Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Soundtrack of my life - Nic

Following in Sam's footsteps as I always do, I have also put together the Albums that shaped my life.
I actually expected Sam and I to have more albums the same due to being sisters.

1. The XX - I love this album so much, Every year my family all head to a festival just outside Norwich called Latitude. We all camp and have the best time together, XX played one year and were so fantastic, that now when oi listen to them I drift off to that festival every time surrounded by my loved ones. Islands from the album is also one of mine and Ian's songs.   

2. Prince - Purple Rain Tour was one of the first Live gig's I ever went to with my Mum, Dad and Sister and I remember loving it so much, the concert was at Wembley Stadium and we got the tube there. This was my first time I had been on the tube and I was so excited and felt so grown up.

3. Adele - 19 and 21 are both the most beautiful album, this lady has so much talent I find her a real inspiration and at the same time she seems like she would be so much fun to hang out with. I love her. Make you feel my love is so amazing. Also makes me think of Ian, I'm very soppy like that.

4. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best of, I can't pick an Album as all there songs are classic so i have gone for best of.

5. Tracy Chapman, One word.....Amazing. Grow up listening to this album. Love it just as much now as then. Maybe I understand a little more about the stories behind the songs now that helps.

6. Jamiroquai, Emergency on Planet Earth. I love this album and all of JK's Albums they are so good to dance to and to relax too. I have always been a massive fan of his work.

 7. Matchbox 20 - Yourself or someone like you. I don't really know how I stumbled across Matchbox 20 but I think I must have been about 17 when I first heard this album and it was love at first listen. I think I must have been going though that troubled relationships time of my life when music was all I had to express myself and Matchbox 20 helped with that.

8.  Nivana - Nevermind, I'm pretty sure that everyone I know has at one point in there life found themselves falling in love with this album. I feel it is a cult classic for people around my age. I was at High School when I first came across Nevermind and from then on for a least a year walked around with my headphones on listening to this one album. I even went as far as dating one of the boys in the school Nivana Tribute band..... I thought I was so cool

9. 2 Many Dj's - This Album reminds me of my first job in Morgen the retail clothes store. I loved it so much and at the end of the day we would put this album on really loud and dance around while we cleaned up......Oh the stories of the Morgan days are never ending

10. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the key of Life, I think this may be the only album that Sam and I both have the same. We grow up listening to this sort of music so it is only right that it features in the soundtrack of my life.  An amazing Album. 

11. Plan B, The defamation of Strickland banks. Fantastic album, well written, well produced and completely unique. An all round amazing talent. 

12. Micheal Jackson, BAD. I listened to Micheal Jackson more than any other artist I can remember and would put my leotard on and dance around the living room to this album along this all his other albums. I am also still the only person in my family that can do the moonwalk.

13. Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust, My collage album when walking between classes I would turn this on full blast and block out the world....Just me and the music.

14. The Gossip - Standing in the way of Control, I just love love love Beth Ditto. Amazing voice, amazing make up, Amazing self confidence. 

15. Dire Straits - Brother in Arms, Classic I remember watching Nelson Mandela concert in 1988 and loving Dire Straits when they song with Eric Clapton and have been a fan of both ever since. When the guitar kicks in its like nothing else. 

other albums -

Maroon 5 -  Songs about Jane
Chase and Status - More than alot
Aerosmith - Gold
Paolo Nutini - These Streets
Eric Clapton - Clapton Chronicles



    1. It's going to sound like a cliché, but Nevermind is on my Top 3 i'd say.


    2. You're more pop than Nic! Both of you have put some albums that are really meaningful to me, too.. teens in the 90s.. good times ;)

    3. great post Nic!
      I'm a big fan of these artists and I'm big fan of U!
      xoxo from Poland!

    4. most of these are among my favourites too :D

    5. Love the XX. Islands was my bf's ringtone for me for awhile. I just love their sound. It's like nothing else. =) Oh, I've never commented before, but I love the makeup looks that you and your sister do. You guys are seriously talented.

    6. lovely choices<3

    7. great post! this was so sweet :) xox

    8. Love this. What a great post! :)

    9. Amazing how many of these ring true with me too - Prince, Nirvana, Adele, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits,Michael Jackson, Tracey Chapman. I couldnt believe it when I kept scrolling down and seeing more of my own fave soundtracks popping up!

      Perhaps you missed out Roxette, Lenny Kravitz and Cyndi Lauper too, or am I on my own on these ones?!

      Jenni x

    10. some of them are on my fav list too!

      BUZIAKI (kisses) FROM THE HEART OF POLAND! :))))

    11. Wow...great choices! Wonderful taste in music, Nic! ^_^

    12. Ohh i love The XX too, their Music is amazing!

    13. Im so happy to see that mj's album is one of your favorites, i love him!
      you should post a video doing the moonwalk :-)

    14. The Nevermind album by Nirvana was a big part of my life too...I was an angst ridden liberal arts student then! With the unwashed jeans and cigarette hanging out of my lips too....Gah!!

    15. Jamiroquai - a fan of HIS work? They are a band, Jay Kay is just the vocalist :P

      I really like these posts though, cool insight into both your musical tastes.

    16. Oh, I love Adele. That woman has a voice. I couldn't quite believe she was my age at first based of her voice! I haven't gotten 19 yet, but I love 21!

    17. Good Morning sweetie! Great post!
      Please vote me, help me win:
      Thanks you!
      xoxo Kiki

    18. the xx is one of my favourites as well! and latitude is really nice :) wish i could go there once. uk festivals seem much better than the ones in the netherlands.

    19. ha no way most of these albums are what i would put as my soundtrack to my life. especially nirvana, prince, the xx and tracy chapman!

    20. lol Michael Jackson Bad reminds me of my childhood. My first sentence was a lyric of the Bad song haha
      Btw check out my blog

    21. You're like my best friend! My eyebrows raised as I paused over each album cover...I thought, my God, this girl's been in my room! Ace!

    22. I am so glad you included Dire Straits Brothers in Arms! I think most people around our age must have grown up listening to it xx

    23. Yay great choices, i'm obsessed with Tracey Chapman! :) xx

    24. Adele is a amazingg!
      come visit meee!

    25. I recognized myself in some of your choices, but was really suprised you like Matchbox 20, too. They're my favorite band when I was about 17 or 18 years old and I listened to the album all day long (switching sometimes with Counting Crow's "August and everything after").
      My favorite song was "rest stop"...


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