Friday, 2 September 2011

Soundtrack to my life - Sam

A non make-up related post. These are the albums that shaped my youth and teen years up to present day and in some cases there are memories attached. I cannot put these into an order.

Mary - Album - This reminds me of working at MAC on the Kings Rd, London in 1998

Hole - Live Through This. Simply brilliant if you have a lot of anger :-)

Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Lots of different styles of music mesh together to make this really creative dance/ambient/trip-hop fusion.

Too many Bowie albums to choose from so I have gone for a best of.
Personal favourites include Changes and Fame.

Ohhh this one reminds me of being a misunderstood meloncholy teen.
What an amazing album.
Also one of the best gigs I have ever been to.
Brixton Academy 2001...dancing to Storm 3000 and Phat Planet

This was one of my break up albums. :-(
I remember the embarrassment of my dad playing this in his car. "I want your sex" just made me die a little inside. I love George Michael and if you don't follow him on Twitter then you should.

The White Stripes. This is the album that I listened to on repeat when I first met Danny. I would paint canvases (badly) in my tiny studio flat in Streatham with the windows open and feel very happy.
It was hard to pick a single Radiohead album as I do like them all but I guess OK Computer wins because I went to this live tour.
I love love love The Police. My mum has excellent taste in music.
Love this album and still play it regularly. Lauren So beautiful, so fierce and so bloody talented.

This one makes me laugh... I wore DM boots and everything. I thought I was well hard!
I had to include a bit of Stevie. Nic and I used to sing along to this when we were kids.
In my head no one sings "Living just enough for the city" like me.
This album reminds me of watching a bunch of old friends surf off the coast of Wales.


How I love Nirvana. How I adore this album.
Its more toned down Nirvana than Unplugged but it really gives you a chance to appreciate Kurts voice.
Favourite album of all time (quite possibly). I loved Amy's music and lyrics. I will miss her music.

Other albums I would include if I had space:-
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Lou Reed - Transformer
UB40 - Signing Off
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
The Specials - The Specials
Elbow - Seldom Seen Kid

... I'm sure there are a bunch of others i've missed. Oh... I forgot The Smiths and The Cure.


  1. OMG... GREAT MUSIC!... I love it!

  2. Great taste!

    I totally looooove the fugees!!!

  3. Wow.. It's surprising and awesome to see that we have so much in common, when it comes to music. I adore Radiohead, Bowie, White Stripes, Massive attack, Portishead.. and Nirvana, Hole, The Police.. almost everything from your list.) You have great taste!

  4. HOLE - LIVE THROUGH THIS is my favourite album since forever.
    Always will be.


  5. Ohh goodness you have such great taste!!! Ok Computer by radiohead.. SUCH a great album... as is all their albums... also I loved the Parachutes album from Coldplay! Portishead is also a good choice, and who can't love George Michael! Well I might as well mention the whole list because I love it all!

    Love love!!! <3

  6. helloo!! i'm from Spain, and I say your that i love you blog, and your makeup!!!!!

  7. You certainly are a sistah of the 90s! Hail hail!

  8. Love Portishead!!! How about some Depeche Mode and Suede???

  9. I love The Specials - still have my casette!

  10. I love the Hole 'Live Through This' Album too. It was one of those live-changing ones for me. Good selection here! :)

  11. Check my new post!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  12. Great music taste! Hole 'live through this' has so many memories for me!

  13. Oh yeah, we are definitely the same age :)
    In America Pearl Jam and maybe Janet Jackson "If" also ruled MTV at the time (I was not aloud to listen to George Michael's "Sex" along with many other things, but snuck them).......

  14. Hola!

    Me encanta tu blog, te sigo desde... ¡ya!

    musus k)

  15. some great music there... whenever i hear music it makes me think of where i first heard it or that time in my life :D

  16. Very cool band!
    I love music.
    I think you could also represented as one of the CD cover art.

  17. Love all this music! Especially Jeff Buckley, George Michael and Amy Winehouse.

    Great post, Follwoing <3

  18. I'll show you my album Bowie sugned for me one day......

  19. hello

    i'm brazilian and Guns N 'Roses is also part of the soundtrack of my life, I love this band!


  20. Omg I love you even more... Great taste in music The White Stripes are my favorite! :)

  21. Oh my. I knew since your 1920's look requested by Courtney that I was about to adore your personality even more, but now... once I've spotted one of my all time favorite artists here (Mr Jeff Buckley)... I give in! Impressed ain't the word, I could tell you had to have epic music taste. You're just that kind of gal :)


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