Friday, 22 July 2011


Some friends of ours have just fronted the new Kooples campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011. Kooples is a fantastic French brand that is taking the UK by storm, with boutiques popping up all over London. I think their advertising technique is brilliant, using beautiful, modern, sometimes androgynous appearing couples to front the brand, wearing their uber-stylish clothes and including a supporting narrative from the couples to strengthen the brand image. The Kooples is a very current, chic brand that exudes style and stands out with its signature tailoring, iconic dresses, luxury knitwear and of course three piece suits - all of which appear to have a military and rock inspired edge. We think Max and Laurie look absolutely incredible.

Check out The Kooples chic and signature designs and other Kooples couples at
Follow them on twitter: @the_kooples

Models - Max Cocking & Laurie Belgrave @ Select and Models 1


  1. I've just moved back to England after a year in Paris and The Kooples was absolutely eeeverywhere out there! Glad to see the UK's catching on, they've got some gorgeous pieces and the advertising campaigns are so effective. (Your friends look pretty dashing too!) x

  2. I love the ad! And your friends look fantastic. Would love to see The Kooples and their advertising in Tokyo; they would really stand out!

  3. They look gorgeous xx

  4. Some very handsome friends you've got there! I absolutely LOVE the kooples. I posted some of their stuff on my blog a while back:

    They always have such amazing pieces!

  5. This brand has just come into my local selfridges and I love it!

    Rianna xxxx

  6. my sister is friends with max cocking, funny to see him here! xxx

  7. Thanks for sharing :) The boys look amazing, maybe I could trick my boyf into wearing something like that!

    I really like your blog.

    xxx Irinja (


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