Monday, 28 March 2011

LMS Spotlight test

Nic and I were recently sent the LMS Spotlight system.
This system uses red light to tackle acne. Neither Nic or I would be able to review this product effectively so when a subscriber emailed about her problem skin we offered to send her the system to do a much more compelling review.

This is the first of Julie's video diaries and she will be updating us over a 6 week period.
If you have any questions for Julie contact her via her YouTube channel



  1. I love how honest you are about the fact it would be pointless for you to test it.
    You both have such gorgeous clear skin!!

    Julie seems so lovely too:D

    Rainbows and Buttons


  2. this is really interesting, i'm using the Lumie light which is pretty much the same as this. Will be interesting to see the results :)

  3. I agree with Lucy - you both have great skin to begin with so there would have been little point trying it yourselves!

  4. I don't get much more than the occasional hormonal acne but I definitely want to watch how this system works because I know people with bad acne.

  5. Wow! That is really nice of you guys for offering the system to a subscriber. It not only shows your honesty it also shows that you guys take much pride in your work and "customers". Thank you so much for sharing ladies I cannot wait to see how this works!

  6. Love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...

  7. Hi Nic and Sam! I was wondering if, similar to your past post revealing your top choices from MAC, you could do the same thing for Make Up For Ever? Just as a blog post of course.. I'd really appreciate that!! Thank you!!

  8. hey guys, love your work!
    wondering if you can help me out with a mini skin consult?

    i used to have very combination (ie, obvious dry zone and obvious oily zones) skin but since using md formulations my skin's balanced out a lot!

    the only thing i find now is when i use foundation (any heavier than a tinted sunscreen) a lot of dry patches show up on my skin (specially my chin which sometimes looks a WHOLE diff colour).

    I had acne as a teenager and have acne scarring still and get the occasional pimple.

    Can you recommend a moisturiser to use before applying foundation?

    I have started using dermalogica's active moisture at night.

    Thank you SO much - LOVE your work! :)

    Lady Fun

  9. I'm having a Saturday Beauty Blog Hop so we can connect the beauty blogger community. Come check it out!

  10. Hi Sam and Nic,
    I want to know what kind of suitcase you use to transport/keep your make up. If you recomend any brands and stuff. If you can, please do a video showing them and all, the only one i've seen you show was that zuca one.
    thank you, Gabi.

  11. hey you ! :) im viewing your blog right now and it is really great, i wish my site someday will be as good as yours !
    im on the start of ma blog adventure , so if you just want help me with any advises, please come one my blog : ;)

  12. She's so cute! :)
    It's wonderful that you guys are truthful about products sent to you for review and that you give others a chance to try them out when you feel they aren't applicable to you!

    Have a great one! x

  13. Hi, just wondering if you have any advice for an emergency zit situation? I have a photo shoot tomorrow and of course have just gotten the biggest zit ever, right on my chin! Can you recommend anything that would help on the next 24 hours?Thanks!


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