Sunday, 14 August 2011

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Urban Decay have just launched a set of 15 all-new eyeshadows to mark their 15th anniversary. This a gorgeous addition to the fantastic range of eyeshadow sets that Urban Decay have already brought out over the years. The fifteen shades are diverse and versatile, all of which are frosted apart from a classic matte black. The palette's launch is also extra exciting because all of these shades have never been on the counter before and were created for the purpose of the palette.


The packaging is lovely, it is quite simple yet attracts attention with the classic bright Urban Decay colourings. I like the box-like aspect to it, it gives it a slight special edge, but unfortunately this means that it does not travel well - there is no catch or magnet to keep it together, so unless you are really careful, the lid could easily come off if it was in a bag, definitely more one for the dressing table rather than the handbag but to be honest I think that is the intention. It has a lot of charm to it, underneath the eyeshadows is a velvet lined compartment which you could store anything you wish in it, very sweet.The only other downside to the packaging is that it fingerprints like mad, you can't pick it up without there being smudges all over it, but at the end of the day it is the product inside that counts. 

From left to right:

Midnight Rodeo
Midnight 15
Deep End
Half Truth

The texture of shadows is gorgeous, making for easy blending and versatility and like all Urban Decay shadows they are so highly pigmented and add an instant intensity and beauty as soon as they are applied on the lid. The beauty of the palette is that there is a good range of everyday neutrals, but also for the more daring there are pops of bright colours. Essentially, it is a palette that you can wear day and night and achieve a wealth of looks all in one small box. 


  1. o0o0o0o I got this palette in the mail on Friday!!! Tested it out right after opening it! All the colors are soooo gorgeous =) I especially love the brighter colors =P

  2. I love it!!

  3. It's pretty! Not just the colors but the packaging as well!

  4. I had to put one of these away on Friday in InStyle's beauty cupboard and it looked so grubby just from two people touching it, real shame but so pretty!

  5. I wish we had UD here in Argentina!


  6. I loke that the palette is versatile, like you said it has night and daytime colours in, it's a good investment!

  7. They look great, the palette is so nice.
    I love all the names of the shades!

  8. I love all the colours

  9. I love the goldy colour and your Channel!

    Greetings from Germany

  10. SO glad you've confirmed what I had suspected about the packaging being unable to travel well. Made up my mind on the Naked palette vs 15 Year Anniversary Palette debate: these colours are gorgeous but as I need something transportable, The Naked Palette it is! Thanks :)

    Check out my blog, I've only just started blogging and am loving it!

  11. wow the colours are gorgeous and so pigmented!!! :)

  12. Ordered mine last week from Sephora sight unseen. Now that you've provided swatches I am really excited about about it's arrival! Thx so much!

  13. i thought the Naked Palette was so much better this thing is so shoddy its really badly put together and there really isnt much point in buying it apart from the collectors side of things

  14. I missed out on the last one. This one is MINE!!

  15. i really want this, but it is pretty pricey in comparison to the other palettes :S im still undecided ...

  16. I love the colors! I wish we could get UD in Germany :-/

  17. I just saw this palette in ULTA! it's so fab! :)


  18. very pretty, still unsure if its something I want to add to my collection.

  19. I like these shadows... are gorgeous!
    Kisses :) !!

  20. wow ojala pueda conseguirla en españa. kiss

  21. Can you please making a tutorial using this palette! Its stunning, but I'm not sure of how to work with some of the brighter colors! Thank you! xx

  22. Can't wait to order. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I think I need this palette. It's gorgeous!

  24. I love Urban Decay they have some of the best colors!!!!!!!

  25. I got this about a week ago and it is enjoying constant use :) I use the bright colors and the mat black in every make up, and I specifically bought it for the two petrol blue shades. The texture is SPLENDID, soft and silky and gorgeous. I'm in Italy and I got it from Sephora. At 48,00 € it is a sizeable expense,but then when you think that you got 15 shades at about 3 € per shade, you realize it was a deal :)


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