Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Diet

It probably seems like I am a bit of a yo-yo dieter. The truth is, when I diet I rarely lose much weight if any because I get quickly bored and with two children I overcook and easily fall into the trap of finishing their dinner... Ok, I admit it, I also drink too much wine.

Over the years WeightWatchers and I have had a great relationship but more recently it has become strained. 
Sticking to a points diet and attending meetings at specific times is nigh on impossible when I am shooting on location in London. Most shoot lunches consist of Pizza, Sandwiches or something equally as calorific.
  About two weeks ago a reality TV star tweeted that she had lost 6 pounds in her first week on this diet. Obviously I followed the
I admit I was alarmed when the food arrived. As it is packaged like space food. However, everything I have eaten so far has tasted really nice. 
They provide you with all your meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All you have to do is add vegetables, (or a small amount of rice or pasta).
The portions are calorie counted for you to 1200 per day. I would say that is about half the calories I usually consume in one day. 

Needless to say I have noticed a weight loss already.
It is recommended that a healthy weight for me is between 12 stone 6 pounds (79.03 kg) and 9 stone 13 pounds (63.23 kg).
When I started this diet (2 weeks ago) I weighed 11st 11lbs (74.8 kg). As of today I weigh 11st 2lbs (70.8 kg)
I intended to do this diet for two months but perhaps one month will be enough to reach my goal weight of 10st 7lbs. I will keep you posted.

Nic starts this diet next week so I am sure she will have experiences to share.Diet Chef cost me £190 per month. I now have a £10 discount code for anyone else who is interested in joining me. Add MYDEAFBO into the code box at time of payment.
 It did seem like a huge amount in a lump sum but when I thought about how much money I spend on food, wine, takeaways per month it was easily as much. 
Diet chef works out to £5.43 per day. I still have to food shop for the kids but I buy only what they eat and nothing for myself apart from vegetables to accompany my food. Overall, I am finding this diet successful and a doddle. I am also eating way more that my 5 a day so I feel healthier.


  1. This sounds very interesting. I'm struggling to get back in to dieting. I hear you about the wine and the finishing off the children's food, it's all too easily done.

    Congratulations on the great weightloss!

  2. Hi Sam, Happy New Year!!
    This diet sounds great & I'd love to try it!
    But where do I send my email to?

  3. You can email me at

  4. Well done. Great way of starting the new year!

  5. OH MY GOOOD!!! Sam Im sooo happy for you!,, there is nothing better than feeling healthy and slim after a diet... I lost 12kg during 2010 and now I feel much happier.. I wish you achieve your goal soon and.. well keep on doing it. you are awesome! I love you two so much.. last time I was driving home and I started thinking of my favorite make up artists on youtube.. I finally got them into a final 3, You two, Julia from MissChievous and Logan Salter.. I was like, yeah I really love Julia's style she has this INCREDIBLE talent.. her creations are like over the top and super glamorous,, then I thought.. yeah but Logan Salter is so edgy! and EXTREMELY talented as well he's just soo good.. and then I thought.. no! hands down ..I just CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT PIXIWOO! Winner! ding ding ding! ahahah lol long story.. bye bye keep on with the diet Im soo happy for you! =D greetings from Mexico!
    Chuck (Magelvl on youtube)

  6. This is super interesting to read! I'm from Sweden and wrote my bachelors thesis about these kind of delivery services, since there are very few (if any) of them in Sweden, and I think they are really cool and perfect for losing weight just because you know exactly what you can eat! Thanks a lot for your blog post about it! :)

  7. good luck! I have started a training plan now and I will be watching what I eat to be ready for my 5k race...2011 will be my slim year! IT WILL :P xoxo

  8. good luck for your diet. Since my daughter was born about 10 years ago I have problems with my weight. As you say cooking too much and too much wine ;) But the only thing that keeps my weight in a acceptable level is my dog. Since she arrived in my live my weight is no further my main problemn( now there are holes in my socks ) wish you all the best and sorry for this bad english :O))))

  9. thats impressive weight loss so far,best of luck getting to your goal!

  10. That's great! As a seventeen year old, I can hardly afford a £190 diet, but if I could, I would pay for that. I'm normally good about what I eat, but it's so hard feeling confident about what I look like when there are so many teenage girls who are much, much thinner than I am and don't seem to do anything. Anyway, I wish you all the best and hope you lose the weight you want to lose. Good luck :)

  11. The concept sounds exactly like something we have here in Australia called Jenny craig and I lost 10kg on it last year! I had a similar experience to yours, felt like I was actually eating more but was taught some healthy habits. The cost was also similar which I don't find expensive at all and sooo worth it. Good luck

  12. just saw this is going to be on qvc on Monday

  13. well done! I am doing a similar, but slightly more extreme diet, started dec 1st, and I've lost about 17 pounds so far!
    keep us updated on how it goes, x

  14. Good idea. Imo avoiding carbs and eating tons of proteins, and exercising (which is the hardest part) works wonders.

  15. Congratulations on your weight loss, Sam! I'm glad the diet is working for you. I have tried similar package diets in the past and while they do work, I am continuing on Weight Watchers, as I like the emotional support I get from my meetings and being held accountable when I go in to weigh-in each week. Since I don't have kids, I have the time for it. Anyway, good luck to you and here's to a slimmer, healthier 2011!! xo

  16. way to go sam, if you can afford it go for it! here in canada jenny craig and nutrisystem do the same thing but they're closer to $400 CAD (250 GBP) a month. my mom had good success with it! you can do it!!

  17. Now I've heard that Weight Watchers has abandoned their program, and now it's no points and just calories. Ugh! :) I don't know what to choose... but imagining the space food was funny.

  18. 11st 1lb today. So exciting and so easy but saying that I am an obsessive so when I commit to something like this I really take it to extremes.

  19. Hola!

    Me encanta tu blog! Te dejo la dirección del mio por si te apetece pasarte a ver qué te parece!

    Feliz año 2011!!

  20. Hi guys. We have a similar thing here in Australia. It's called Lite n Easy. All your meals for the week are delivered to you - breakfast, lunch, dinner and morning and afternoon snacks. You can choose from 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie plans. It is perfect for my lifestyle as I am soo bz (lawyer - long hours). Just been on it a few weeks so far and feel so much healthier already. It really teaches you about portion control too! Best of luck with it all - hope it works out for you.

  21. I have a driver who lost 120 lbs (12 stone, 8 lbs unless I'm mistaken) 2 years ago. As you can imagine, he lives a lifestyle that's always on the road with little chance for healthy eating. He had sleep apnea, which we've helped manage, and all he did was to stick to his therapy with that, make the healthiest choices that he could when he ate and he walked 20 minutes when he got the chance. He said that he wouldn't do it if he made it 30 minutes as this seemed too long, but 20 minutes he'd stick to.

    All you'd have to do is take a break during the day and take a 20 minute walk. There have been studies that show that even 10 minutes will get the results, so you can split it into 2 segments or start at 10 minutes and work your way up if needed. Just don't wait until you go home! I have a kid and it'll kill any exercise plan there is to go home and expect to get anything other than child care done.

    Good luck and thanks for the videos!

  22. Happy New Year Sam & Nic, i love your you tube channel and blog your both such an inspiration to me. I love make-up and enjoy watching the transformations!!!!
    Good luck with the diet! I too am 5-ft 10 currently a size 14 :( I dont weigh myself its too depressing! But new year new start and all that I'm determined to get back into my size 10 skinny jeans by my 22nd birthday!
    My plan is too start running again, its a great way to tone up, chill out and lose weight although finding the time is difficult!! Luckily for me I love 'rabbit food' so hopefully I should be okay!
    P.S if you own a Wii grab yourself 'Wii Dance' its so much fun and such a good workout plus i'd imagine its great if you've got young kids cause they can have a go too.
    All the best xx

  23. Congrats on the diet!! If you need a permanent weight loss and not a fad diet buy the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged from Tosca Reno. You will be able to eat more than 1200 calories a day. At some point your body will stop losing weight because 1200 calories is not enough for too long! :)

  24. Heya Sam, I was wondering if you can send me the discount code as this sounds like something I really would want to give it a go at. I just watched the videos and testimonials on their website and it sounds amazing.


  25. I'm starting it today. Exciting!!

  26. Just signed up today! I'm surprised by how excited I feel! :) x


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