Friday, 9 September 2011

Life's a Drag

My most recent tutorial shows how to create a fun drag look and it wouldn't be fair to not mention my inspiration.
Gozra Lozano - Photographer, Make-up Artist and friend.
Gozra photographs all the 80s legends. I love the work that he has done with Pete Burns and recently Martin Degville. The images he produces are a fusion of imagination, photography and photoshop and the finished result is pure art.

Gozra's book is available from or



  1. loved the tutorial it was amazing :D

  2. The sad thing is that what you call Drag make-up is for many girls(and for many make-up blogers) just everyday make-up.

    Anyway, great job as always! :)

  3. Your work is amazing as always; but as you said before, it really does look awful in the end hahaha! Very interesting tutorial Sam =)

  4. We spell it without an "e" in the Philippines :) Fun look :)

  5. Stunning! I love Drag and how exaggerated it is. I'll definitely be purchasing Gozra's book - I just had a look at his website and it's so inspiring! x

  6. I could wear this to work without the brows-part and I have done similar to work before. Lovely indeed and I really like the colour combo!

  7. inspirational! xxx

  8. I loved this! I'd never have a place to dress like that here but I loved it anyways. I found a drag name for this look.. Bang Bang La Desh


  9. I really love this look. I've been obsessed with Drag make up lately (as an aesthetic, not for actual everyday wear). Where can I get a grit stick?

  10. Bernice Peters (Peter Burns....)

    I thought of butterflies and fairies with the makeup so....

    Krystal Butterflies?

    Choose something fun b/c drag names and stripper names are for fun and are supposed to be silly.

    P.S. In the states it's spelled Smokey not smoky. But I guess either one works.


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