Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Chanel Mat Top Coat

This product deserves some love. It is a great top coat that dries mat over any colour. I tried to find the most shiny nail varnish I had and put the mat coat over the top, I opted for Chanel Le Vernis in Peridot (No. 531) and these were the results...

The results are great and almost immediate - it dries really fast and totally transforms the nail. I have been trying it out with other colours as well and think it looks very sophisticated with black. I like the change it gives to the nails, it makes a nice alternative to glossy nails and adds a bit more interest. Its appearance is chalky yet doesn't wash out the colour at all - perfect. There are other brands bringing out mat finish polishes but the beauty of this product is that you can take any colour and transform the look within seconds. It is so simple to apply and looks amazing.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I have been flicking through some gossip magazines today and felt the urge to rant about how they portray celebrities weight. I know that of course this is a much discussed topic, but in particular, I am referring to the way that these magazines think that they know celebrities 'real' weights. Often, particularly at the moment because its summer, they line photos of celebrities up (preferably bikini clad) and state their height and weight. Honestly, where do they get these figures from? They then decide if they are underweight or overweight- what is that about? I truly think that some of the calculations are absurd, but what makes these claims dangerous is that it is far to easy to take their claims at face value and in turn not only make comparisons between the celebrities, but to compare yourself to such images. There is nothing to gain from these speculations, yet it seems to merit front page news and people seem to buy it.

The 'size zero' debate is still constantly discussed, but little has been done to rectify it, instead the media is just making the situation worse. There seems to be no middle ground, celebrities are either seriously and worryingly labelled thin or criticised for being overweight, even if they are not, they are rarely just accepted for them and their successes - even when a celebrity who is relatively free from such criticism is for example caught at a bad angle, or appears to have cellulite and so on it is highlighted all over the press.  I have rarely seen a gossip magazine celebrating someones body or crediting them, and when they do it is short lived, instead they are subject to harsh criticism. It also really frustrates me when, for example, a headline might read 'Beyonce eats pizza' - firstly why does this kind of remark get so much column space, and moreover who cares if a celebrity eats pizza - they are human! Of course health is a whole different ball game, but no wonder these kind of headlines cause great issues.

I think what I am trying to say is that in light of literally every body shape being criticised, no wonder there is a severe problem with self-perception and body image at present. The pressure is inescapable. For me, I avoid these tabloids at all costs, but when I do occasionally flick through them it fills me with such frustration to have to vent like this. It's sad that they can have such an effect over people, and actually it is incredibly boring and soul sucking material, but yet people continue to get reeled in. Because of this, not only does it cause body complexes, it promotes bitchiness and over-analytical tendencies not only of oneself but of others too, it is shamefully unhealthy. Unfortunately, I can't see this ending any time soon, so in the meantime the best thing to do is to ignore it and not to take it seriously.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Some friends of ours have just fronted the new Kooples campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011. Kooples is a fantastic French brand that is taking the UK by storm, with boutiques popping up all over London. I think their advertising technique is brilliant, using beautiful, modern, sometimes androgynous appearing couples to front the brand, wearing their uber-stylish clothes and including a supporting narrative from the couples to strengthen the brand image. The Kooples is a very current, chic brand that exudes style and stands out with its signature tailoring, iconic dresses, luxury knitwear and of course three piece suits - all of which appear to have a military and rock inspired edge. We think Max and Laurie look absolutely incredible.

Check out The Kooples chic and signature designs and other Kooples couples at
Follow them on twitter: @the_kooples

Models - Max Cocking & Laurie Belgrave @ Select and Models 1

Cheryl Cole Tutorial Inspiration


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet - Luminous Matte Lip Colour

Chanel has introduced a new range of lipsticks called ‘Rouge Allure Velvet’, the first luminious yet matte lipstick to arrive from Chanel. It is quite rare to find a lipstick that appears matte, yet feels hydrating and comfortable, but Chanel definitely delivers this with the luminous range. The texture has a velvety feel that manages to appear matte yet feels ultra smooth – it seems Chanel has reinvented the definition of a matte lipstick by achieving this combination. The lipsticks feel weightless and moisturising, I was surprised to see that my lips didn’t dry out which I thought they would have done, but the lipstick didn’t peel at all. Thus the matte appearance of the lipstick benefits highly from these advantages.

The lipsticks come in a vast range of bold colours which are all very varying yet deep in colour and highly pigmented to maximise the intensity, because of the hydrating aspects to the lipsticks, the colour lasted with little need for re-application.

I swatched four out of the eight available shades

From left to right –

1.     La Ravissante (No.32) – A light coral with amber shimmers
2.     La Fascinante (No. 38) – The eternal seduction of a deep magnetic red
3.     La Raffinee (No.34) – A fresh bright rosewood
4.     L’exuberante (No.37) – An intense, luminous pink for absolute glamour

The packaging is simple and sophisticated, with the classic gold and black Chanel colouring, it has a ‘click’ design where the lipstick pops out when pressed, which adds to its chic and innovative design.

The lipsticks will be available from the 30th of September retailing at £23.50.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Karen Elson inspiration...

Advanced Techniques Hair Colour in 6.56
MUFE HD Foundation in 115
MAC Wedge, Brule, Carbon eyeshadow
MAC 33 lashes
MAC Fascinating kohl
Clinique Mascara
MAC Harmony Blush
MUFE 13L Aqua liner
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
ILLAMASQUA Ignite Lipstick

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Chanel 'Illusion D'ombre', Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows

Chanel have just launched a series of six different shades of long wearing eyeshadows for Autumn/Winter 2011. The texture is a soft, light to touch, and souffle-esque dream with a sponge-like appearance yet provides a creamy richness upon application. The colour range is just beautiful, and the pay off is incredible, they are a complete joy to use, blend perfectly, and feel very luxurious.... partly to do with the classic Chanel packaging. They are versatile and simple to use, and add a sophisticated shimmer and an eye-catching shine on the lid, even when using a small amount of the shadow. An all round brilliant and effective product, that holds longevity and intensity, see the collection on their US website here.

The shadows are not yet launched on the UK website but are retailing on the US website for $36.00

From left to right

1. Emerveille (No.82)
2. Ebloui (No.86)
3. Epatant (No.84)
4. Illusoire (No.83)
5. Mirifique (No.85)
6. Fantasme (No.81)

See Mirifique in action in the Emma Watson NYC Premiere Tutorial

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Brights for Summer - Turquoise Nails

Bright nails are a key summer accessory, so I thought I would post about and compare two similar colours that are both lovely. One by Jessica, the other by Ciate.

Jessica - Electric Teal (£9.75)

This gorgeous turquoise has a matte effect but is shot through with a subtle shimmer, it dries fast and is very vibrant and eye-catching. It is easy to apply and highly pigmented. Most importantly though, the colour is lovely, and the hints of shimmer blended in with its matte effect make for gorgeous wearing...

Ciate - Ditch the Heels (£9.00) 

This colour is very glossy and shiny, this being its primary difference to the Jessica polish, it gives a lustrous, almost wet look finish, but the intensity of the colour remains even after one coat. The Ciate packaging is attractive, almost French looking (despite being English), which I think gives it some charm, it also helps that the handle is noticeably longer which eases application. Two gorgeous pops of turquoise, similar in colour but each offering a different finish, but both with beautiful results.

I will get back to you on the longevity of both.
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