Monday, 20 December 2010

Nic's Top 10 winter products

1. I stumbled across Oilatum natural repair face cream, and I have to say I love it. My skin was so dry and flaky but after a week of using Oilatum it look healthy and radiant, the only problem is I get though it like its going out of fashion.

2. I like to wear Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream on top of my make up just on my cheek bones and my eyes because it makes the skin look glowing.

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip balm I put on when I go to bed so my lips stay conditioned all night.
I like the Arden one as it stays conditioning for longer.

 4. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is my newest foundation, the first time I used it I was unsure if I liked it as much as the original Vitalumiere as I felt it had a little more coverage but I tried it again for a night out and loved it. So now I use it every day.


5. By Terry is the concealer I have been looking for.  I love love love this product. Moisturising yet has good coverage......Fantastic!
 6. Both Sam and I have raved about this mascara for a while now, its cheap and makes your lashes huge. It doesn't last so long before it drys out but its only £4 and works wonders.

7. Nars Multiples in Orgasm is a really nice cream blush to make the skin look healthy, it is slightly glittery which I like.
8. Laura Mercier Brow powder Duo, It gives a lovely soft finish to the brows and you have the choice of 2 colours depending on how you are feeling that day.

9. The Mac 266 brush is ideal to use with the Laura Mercier brow powder duo.

10. Clarins instant light natural lip perfector, This is not too glossy. It evens out the lips and just feels amazing.


  1. hi girls!

    what shade is the clarins gloss?

    thank you*

  2. I heart Mac, such a great brand.

  3. Ooooh, awesome selection! I adore the Oilatum range - started using it a few years back and couldnt live with out it

    The collection 2000 mascara is a fav of mine too, such a bargain, esp cos Boots are doing 3 for 2 at the min :)

    The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is top of my wish list at the minute cos I've loved all my previous chanel foundations ♥

  4. The Vitalumiére Aqua is lovely, I really do like how it goes on and how it looks. Just super natural and looks like it's your skin. Not a lot of coverage, but I am not looking for that.
    The bottle and shaking it all the time for hours is a pain, but it's worth it.

  5. Thanks for the blog.
    Merry Christmas to you both!!!

  6. The Clarins Lip perfector gave me an allergic reaction. Haven't been able to use it. Actually, all their products I react to. And I don't have sensitive skin.

  7. I can't seem to find anywhere in the U.S. that sells the Oilatum natural repair face cream. Does anyone know?

  8. I don't think it does. the only place I've seen is and that's just the bar soap, not the product Nic's talking about.

  9. Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was generous to you both (as you deserve)!

    Few questions:

    1. Will you be continuing with your guide to various branded foundations like Chanel, Boobi Brown, etc. Also, would you please review custom blended foundations too as I would love to hear your thoughts...

    2. What brow powder would you recommend for someone who has fair asian skin (colour of warm sand in Bobbi Brown shades) yet jet black hair. The Laura Mercier shades aren't dark enough for me, nor is the oft-raved Lingering by Mac. Both look too obvious...

    3. For your lips, try Bepanthen (nappy ointment cream). I have been using on severely dried/chapped lips over the last fortnight and am now completely hooked! Makes them look lovely and plump too>>>

    4. Can By Terry be used on spots etc too, or just under the eyes?

  10. love that lip balm and mascara, gotta try it!

  11. I really want to try the Collection mascara since you both use it in so many videos. Do you know where I can get it from the U.S.? Thanks.

  12. I really looove the finish that Vitalumiere Aqua gives the skin. It looks so natural, BUT (and this is really a pity) I have very dry skin and it sets into my fine lines under the eyes after a few hours. It doesn't look pretty at all! I look OLD! Has anyone else this problem? The regular Vitalumiere works great on me though.

    1. I had the same problem with the Vitalumiere Aqua and unfortunately I couldn'd find a good colour for me on the regular vitalumiere, so I was gutted. :(

  13. I really want to try the Collection mascara since you both use it in so many videos. Do you know where I can get it from the U.S.? Thanks.


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  14. I love the Vitalumiere Aqua for the smell alone! It gives me a nice glow but without looking like a disco ball which is what the traditional Vitalumiere did. I have tried the Collection 2000 mascara and by mid afternoon most of it was under my eyes! That could just be me though - I don't get on with anything other than waterproof mascaras.

  15. I was wondering if you could tell us the shade of the Clarins lip gloss. You've featured it in several videos and I love it!!


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