Friday, 23 September 2011

Christopher Kane SS12

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London fashion week has just come to a close and I have been dipping in and out of all the action, checking in on the different shows and catching up on the news. I have to say that out of all the shows that I caught up on, Christopher Kane was the one that was utterly inspiring to me. The collection was a beautiful confluence of make-up, hair, clothes and music. I loved the simple, natural make up with the spring-like rosy cheeks which complimented the collection wonderfully. The hair too, swept across the face in a side parting, tied loosely at the back, allowing the hair to fall freely and innocently. Everything appeared natural, but it was the naturalness of the show that conveyed the collection's beauty with an ethereal twist.

Christopher Kane is a designer who has captivated the fashion world with successions of wonderful collections after graduating in 2006, he has experimented with a wealth of different materials and for the SS12 collection it seems he has matured from the bright neons from last year and instead opted for bright florals and shining pastels, giving an all over fresh and graceful appearance. Kane even sent the models down the catwalk in plimsols and rubber-soled sandals (I have to say, not a huge fan, but I'm sure in a few months everyone will be wearing them), giving a comfortable and light aspect to the show, despite not loving the shoes themselves, I loved the unique gesture of them. The collection was gentle and soft and even though there was structure and sharpness in the tailoring, heavy embellishment, even the slightly masculine look to the shoes, they had their edge softened throughout by the constant flow of floral, light and iridescent fabrics that appeared throughout the show, giving the collection its delicate and light image.

In particular, I loved Kane's take on embellishment, which was done in such a modern way, from the sparkling denim to crystal encrusted skirts. The glittering and bejewelled pieces just added to the awe-inspiring effect that the collection had on me and provided some eye-catching and head turning (sometimes casual) glamour and sophistication, which was further accentuated by the matching footwear, equally as embellished, to complete the look. I also really loved the bold and bright floral prints which slightly resembled 1960's wallpaper but completely came to life in the clothing with Kane's use of such a striking blue. The clothes came together to give off the image of a carefree, happy and youthful collection which oozed innocence and sheer elegance.

Finally, the song played during the show was 'Video Games' by Lana Del Rey, can't stop listening to it.



  1. all the models seem to have amazing eyes, the first ones are so piercing, love it :D

  2. This look is really cute! One that a lot of people can wear. I liked it when I saw it too :)x

  3. Beautiful pics!


  4. Thanks for sharing the music! Love it!

  5. Really nice collection! I like the first pic! The Model is so beautiful!

  6. Very nice!

  7. Supposedly he based this collection on a teenage girl sat in her bedroom.. Xx


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