Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Crème Colour Palette

Nic and I decided that we loved this palette the moment we saw it. We are both fans of creme products although perhaps this is the kind of product that is suited to the summer. Either way, the palette is brilliant and versatile. 
You may be able to see the little black tabs above the mirror (see below) These tabs can be pulled out to reveal excellent instructions, tips and tricks on how to use this lovely palette.

The palette is inspired by Laura Mercier's work with celebrity clients, in particular Sarah Jessica Parker.
The Story goes that Sarah walks into a shoot ready for make-up and pulls out a homemade palette featuring a bunch of her favourite LM products crushed into one place... Cue Laura's brain ticking. Apparently, SJP received the first of these palettes ever made.

What they say
'This ultra-sheer, blendable palette was inspired by Laura’s work with celebrity clients, who wanted a universal compact that would “wake up” their skin and give them an immediate healthy glow.  From bronzer, to cheek colour, to glow, it’s easy to customize any look. The palette provides a finished effect – skin has a natural “no-makeup” glow that looks soft and sun-kissed. The built-in mirror and step-by-step instruction tabs allow for easy portability.'

Crème colour palette includes:
  • 1 bronzer veil
  • 2 glow veils
  • 2 cheek veils

PRICE: £35

September 2010, Exclusively at Selfridges.



  1. oooo this looks lovely but i really struggle with creme products, the finish on my face always looks cakey, i have to use powder over foundation but i stuggle combining powder and creme products... maybe more practise is required :D xx

  2. This sounds like a very useful palette while on the go. I can't wait to try it or here the review!

  3. This looks like a really nice palette, I like the idea of the tabs as well :)

  4. i would love to get my hands on this!

  5. I loved the promo picture for this one! Saw it in Sephora a while ago and did swatches for my blog since I know many women are looking for a multi-use palette. Please check out my post if you have a moment :)

  6. This palette looks amazing!!!!
    Hurry up few days left before the giveaway!!!!

  7. Ahh this palette looks gorgeous! xx

  8. Hi Sam, This looks amazing, great little compact palette! Not sure if you remember, I messaged you about the youtube tab on facebook? (Asma)
    Anyway, just checked it out and looks fab and love that I can access all your videos straight from facebook! x

  9. Hey Sam & Nic! Even though I am a guy, i still tune into your tutorials with eager interest for some reason!! Well, i have a shoe design blog where i hand-draw shoes (heels, wedges, etc) and my latest design is inspired by Sam.

    The design includes a model dressed in a leopard print dress, and her pout(primarily the squint of the eyes), i thought was very much reminiscent of Sam! Let me know your views?

    Take care X

  10. ooooo ! <333

    follow me if you want ;**

  11. This sounds lovely, I'm a fan of creme products. Especially for the cheeks. I like the idea of instructions too (for moments of muppetry!).
    MB x

  12. I want this!

    I am a fan of creme products but I have never tried any laura mercier. Do they offer discounts to make up artists?

  13. Ahh, I'm sad this is only being sold in the UK! I hate it when stuff is like that. :-( Would so buy this as I love LM.

  14. Hey does anyone know where to buy this in the UK? I can't find it on the Selfridges website..


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