Saturday, 1 January 2011

Questions for Sam and I.....

So it's a New year 2011, how exciting, it means only a year and 2 months till I get married, so time to diet (see previous post)
Sam and I have been asked so many questions over the past year, so we have decided to do a video answering some of them.
If you have any questions for us, please write it below and we will try to answer in a video.



  1. I'm getting married in 2012 too and am planning to do my own make up so was wondering if you have any tips on make up for flash photography please?



  2. I have two questions...

    1) I have acne prone skin (not big ones, but tiny ones all over) and an oily t-zone. Do you have any advice for makeup and/or skin care?

    2) What's your biggest relationship advice? I have such issues with forgiving and forgetting. No matter how much I tell myself that the past is the past, I can't seem to get over things...



  3. I have sensitive combination skin drier in winter and more oily in summer but no skin seems to do much for me, I would like calm redness in my chin and cheeks and prevent occasional tiny blemishes and shrink the size of my pores. I have tried all price ranges and some things turn my skin red and some break me out. what is your recommendation?

  4. 1) Who inspired you both to become make up artists?

    2) Who has been the best person who you have worked with?

    3) Who would be your dream person to work with?

  5. Hi,
    I started watching your videos when I was all alone in France carrying out a horrible 6-months internship, but no matter how bad my day had been, the day was saved as soon as you guys uploaded a new video. Now that I am back in Germany I still check everyday whether there is a new video of yours and if not I watch the old ones over and over again. I learned so much from you guys and you can always cheer me up thank you so much for that, honestly even if I don't know you personally you two mean a lot to me.
    Ok I think you heard enough of that so my question would be:
    I am just 21 years old, nevertheless I already have got fine lines under my eyes which make me quite desperate. I drink enough water, I do moisturize and so on. So even if I don't smile they're very visible and if I look at women who are quite older than me, I cannot see any of these lines. So is there any cream or anything else that somehow does a miracle and diminish these ugly lines? You would really help me so much if you could answer to that question! I mean if I look like that at the age of 21 I don't even want to imagine my face in a few years.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Lots of kisses from Germany

  6. I like blue eyeshadow (like not obsessively, but I think it's nice occasionally), but my eyes are very pale blue. Do you have any tips to ensure it doesn't look like I'm matching my eye colour to my eyes?
    Also, what is your favourite lip liner? Lip liner always seeps into the pores around my mouth which looks foul but I've tried so many and I can't find one I really like. What do you recommend?
    Is this the sort of question you want us to ask or did you mean stuff about you guys?

  7. hey sam and nic,
    id just like to know your opinions on some things---
    im 17 and i love your vids, i love makeup in general. being young, i have pretty good skin but cant resist the temptation to have perfect skin by using a foundation. What are your opinions on young people's skin makeup? should i be wearing foundation at all? do you think its sad that some young girls feel they cant leave the house without a faceload of makeup on? i guess what im asking is: where does one draw the line? yes makeup makes women feel good about themselves but if they begin to rely on it and cant feel confident without it is that a bad thing? as a makeup artist you must have clear views on the purpose of makeup...thats what id like some insight into!
    lots of love - absolutely adore your videos. i cant tell you how much you have inspired me both creatively and in general life. x

  8. What is your daily skincare routine?

    Not to be rude, but what's your ages?

    What full coverage foundation works for oily skin?

    What is the most funny thing about your sister and what's the most annoying?

  9. Another question I forgot to ask:
    Would it be possible to "hire" you or one of you to do my wedding make up ? I mean sometime in the future, there is no planned wedding yet.
    I hope this doesn't sound rude or ridiculous :)

  10. How do I get rid of blackheads?! They annoy me!! Thanks

  11. You both have excellent skin, any particular products you use?

    What are the best tips you have for becoming makeup artists/beauty journalists. I'm 17 and have no clue where to start!

    Happy new year to you both x

  12. How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

    Also, I find it's hard to wear contour and blush at the same time, any tips?

  13. hey Sam & Nic
    first, i want to express my gratitude to you guys .honestly, you have a great impact on my life & your videos make my day :)
    my Q for you, I have a hard time finding my right foundation shade, I have the same skin tone as Kim Kardashian. i tried mac fix fluid in nc 25 and it was too yellow for me ,i tried nw 30-25 they were quite dark & not natural looking :/. any advice ?

    second Q, it would be interesting to see a tutorial for a masculine makeup look !
    i need to look more masculine for a role in a play ,wonder how can i transform my feminine features to a masculine facial features without looking over done .


  14. I wanted to know whether a private person like me could "book" you for some consultation on make up and what suits me? Is that possible?

  15. Happy New Year To The Both Of You :)
    Was Wondeering How You Both Started In Makeup Artistry. What Courses Did You Take To Become A Professional? How Long Did It Take To Do These Courses?
    Thanks. Love Your Blog And Videos :) ♥

  16. Hi Sam and Nic!

    I absolutely love watching your tutorials! So inspirational, educational and generally fun to see!

    I had a question about good eye products for tired looking eyes. Are there any really good eye products which you could recommend for sensitive skin. I am a fulltime final year student at uni so lead a very hectic and stressful life at the mo lol, both my sleeping and eating patterns are all over the place and over the last 3 years I have grown some bags, some dark circles and general puffiness around my eye area. My eyes also look quite tired somedays. Anything that could get rid of them will be perfect!

  17. Hello! I would love to know what color blushes look best on light almost medium skin tones?

  18. i've been toying around with the idea of going to school for makeup. what are the things i should consider before taking the plunge?

  19. why did u choose pixiwoo and what does it mean?

  20. Cool :) Okay, i have a question for both of you, if that's okay :) What is your absolutely favorite Highlighter? I'm obsessed with Highlighters & i would love to know it:) (excuse my horrible english, sry) ♥

  21. Hello !
    I was wondering how you keep your skin so clear and beautiful ?

  22. Happy New Year.
    I really want to go to london and become a makeup artist. Any advice on how to become one?

  23. What is the best was to cover really pink, almost red cheeks that flush easily. I have very fair skin and red cheeks, and it is a horrible combination makeup wise... (Foundation has to be pale enough, but full coverage, and green concealer looks muddy on me). Thanks!

  24. Hi, Nic!

    Congratulations on your engagement! What are you going to do with your make-up and hair for your wedding? Are you doing it yourself?

    Happy New Year to both of you! :)


  25. Did you go to university, and if so, what did you study?

    :) Happy New Year ladies! xx

  26. Can we see a picture of your hubbies? :D Or maybe a cameo from them in the video! :)

  27. i'm curious how you started youtube and would you continue making videos? b/c we LOVE you all =D

  28. What camera do you use to take your videos? What video editing program do you use?

    What are the best affordable make up brushes set to get for an artist just starting out.

    You guys are amazing and I have learned so much from you :-) Cheers to you and your families in the new year!

    1. Did you ever get a reply to this Tristan? I would like to know which camera they use for their videos too. The quality is good.

  29. Do you do shoots together? what would your advice be to a young person wanting to be a make up artist? is a degree really necessary?
    who are your favourite youtubers to watch ?
    - katiiee3000

  30. Love your Videos and Blog! I'm interested to know about your favorite Vacation spots and perfumes!

  31. how old are you both? what are the best ways to erase under eye dark circles? what exactly do you do for a job? when you do a makeup tutorial, do you wear it out?

  32. I'd love to know what makeup means to you personally? That's to both Nic and Sam.

    Love your videos, you two are an inspiration to all your followers.

    Take care and happy new year! x
    Polish. Potions. Whatever.

  33. What do you think is the most important thing that people should know about what you do? In other words, why is being a makeup artist important to you?

  34. I have olive skin with quite a sallow undertone in winter, with dark circles, but cant afford an expensive concealer, what is the best drugstore one?

  35. Hey Sam and Nic.

    Firstly thankyou for inspiring me so much. I always learn/take something new from each and every one of your videos.

    My questions:
    1) which client you've worked with has most surprised you when seeing them without any makeup on?
    2) what relation do you have to pixiwoo3?

    Thankyou ladies! take care xxxx

  36. What other careers would you recommend to people who loves makeup but don't want to be a makeup artist? What are other makeup-related careers? Thanks!
    - Lily <3

  37. Hey Sam and Nic!
    Since I started watching your videos about a year and a half ago I've developed a huge passion for makeup. Before college I never wore anything more then eyeliner and mascara so you two have opened up a whole new world for me.
    With that said I have soo many questions for you and I would love to take advantage of this opportunity to ask a few!

    What inspired you both to become makeup artists?
    Did you guys attend a school for make up?
    What education or training did you guys have and what education or training does one need to become or be considered a pro "makeup artist".

    Im 22 and I dont have any training or education in makeup other then my own personal use. But I would really like to pursue a career as a make up artist for weddings and proms or even fashion shows! What would you suggest for someone for someone my age with out any training or education and how would you suggest I get started? It would also love to know how you guys began and at what age and why?!

  38. You guys are always doing make-up tutorial; how do you guys keep your skin looking so clear and beautiful. Could you please give us some tips?. Thank you :)

  39. The one reason I dieted before my wedding was because they don't make incredible dresses for larger breasted women. :( It's sad! I hope you have better luck though Nic!

  40. Why haven't you done any lady gaga looks yet? It seems like you would be the best people to teach us how to recreate those looks. I hope for 2011 you can create one of her looks so we can learn some of the advance techniques her make up artists use that other gurus aren't capable of doing. Maybe after she launches a new single off her album coming out in february?!!!! :)

  41. How do you juggle being an amazing mom and mua?

  42. I was wondering what kind of foundation I should use for oily skin with alot of coverage, that is also really cheap. I'm only 17, so I'm on a really tight budget. Could you help?

  43. I am on the hunt for a non-transfer long lasting foundation. I have normal skin and I love my estee lauder double wear but am looking for something better or on the same level. Also have you had any good experiences with the double wear eyeshadows and liners? Are they as good as waterproof? Thanks!

  44. What skincare & makeup routines do you recommend for rosacea? I have a lot of redness in my skin (especially on my cheeks), though I don't have a severe breakout problem. I was just wondering, since you gals deal with skin all the time, if you happen to come across some great brands/techniques for getting rid of redness or atleast camouflaging redness in the face. Thanks!

  45. Hi there!
    Happy New Year to you! Couple of things:
    1) I somewhat over plucked my brows in my youth.So now I use a Rimmel brow pencil to thicken them up a bit, but don't really know what I'm doing so it's a bit half hearted. I'm also fair skinned so over doing brows is a bit of a fear! Any tips for defined but natural looking brows?
    2) I use a liquid liner, but my "flicks" at the outer eye always seem to get smudged. How do I avoid this? Is it the liner I use (Rimmel at the mo) or should I set it in some way?
    3) Any super secrets for making your make up stay put? I'm a busy Mum and can't keep "topping it up" throughout the day so by the afternoon I usually look like I'm wearing last nights face!
    Portia (Miss P)

  46. Hi Sam and Nic, happy new year to you, too :)

    My question is this:
    I've had an eye infection during past year and my ophthalmologist advised me against oil-based products for removing eye make-up (he said sth about oils blocking the roots of the lashes, making them not growing healthily and thus fall). And yet, there are so many oil-based products and a lot of people are using them, so I was wondering if you knew anything on the subject.
    Thanks ;)

  47. can you please check out my channel in YouTube? :D

    thank you!

  48. I'm wondering if you guys have tried Make-up from the swedish brand, Make Up Store? If you have, what do you think? :)
    Happy New Year!

  49. Hi there,

    I'd like to know when your next make up course starts and how long it will take? A one day course or a five day course? I really would like to participate in one of your courses but I am from germany, so this has to be well scheduled :) Maybe you can tell some information about it, that would be great.

    Thank you :)

  50. Hii!
    I would like to know what/how much makeup teenagers should wear (around 14,15,16)?

    Also i have chubby cheeks (!) and i was wondering how to contour as it never seems to really work! i have watched ur videos on contouring

    Thanks a bunch! xxx

  51. Hi guys, can u plz suggest some skin care routine for a 25 year old gal living in india.. n tht's me... :) i hv got normal to dry skin n it's pretty clear. i just dnt wanna let my skin get aged, so thts y i m curious to know. as both of u also hv amazing skins. i m using Blossom Kochhar's aroma magic products (cleanser, toner, sun screen lotion, eye care gel, night cream, lip balm n foot cream)right nw, which r all herbal. bt so far i hv nt seen any major improvement. (if possible, plz suggest those products which r readily available in india). n can u suggest sm easy method to remove facial hairs? so far i m using facil wax on my chin area.. bt i hv heard tht it's nt good for skin, n tends to make skin sag easily. so guys, if possible plzz answer these questions. Love u both a lot. mmuuaaaahhhhhh *hugs n kissess* :)

  52. -Are you sisters?
    -How long have you been makeupartists?
    -Is Sam married?
    -What is your best tip to be a makeupartist?
    -Do you live in London?
    -Are you good friends?
    -Best skincare tip..

    I really love your channel :) Keep the good work going! :D

  53. Which MUFE products would you recommend?
    How should you apply MUFE HD foundation if you have dry it doesn't look flaky?
    What are you favorite MUFE Diamond powders?

  54. What is your stance on products that contain petrolium, ie, vaseline, Mineral Oil, etc. There seems to be a lot of contradicting information out there on the web saying it's not good as it causes breakouts, yet dermatologists recommend it as it is in Cetaphyl and loads of cult products like EL's 8 hour cream, Embryolisse and in some of the lines in La Roche Posay, etc. What is the true deal with this ingredient that is causing a lot of controversy and what is your stance as you have obviously used and tested a ridiculous amounts of products! Many thanks and happy new year! x

  55. I have more of a suggestion than a question..but wait it's a good one!
    How bout a video of you doing each others make up? One week nic making up sam..then vice versa.
    Me thinks it would be entertaining x

  56. @FuturePrimitive

    That is a great idea!!! I'd like to see that too :)

  57. do you get reconized on street sometimes?
    have you ever done make up on client,who was very unhappy with result,how you deal with awkward moments like that?
    5 fav looks you created on you tube so far?
    do you watch others make up channels on you tube?
    u r both amazing!

  58. Happy new year!!!
    What is the best way to be a make up artist?

  59. Hello! Make up tips for bulging/protruding eyes? Also, black head removal like someone else has mentioned.

    Happy new year!

  60. What is the worst makeup tip you've ever heard?

  61. would you ever come to the U.S?
    when did you decide to be a makeup artist?
    How did you get were you are now?
    How can you afford expensive makeup?
    How's Tily and Babs?

  62. hI , I am am new at mke up and like the minial but fresh faced look what would u advise to create this look.

    also what would be ur top ten make up skincare must haves on a budget

  63. I've been obsessed with a strong contoured socket on the eyes. eg a strong socket contour. Can you show me an easy way to do it?

  64. Hi Sam and Nic!
    Happy New Year!

    I'm going on a holiday to London in a couple of weeks, so my Q's to you is;
    Where can I buy MUFE and Too Faced in London?
    Can you recommend any good makeupstores i London for me please?

    Thanks, Lisa from Norway :)

  65. Would you ever consider creating your own make-up line and/or writing your own beauty book?

    Kinda unrelated, but do you have tips for monolid/hooded eyes?

    Love your vids, really enjoy them, also love your positive attitude!! <3 <3 <3 All the best and Happy New Year!!

  66. First of all, happy new year to you both and your family!

    Recently I've been talking to more and more women who, like me, developed acne in their adult years. Although I have very few blemishes now, my pale skin has left me with dark red hyper-pigmented spots that seem to show up through foundation and leave me self conscious.

    So my question is, do you have any recommendations for a foundation routine that gives me the coverage that I need but still looks fresh and natural? I also have oily-combination skin, so I'd really appreciate foundation recommendations for oily skin!

  67. Hello, before i write anything else, just want to say ive been enjoying your videos recently and subbed to your channel. Anyways moving on, i've got pores on my nose and spots, i was wondering if you could recommend a good foundation to conceal all of these blemishes and if i should be looking at using mineral foundation instead of liquid? thankyou so much for your time, looking forward to your answer.

  68. Hi Sam and Nic! I look forward to your videos every week. You are by far my favorite Youtubers.

    My question is: do you ever judge one another's makeup or get into makeup-related spats? Every time I try to give my sister a little makeup advice, she bites me head off. :)

  69. What is the best way to get rid of freckles/sunspots? I've heard lemon juice with sugar scrub, but I'm hesitant. Thank you! You both are such an inspiration!!!

  70. Hello,

    Let start off by saying I love your videos you both are extremely informative, inspiring, talented, and beautiful women. I recently have gotten scarring and severe acne from MAC's face make up and I've gone to the dermatologist and my face is much better but now I just have terrible red scarring on my cheeks and chin. My birthday is coming up and I just spent $210 dollars on new face make up to cover the scars up only its not covering. If you could help me in any way possible I would be eternally grateful. Thanks for your time. :)


  71. I am wondering which MAC brushes are must haves for someone new to their brushes?

  72. Hey girls :)

    Just one little question : what are your favourite blushes ? That's a little one, maybe tricky !

    Thanks a lot for sharing your videos on YouTube, thanks to you I now don't hesitate to wear this or this colour, without shame !

    Happy new year all <3

  73. Hi Sam and Nic,

    Could you please make a list of makeup brands that don't use animal testing ?

  74. hei
    my question is that:
    can you become a make up artist through university and a make up school or how does it work? how did you become artists?

  75. My question is: What are the pros and cons of brow bleaching?

    Congratulations for the great videos! You truly have the most professional and classy channel on youtube!

    Greetings from Greece :D

  76. Hi,

    You have both given me a phenomenal confidence boost after watching your videos and trying some looks myself. You would not believe how much I needed that boost and for that I will forever be grateful.

    My question is this... If there was something that your subscribers/fans could do for you as a thank you, what would it be?

    Wishing you both and your family health & happiness for 2011!

    J xx


  78. why do you guys never use Nars products?

  79. Sam and Nic you are both amazing makeup artists and teachers! Thank you for all your work on pixiwoo and fashionface.

    I've been wondering, what is the difference between a finishing powder, and setting powder, and a blot powder?

    I ask because Laura Mercier have a mineralised finishing powder as well as a setting powder. Confusing!

  80. Dear Sam and Nic,

    Thank you very much for the efforts you both put in to share your make up tips and tricks. I always look forward to your videos and blog updates :)

    My question is concerned with skincare and make up for humid climates:

    I'm from Australia and recently moved to New Zealand. The climates are very different - Australia is dry, whereas New Zealand is humid. I have Asian combination/oily skin, and my skin has become extra oily, often left with a shiny, oily sheen on my face that feels a little sticky.

    I use skincare and sun block designed for oily/combination skin types, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and Jurlique's Citrus Finishing Powder (translucent) for oil control. They work well in Australia, but seem to fail me in New Zealand.

    Also, my nose area has been producing more oil since moving over to New Zealand. I blot the area with blotting paper before re-powdering, but the foundation still cakes up.

    May you provide any suggestions as to what skincare products and make up you can recommend for this humid weather, as well as the issue with caking foundation in this situation?

    Thank you very much for your time :)

  81. I have oily skin on my face but the skin on my legs and arms is fairly dry...can you recommend any great body moisturizers? How can you tell a good moisturizer from a bad one?

  82. Hey yo,

    As makeup artists how much/often are you expected to do hair? Are there certain styles/techniques that are valuable to learn?

    Thanks :)

  83. Sam mentioned in a video that she plucks her eyebrows short for make up purposes... I unluckily was born with short eyebrows, meaning they seem to stop a little too early if I check the length from my nose. Sam said short eyebrows are difficult unless you know how to work with them.. I'm wondering can she just give me some tips to work with them... Love pixiwoo <3

  84. Hey Sam and Nic!
    I'm a massive fan but my question is rather personal. Is there anyway i could ask you more privately?

    Keep being fabulous ladies, you inspire millions!


  85. Hi Ladies! I'm 26 and have dry-ish skin (medium olive toned), even though I live in hot/humid Texas. I've been using Revlon colorstay foundation (normal/dry) applied with a mac 187 brush. It looks great after I apply it, but when I try to set it with powder it completely ruins the look, and ends up all powdery/cakey! I've tried using Jane Iredale mineral powder foundation, Revlon translucent finishing powder, E.L.F. HD powder, and a kabuki brush, powder puff, and regular powder brush to apply.

    Please Help! . . . I've always be told that it's important to 'set' your liquid foundation with powder so it will last all day, so can you tell me; Is this step really necessary to make my foundation last all day? If so, can you please tell me how to properly do this, and any products or brushes that will help? Price isn't really too important - I use both high-end and drugstore products regularly.

  86. I love this blog! amazing....

    visit my blog If you want


  87. What do you think the best products are for concealing dark under eyes circles for dry skin? Also, help with minimizing puffy-ness!


  88. The questions I'll ask would probably give enough answers to fill a video but here they go:
    Product(s) that you most regret ever trying?
    Product(s) that you always go back to since you started wearing makeup? that you actually repurchase?

  89. Please do more of these video's cause there's so many interesting questions :)

    Mine are:

    What should be the difference between my party makeup, stage makeup, makeup on television and makeup for photography?

    How do I know I have enough coverage and accentuated my facial features enough for them not to dissapear in the lights? Any tips/trics?

    And how do they do guy model's makeup and makeup for men on television?

    XXX from the Netherlands

  90. almond eye shape question....
    i have almond shapes eyes and i have a lot of upper eye lid space. the space is broader from the inner eye and when i apply eyeshadows to the crease it seams to droop down the corner of the eye. like it doesn't quite "lift" like sam's cat eye vid.. any suggestions would be soo greatly appreciated... PS, love your video's, addicted! thank you for making them ^_^

  91. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    1) I would really love to know the colour of Sam's lipstick in the Chanel Tattoo video

    2) Would love to see more foundation brand reviews, which address not only skin type, but also skin colour tone. Ie, those which are better for coloured skin. I have yellow-toned skin which can look really sallow at times and have a hard time trying to find a good match. Any reommendations on brands please?

    3) Would you please do a review of custom-blend foundations?

  92. When is the most challenging time in a MUA's career?

  93. What are your recommended products for very pale skin, preferably nothing too expensive!
    I'm extremely pale and it's almost impossible to find a good colour match in foundation and concealer - most brand's lightest shade ends up looking far too orange and muddy on my skin. I would really appreciate your help! Shannon x

  94. How do you make a living being a makeup artist? I am working as one now, but only get a gig or two a month! I would love to make this my full time job, any advice?

    p.s. i really really respect and admire you women.

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  97. Hi ladies,
    I love you both! You are a great inspiration and I want you to know I am currently pursuing my passion of makeup and fashion photography because of you! You can see some of my work here: Although I live in California, I hope one day to meet you both, perhaps attend a workshop or something! I have cousins in London :)

    My questions:
    What camera do you use?
    What is your lighting setup?
    Can we see some childhood or baby pics of you guys?? I imagine you must have been so sweet!

    Thanks and much love and luck in 2011!

  98. Hi guys,so here is my question :)

    Is it really important to have qualifications to be a make-up artist?Like HNC or HND in Make-up or other relevant courses.

  99. Hi girls, was just wondering what inspired you to become a makeup artist & if you prefer working freelance or on the counter or both?
    Thanks, much love in the new year.

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  101. I am a 28 year-old, caucasian female who has hooded eyes. Do you have tips for eye makeup application?

  102. Could you gals do a tutorial on the look that Kate Moss wore in Italian Vogue, december 2010 issue? It might be on the website. Thanks!

  103. After these years of making youtube tutorials did anything change for you about this whole thing? Maybe attitude towards people or teaching or something else?

  104. What is the best advice you have ever received as a makeup artist?
    What is the worst advice you have ever received as a makeup artist?

  105. Hi Sam and Nic, Happy New Year,

    I love your videos so much and from watching your tutorials I have become more adventurous with my make-up and am now officaly a make-up junkie.

    I live in Australia and get quite tanned in the summer, but I can't afford to have multiple different shades of foundation.

    I would love to see Nic (since you love fake tan so much) do a tutorial on how to bronze up a face to match a tanned body... It will save me from having that dreaded white face in photos!!

    Thanks so much - I hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you both and you enjoy you trip to Australia xoxox

  106. I understand (of course) if you don't want to answer this but I wonder if you live all together or really close to each other... ¬¬
    Because the back of your videos are always the same, and similar to your mom's -when you do a video together-; and it seems it's easy to you both to record always in the same place and with "common" products...
    That's all =)
    Love your videos =)

  107. Why won't u use Mac foundation?

  108. Hello !!!

    I have brown eyes - and I am SO sick and tired of people and MUA's suggesting "purple", is there anything else that you would recommend for brown eyes besides damn purple? I love neutrals, so it's hard for me to use purple, although I always loved Signed Seal by MAC ( Although it's discontinued ). I have blonde hair too, so I really miss and enjoy having something that makes my brown eyes pop with blonde hair. I know Saddle worked well for me and helped bring out a more 'red' color in my eye. But I'm not alone when I say brown eyed girls need something else!

    - Brown Eyed Girl

  109. How did you each meet your partners? I love these stories :)

  110. Hiya,

    Love your videos, I'm getting quite good at a smokey eye now thanks!!

    I have a couple of MAC foundations I use, NW20 studio fix and NC30 studio sculpt, and NW20 studio finish concealer. In the summer when skin may have a tan, of after a holiday, what's the best way to darken foundation and concealer to match tanned skin, if at all?

    I didn't really want to buy new one's that match tanned skin for it to fade in a week or so therefore not going to get used very much?


  111. What kind of makeup products do you carry in your makeup kit for a job? Do you have suggestions on what kind of foundation/shades I should have? Should I have foundation for both dry and oily skin? Is there a brand you would recommend?
    Sorry! So many questions!

    x beautychatter

  112. Hello!

    Firstly, your videos have caused me to leave my little boring (always browns and nude)make-up go to routine in favor of something a bit more dramatic/colorful!

    Several questions for you, if that's alright:

    1. If I were to scrap my cosmetics bag and start afresh, what do you recommend as far as items everyone should have (understanding that different skin types call for different products). Can't go wrong/multi-seasonal products sort of things. Budget and splurge options would be nice, too!

    2. I've got one eyelid that sort of droops. Heavy-lidded, I suppose. How can I make that eye appear to be as wide and big as the other?

    3. I also have dark circles whose blame I lay fully at the feet of my wonderful children :) I've gone through loads of!

    4. Lastly, it would be really wonderful if you could travel and allow fans to meet you in person. You two seem divine!

  113. Hi, Sam and Nic! I've been a follower for some time, and I adore your fearless approach to color and makeup as an artform.

    I have two questions:
    1) Who are some of your favorite makeup artists?
    2) Beauty magazines in the U.S. seem to always be somewhat bland, behind trend, and focused more on wearable looks (which is fine, but we do like to have more fun with makeup sometimes). Where do you get your inspiration from (magazines, art, books, etc)?

    Thank you!

    - Elissa from Houston, Texas

  114. Hi make up messies !

    what are your favourites hair products?

  115. Hi

    Whats the best way to conceal very spotty skin?

    At the moment I use MAC studio finish and blend into it Benefits That Gal. I have far too many spots to individually conceal them so I conceal my whole face but I find that although I moisturise before putting my makeup on my skin looks dry and my makeup cracked. Is there a better way to conceal?


    Josie, Glasgow

  116. Hello lovelies!

    How did you and Ian meet? How did he pop the big question? Would you let him do a makeup tutorial on you for a youtube video? I think it would be super hilarious and fun for us to get to see you guys together! Pretty please consider it! (:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say your daughters are just absolutely priceless! Do you think they will grow up to be make-up artists as well? Are you excited for them to be teenagers so you can really teach them some things about make-up?

    Thanks for being awesome guys!
    xox -Allison

  117. Hi Gals! :)

    I recently discovered your YouTube channel and I absolutely LOVE your vids!! You make everything look so much easier and your makeup looks are so beautiful! I am an aspiring makeup artist, would love to do a course but am restricted with work (I work shifts) and being in tiny little Malta doesn't help since many courses are held at 5pm during the wk when I'm usually working! But I will not give up! What are the necessary tools to invest in? Do you have more than one of the same brush? Since I noticed the emphasis on using a clean brush alot to blend.

    Thanks :) Keep up the amazing work!

  118. Hey!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids, and I was wondering how old each of you are, how you got started in makeup, if you could make a video with tips for people teaching how to get started as a makeup artist, and do Nic and Sam live together??

  119. Does the foundation look better on camera? because I have seen people in real life and their foundation always looks rubbish, but everytime you guys put it on -no matter how much you zoom- it looks flawless. Also, this might be a personal question, but I was wondering, do you guys get paid for making the videos?

  120. Hello, thank you for your straight forward tutorials. I love them.

    Can you recommend a good genuine make up manual? There are a lot of books out there, but they seem to be more filler than instruction.

    Your videos are wonderful and I can't get to london to do a course, so if you would recommend a make up technique book that would be great.

    Thank you!

  121. how you began to be make up artists
    and how to get illamasqua in canada


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