Friday, 29 October 2010

MAC Pro to Pro party

WARNING: The models in the pictures are completely naked so I have kept the pictures small. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

If you follow us on twitter you will know where we have been for the last week or so. For the benefit of those that have no idea I will be writing a series of posts to fill you in, up to the point where I was struck down and bed ridden with the dreaded flu.

Date: 21st October 2010
Location: Victoria House, Russell Square
Event: MAC Pro to Pro party

Essentially the Pro to Pro party was an industry networking event and it served that purpose perfectly, it also was a brilliant excuse for a knees up.
The theme of the party was Typography. I took the picture (left) and sent it to Danny (Typographer) He replied with 'Fail, bad typography. Widows and orphans everywhere'
For those of you like me; that have no idea what he was banging on about... apparently it's bad to have a single word on one line and some of the full stops and commas are in the wrong places. BORING... Ok, so the poster might be a bit of a fail but what about the party itself?

The body painting was incredible much of it created by some old friends, Dean Rudd - Pro Trainer, Caroline Donnelly- Senior Artist, Tiffany J - US Senior artist and many more.
My pictures don't do the incredible artistry justice. I also have to give massive props to the models that stayed absolutely still for 3 hours while all around were abusing the free bar.
We caught up with Terry Barber - Director of Artistry as he was holding court. Literally nothing he told us is printable but we were roaring with laughter; as always the life and soul.
Also in attendance was Andrew Gallimore - Beth Ditto's MUA and creator of many of the Ditto looks we have recreated.
Sharon Dowsett - Top fashion MUA who created the Kate Hudson ELLE cover look that Nic recreated.
Hamilton - Hair stylist for Dita Von Teese, Scissor Sisters etc
Georgina Graham - Top fashion MUA. Georgina made my night "I copied your Sophia Loren on Sophia Loren" Seriously Georgina? I told her there and then that I was twittering that quote and she can't take it back.

There were so many people at Pro to Pro that we didn't get the chance to meet and would have loved to.
Hopefully MAC will throw another one next year and hopefully we will be invited again.

Sam. x



  1. That is amazing, the level of detail in their work is incredible


  2. That is totally amazing work. I can't believe they stayed still all of that time! It sounds like great evening and I love that Sophia Loren was treated to your Sophia Loren look, how cool is that?!
    Jane x

  3. Wow, looks like it was an amazing party :)

  4. It's not to do with commas or full stops, you just shouldn't end a line with a single character as in 'A' and also avoid one word lines such as 'surrounded' (unless you are deliberately styling it so that each line is made up of just one word which isn't the case here). I was only referring to the bottom section of type. Overall the poster still looks nice.

    My observation is boring maybe but it's probably a similar and common error when people apply make up to the face and forget to match the colour or tone to the neck.

    OK, I've nerded out enough. The body painting is amazing – especially the yellow and black piece.

  5. Ha, I used to do typography for a newspaper and I immediately recognized the terms your husband used. You both must have hawk eyes for detail!

    The body art is amazing, can't wait to hear more about the event :)

    Katie x

  6. Extraordinary, is this silly but are those words painted on or projected onto them?? either way its still pretty impressive

  7. I want to get on to the body painting team so badly, this is amazing!
    Terry Barber is hilarious, I love the little video clips of him at update.

  8. Any MAC events in Thailand

  9. The second to last was my favorite, the ransom note one. BTW, on a separate note, could I put in a tutorial request? I'm dying to see a good tutorial for a Barbarella look.

  10. These pictures are amazing and what I aspire too.

  11. Wow! That is incredible. It looks fake its so good!


  12. This is so amazing! I'm awed by the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Thank you Sam! This was great!! I attended a couple MAC's Pro to Pro parties a few years ago. Always had a lovely time.

  14. this is absolutely amazing! on the last picture it looks like it has been projected onto him x

  15. looks so great!! So glad I stumbled on your blog!! Now following you! Hope your feeling better! :)

  16. my gosh how amazing! Love your blog girls xx

    Over $400 worth of pizes xx

  17. Insane! This would be a makeup job to tell the grand kids about one day! "Yes, Lovlies, Gramma once had to put makeup on a man's WHOLE body..."

    Really cool party. Thanks for sharing!

  18. It's sounds like it was a wonderful event! Being a designer, I'm familiar with the comments Danny made about the theme. Typographers, designers . . . and the like can be pretty sensitive about the placement of type!

  19. You know it's good body artistry when you notice the art first and the nakedness second. I really love the models in the first photo - they almost disappear into the environment. ♥

  20. It's lovely work and great attention to detail what those makeup artists did!
    Doesn't look anything like Dada to me, much less Dada typography, oh well, still lovely.

  21. Wow! I love body art and the make-up is so good that is almost's perfect! BUT I cannot say those boys were so HOT!! :)

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