. They are a highly pigmented, mousse-like shadow that are soft and silky to touch. They are great just to throw on for an instant eye catching look that has a huge intensity and has a wet effect once applied, I especially like the one on the left (number 4) as it has so many different glitter pigments in it which makes it so shimmery and transforms the eye as soon as it is put on. They are really easy to work with and it is simple to create a lovely look with them with just a couple of slicks of shadow. They blend well, either on their own or by mixing colours together. The black one (in the middle) is completely matte black and is great as a liner or for a really dark smoky eye. As for the longevity, they do crease slightly throughout the day/night but only after quite a long time but I quite like that glossy, worn look, however they still do last on the eye for a good amount of time and don't shed or smudge once they are put in place. Armani claims that they last for 24 hours but I can't say I have worn them for that long - but I don't doubt them! The one on the right looks great in the tear duct for a bit of extra shimmer. 

The colours I have here are (L-R) 

These are just 3 out of the range, there are some other beautiful colours, what makes them so special is that each shade has been made extra intense by the addition of a second pigment which makes the shadows appear multi-dimensional. They have a hybrid formula which makes them sit somewhere between a cream and a powder. Finally, despite having a wet-look appearance they are incredibly waterproof which is great for evenings out, a product you can rely on. Having said that, it is really easy to take off as well so it's a win-win product!

                                        Disclaimer: This review was written by Kate Gowing. 
                             Neither Nic or I have tried these products due to uncertainty over the Armani testing policies


  1. Saw these at an Armani counter today - they are bloody gorgeous! Bit pricey though, definitely one for the Christmas list :)

  2. They're stunning shades, remind me of the no 7 wild eyes pots that are everywhere at the moment!

  3. These look lovely, I really like the rock sand one however I wouldn't buy if they test on animals x

  4. Love them, #4 is definitely going on my Christmas list!

  5. can them be order form oneline?

  6. These look nice, I have the Chanel ones in Epatant and Mirifique so probably wont need these!

  7. They look amazing! thanks for sharing!! take care

  8. I saw them on a counter in Brussels a few times...everytime I felt like dying just by looking at them. They're so gorgeous! I hope I'll be able to afford some of them in the upcoming months :p

    But you're right, they look very similar to the Illusion d'Ombre that Chanel has launched a few months ago (and I just found out that they weren't limited edition but permanent... dumb me hahha))!

  9. They look lovely <3

    Check out my new post

  10. I'm in love with these! It's just a shame they're so damn expensive to buy in Australia.

  11. They are amazing I have the one on the right (can't remember the number) but I find then easy to apply, last all day and no creasing. I'm after no.6.xo

  12. ive heard great things about these. i really want to try them :D

  13. Is AVON a company That Do Test on Animals?

  14. Hello ! you can tell me about the makeup ''Pixi Beauty'' brand, by Petra? is bad or good? Thanks for your response.

  15. eye shadows...its really awesome..I cannot wait for trying this product. Thanks a lot.

  16. You have always prouded yourself that you don't use products that have been tested on animals, so why are you using Armani make up? It belongs to procter&gambel that are known for their cruelty towards animals. It's really disappointing, I love your channel, have been a subscriber for about 2 years now. Like, use whatever you want, who am I to judge? I see that you girls were'nt the ones to write this post. You don't have to recommend to other people, because you have the power to make a change, you have influence after all.
    Same goes for tresemme, that belongs to Uniliver.
    I hope its isn't hurtful, I really adore both of your channels and you witty personalities! it just buggs me that great girls like you would post a good review of these kind of products.

  17. Hi Natalie,

    We did think hard about this.
    Nic and I have made our position on animal testing clear but we are not here to push our opinions on others. We think it is important to be able to review a wide range of cosmetics for a wide range of people.
    Every post that features products we believe may be tested on animals will be marked as such and reviewed by someone other than us. That way the reader knows what we think and can make up there own mind whether they care or not.


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