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Scent Map of Britain – life’s sweeter up north

I just received this in my inbox and I thought it was really interesting as Nic and I both fit perfectly into the habits of Southern women. Where do you fit UK ladies?

The North/South divide is proving alive and well in beauty halls across the country with the most floral, feminine fragrances a sell out success thanks to northern women. South of Watford Gap however, women are snapping up musky, woody and even male scents, according to findings released by one of the UK’s largest perfume retailers, Debenhams.

Northern and Scottish ladies are drawn to glamorous fragrances with a sweet, edible ‘gourmand’ edge. They choose the most ‘girly’ of fragrances with the current bestseller in the region, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

Southerners opt for more masculine fragrances with an edge, such as Clinique Aromatics Elixir. Men’s fragrances are also popular with Southern girls who wear them on a night out for a more distinctive, dramatic scent.

Women in the Midlands and Wales are the most traditional, opting for the enduring classic perfumes such as Chanel No. 5 and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

Irish women are plumping for fresh, light fragrances, even through the winter months, choosing Calvin Klein Euphoria and Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Research from the retailer also showed that:
Northern women are very loyal to perfume brands and invest in big bottles that last months
Southern women are much more likely to buy several small bottles of fragrance that they interchange on a regular basis
Northern women spritz the most – topping up their perfume in the morning, lunchtime and often twice in the evening
Southern women are more likely to go fragrance free during the day, keeping a bottle in their handbags or office draw ready for a night out
Northern women wouldn’t even consider borrowing their man’s scent – less than 5 per cent have done so
Southern women are frequent offenders and borrow their partner’s aftershave on average once a fortnight

Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams says, “We see the same trends in fragrance as we do in fashion. Just as Northern women snap up our party dresses and highest heels, they also love the most feminine sweet scents.

“In the South however, it’s distinctive, often masculine fragrances that are teamed with a more edgy style.

“As perfume buying reaches its peak in the run-up to Christmas, we have altered our stock patterns to make sure that whether you are after a fruity fragrance in Folkestone or a woody whiff in Wigan, there is a scent to suit under the tree”.

Debenhams sales figures also reveal that in contrast, there is hardly any regional variance in terms of male fragrance. 1 Million, Bleu de Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male are the consistent bestsellers throughout Britain.

Attridge adds, “As long as they smell good, British men are quite happy to buy a brand they recognise and like without worrying about the messages their scent portrays”.

I am also interested in the fact that Paco Rabanne 1 Million for men has a clean sweep.
I wonder how much of it's success has to do with the rather brilliant commercial. I think the advert really appeals to men (and women). Great music, Alcohol, Nice car, a bit of gambling, a naked supermodel and the allure of sex, power and money. Perfect.
Advertising at it's best.



  1. Lol that is so funny! I'm not from England, but I live in the Midlands and that was true of me.. otherwise I'm kind of all over the place.. which makes sense really haha.

  2. I'm from the North but when I buy fragrances I usually opt for heavier, muskier more 'manly' fragrances. The last perfume I used up smelt like cherry tobacco! I'd say it's true for every other woman I know though, going for typically feminine scents - my sister always smells VERY sweet.

  3. i love armani code and wear it everyday, i'm glad its not in the top 5 anywhere:) xx

  4. Nic wears Armani Code. I wear Stella or Juicy Couture Which I thought I would hate but actually love.

  5. Ha, I'm such a typical Northerner - I love sweet scents, I'm getting Lady Million from a few sources at Christmas.

    I ADORE the advert for 1 million, it makes me wish I was a boy!

  6. oh my im from scotland, yet im coming under ROI lol! love, love, love your work!!

  7. Im the complete opposite from what I ''should'' be! Im from London but I love flowerbomb, I spray fragrance about 10 times a day (bad I know!) and I tend to go for 50mls of various perfumes. Im a mixture obviously!

  8. I'm from the north but I own 3 from the ROI list what does that say lol

  9. i'm not from the UK, but i found this really interesting!

  10. I think it's really interesting how the Northern Irish/Irish ones are so unbelievably similar.

    As a Northern Irish person myself I have to say that Daisy is my favourite out of all the perfumes mentioned with Chanel No5 being a close second so tis quite odd!

  11. I loove this commercial! I'm from Spain and here this add has been very slated! Most of the feminists said that this was very male-chauvinist because it compares a woman with a car or something like that. I sincerely love this commercial, and the female version too!
    lots of kisses from Madrid!

  12. This is really interesting, I dont think they are published enough. I wish the Australian department stores would do something similar.

  13. This is so interesting! I'm from Wales, and Coco Chanel Mademoiselle is my #1 fragrance!


  14. LOVE THAT ADVERT. Could watch it a hundred times! That boy is horibbly attractive x

  15. Isnt it odd how whole areas of the UK are more inclined to buy certain fragrances? I find that really strange for some reason cos I'd just assume that the types of scents people choose would be evenly spread! :)

    I fit right into the list cos I'm from Northern Ireland and bought Daisy by Marc Jacobs about a month ago ♥

  16. I loved that post. I'm from the Pacific Northwest in America and I've been drawn to and wear the heavier masculine types.

  17. I'm not from the UK but if I were I would be Northern.

  18. I bought Diesel fuel for life once just because it kind of smells of boy and i think i was feeling a bit single and deprived..
    But I wear Nina Ricci mostly- it's safe.
    also if you were interested i'm southern,

  19. Schöner Blog =)

  20. That's hilarious and so not representative of my personality. I'm Lancashire born and bred, went to a university further up North for 4 years and have never lived in London area, yet I prefer woody musky scents (Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP is one of my favourites), ALWAYS steal my bloke's aftershave or deodorant, often skip perfume or only put t on in the morning and have a selection of five that I use depending on my outfit, occasion, mood. How strange that I don't fit into the northern stereotype!!

  21. I'm from the North and I have to say Chanel Chance is my favourite!

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  24. Very interesting research! I am however very pleased to see that none of the perfumes I own are anywhere on that list!
    I hate the packaging of that 1 Million for men, it looks so cheap and tacky with all that gold colour...

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  27. Very interesting info. I'm back in Australia now, but I've lived in Sheffield, Canterbury and Swansea, and my location has nothing to do with my perfume choice. My main scent is Carolina Herrera 212, but I often switch it up for Juicy Couture (like Sam, I thought I'd hate it, but I love it) or Sean John's Unforgivable Woman, which is light, floral and almost talc-like.

    Thanks for the ad clip for 1 Million. I've never seen it - never thought to look for it either - despite it being my husband's smell. I looove it and sometimes steal a spray. We went fragrance shopping together and he chose 1 Million on the recommendation of the perfume assistant, who just nodded when he said he's always worn Joop! for men. Is it the new Joop!?

  28. I Love Your Blog!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  29. I am an American gal, but I simply must add to this. As much as I adore makeup, I enjoy perfume so much more!

    My top two favorites are-
    COCO (edp) Chanel, (love this classic spicy oriental)!

    Juicy Couture, (The first one from the line. I love it in both the edp and the pure parfum extrait).

    I have over 40 bottles of perfume, dozens of miniatures and roll on sizes and countless decants and samples. Perfume is my favorite accessory and since I am unable to afford diamonds, I settle for beautiful perfumes as my daily luxury.

  30. Yay ...another one for Juicy Couture. I just love it.


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