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Jessica Nails

I have been trialing some pieces from the Jessica range over the last 10 days, using both varnishes and nail care. I have to say I am loving the products and there are definitely a couple of stand out products that are a slight cut above the rest. Here is what I thought...

These are the items that I have been sampling, keeping them all in a Jessica bag which is above. I have been alternating the colours on one hand but kept the same colour on the other to test out the longevity of the products - which I have to say its really good. For a bit of background on the Jessica Cosmetics range, it was started by Jessica Vartoughian in the 1970's who had her own nail salons in the US, as her reputation spread Jessica Cosmetics and Jessica Nails launched to become one of the leading nail ranges around the world. 

Nail Care

I have been using a small pot of the Jessica Nourish Cuticle Cream (it normally comes in a tube or larger tub) every day, it definitely has made a difference to my cuticles and is hydrating and smoothing. The Hand and Body Moisturising Lotion is good for on the go moisturising and it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. It particularly works well on the feet because of its rich formula, providing instant smoothness and a hydration that lasts.

The Cuticle Cream is £13.65 for 14.2g tube and £19.65 for a 28g tub. 
The Emulsion is £5.95 for 35.5ml (pictured), £13.45 for 250ml and £20.75 for 458ml

The Jessica Phenomenon Oil is definitely my favourite of all the Jessica nail care I have tried. I have been using it on all dry patches on my feet and hands and around my nails and it really works wonders, leaving the skin supple and deeply moisturised. The oil strengthens the nail and heals and restores dry cuticles, with an intense and highly effective nourishment.  It also smells really good, like almonds/amaretto so that is a bonus too (because almond oil makes up its ingredients). If you want to use it as part of a manicure/pedicure then use it after the application of the nail polish otherwise it blends in with the polish and makes it watery! The other key feature of the Phenomenon Oil is that it does not have to be used solely on hands and feet but on pretty much any dry areas of the body - elbows, knees etc, it can even be used as a hair oil! Absolutely brilliant and versatile, I have been keeping my handbag so I can top up at all times.

The oil is available in a 7.4ml size for £8.95 or 14.8ml for £13.65

Nail Polishes

The Jessica Brilliance topcoat is an ultra-glossy top coat that adds an intense and immediate shine that dries in seconds on the nail and really does hold the nail polish in place. It totally revives the colour of the nail giving it a fresh and glowing appearance. It aids the longevity of the overall finish, and I found that - due to the sealing of Brilliance gloss topcoat - my nail varnish showed no sign of chipping for about five days. It also is complete with UV protection and prevents smudging and yellowing.

The topcoat is £7.50 for 7.4ml and £11.25 for 14.8ml

I have been using these four bright nail colours over the last few days, these are only four out of a vast colour range from Jessica. There is an extended and more in depth review of the Jessica colours here. Overall, the best thing about the varnishes is that they are highly pigmented, even after one coat the depth of colour shows and they dry very fast. 

The varnishes show here are (from left to right):

Confident Coral (225)
Electric Teal (090)
Pass the Pink-tini (679)
Purple Burst (091)

The varnishes retail at £9.75 per polish

Finally, I also sampled the Jessica Top It Off which is a top coat that dries with a cracked finish. I have to say I am not a huge fan of the cracked appearance overall, it is not something I would normally wear but asides from the appearance, it dries very fast and it is definitely something different to do with your nails! 

The Jessica Top It Off is available for £9.75

 All products available from -


  1. So happy someone has finally done a review of these products! I see them all the time in beauty salons and spas and have always wondered about them. Will definitely be rushing out to purchase the topcoat - five days of wear would be a drastic improvement on my current 1-2 day wear with other polish/topcoat combinations.

  2. i love jessica, they do my favourite red "some like it hot", it is the best bright red i have used. love love love

  3. Oh wow! Those are fantastic polishes! <3

  4. They look amazing!:X


  5. Ahh I really love nail oils, they really are a life saver for me, especially as I change my nail color so often. Im using a Sally Hansen one at the minute, but will definitely check the Jessica one out when I've use it all up :) x

  6. I've never tried anything from the Jessica Nails range but these colours are gorgeous.

  7. i love jessica nail varnishes! have several myself, i think there better than opi!xx

  8. o0o0o looove those colors! Thats great that they are vibrant too!

  9. I have a couple of Jessica polishes and they probably last the longest out all my polishes. They are slightly too dear for what I'd normally pay for nail polish, so I'm very lucky that I have a beautician friend who buys me them as gifts!

  10. That blue is stunning!

  11. These look gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  12. wow those colors are gorgeous! I love the top it off look it almost looks leopard.

  13. those look great! I love that teal color!

  14. These products sound great. I am especially interested in the Phenomenon Oil. Also, the nail colours you tried out are gorgeous colours!

  15. I loved going through your post! I've seen the serum thingy as an individual piece but dinno it was part of something soo much bigger and better!

  16. I love the selection of colours here. Jessica's Diamonds Dazzle top coat is also brilliant, makes my nail colour look so shiny. Thanks for a great review :) xxx

  17. i use to use jessica products but slowly couldn't find them any longer.. but i want to try and find them again! they loook great :)

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  19. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :) Freelance Fashion Makeup Artist Sydney

  20. Perfect colours! I like it all :)
    Fresh and modern.
    Sad, we don't have this brend on our market...I live in Macedonia :/

  21. That blue is stunning and I am especially interested in the Phenomenon Oil. Thanks for a great review.
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