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Ian's Skincare Review Results

Results : Ian / Metro Sexual Male 

Well after innocently borrowing (thieving) my girlfriend Nic’s new moisturiser, I have
kindly been sent numerous ‘Origins’ products to both test and review.
With a job working for a large American software company three days a week in London I often endure 5am starts in order to commute back and forth daily. A few side effects of these early starts are shaving with puffy eyes that only have 40% morning functionality in very limited time, therefore the products I will be reviewing are mainly shaving oils, body wash / scrubs and eye care cream.

My first products are Blade Runner and Easy Slider. After opening the easy slider on the first morning I found the application of the oil very easy but needed to use a large quantity with my coarse stubble. I thought at this point, I should do the one thing that Males never do, and that’s read the instructions!. On reading the directions for the oil, Origin suggests that I use in conjunction with the Blade Runner cream.
After applying a mixture of the two products, I now found the consistency perfect and similar to that of Clinique's. On shaving, the blade didn’t seem to drag like I often get from other creams and cooled my skin after each stroke, this I gathered from the ingredients was from the Eucalyptus and Peppermint content.
After rinsing my face, I found that I had shaved closer than I usually manage and my skin didn’t feel half as irritated. However, as I have sensitive skin, my face always needs some sort of moisturiser in order to stop any red bumps or shaving rash appearing.

 This then leads me nicely onto the Fire Fighter shaving balm
After applying the Fire Fighter, it is instantly apparent that it must contain similar ingredients to that of the Blade Runner cream as my skin felt the same cooling experience gathered earlier from shaving. The peppermint again makes you feel fresh faced and the mousturiser kept me from getting any dry patches for the entire day.
Time is very important to me and I usually only allow half an hour to get up, shower, shave, get suited and booted and out the door. I was shocked that this is easily achievable with these three products and also gave me the added benefit of not needing to shave the next day thanks to the closeness of the cut.

The Ginzing eye cream is ideally applied first thing in the morning and I tried it for a week after I had washed and shaved. Your eyes instantly get the same cooling experience you receive from all the Origin products which makes your face feel awake. I found that after 5 minutes my under eye puffiness had completely gone, this is usually only achieved after several mid journey coffees or a pack of Pro Plus and this is probably due to the coffee bean extract within the ingredients?
I think the GinZing is specifically designed to help with dark circles under the eye, I however do not have these (only puffy) therefore can’t give any feedback to how this may work. I can say that I will be using this every morning without fail instead of lashings of cold water.

Jump Start body wash. The first thing about these three products is the smell, most men’s body washes I find are scented with Lemons, Limes or other fruit based combinations. The Jump start and Skin diver range all have a very similar smell, which I can’t really say smells like anything I can describe to you. I suppose it has a gentle undertone of maybe ‘ tea tree oil’ for which I am not a fan and maybe lavender. However, after three days of using the products, I started to quite like the aroma.

The Skin Diver is a very dark charcoal type scrub which is ideally suited to the body and not the face as I found the face area was completely stripped of any oils for the first day which in turn gave me greasy skin due to the over reaction or my pours trying to generate more moisture.

Please bare with me on some of these product comments as I would like to add that I am a ‘man’ with limited knowledge of skin care analysis and therefore tend to express maybe silly advice on maybe obvious things, such as ‘using body wash on the face’.
I openly admit that ‘Body wash’ to me means pop it anywhere, where in fact, after a brief discussion with Nic it would appear that the soap contents may be too harsh for the delicate skin on the face. I thought it best mentioned, as some of your partners receiving these for Christmas presents may well do the same thing, thus saving your partners from walking around with a glowing red face!.

I mainly use the Jump start every morning and the Skin diver once a week for a deeper cleanse. The Jump Start contains conditioning moisturisers which I found left the skin smooth and not completely stripped of all the oils.
Well that’s the end of my first review, many thanks for reading.


  1. this is cute! thanks for the review Ian!

  2. What a great review! I'm almost tempted to buy these for my boyfriend for Christmas, except that he'd say they all smell funny.

    More please!

  3. nice to see a male's perspective! great review

  4. Such an amazing review!!!
    So detailed,Ian you are a keeper!
    Thank you so much,i think i will buy some of these products for my boyfriend..!

  5. Origins products always have the most peculiar scents, and with any of the products I've used I am at first put off by it. Of course, later I end up freakin loving it. So weird.
    That GinZing eye cream sounds so amazing. It's crazy how your whole body seems to wake up when your eyes do.

    Thanks for the review Ian (aka M.S.M. ha ha)

  6. Good review! =)
    I'm thinking about buying for me the GinZing (though I'm a girl ¬¬ hehehe), as it seems to be very effective!
    Don't know why, men products, usually, seem to be more effective than the ones for women...

  7. I wish my husband would want to use ANTYTHING,but for him...soap and water are the only beauty products:(

  8. Ah ha! I am guessing Ian works for Cisco.

  9. This post makes me so happy! And it's informative!

  10. hilarious and useful! Bravo top marks for you Ian

  11. Nic and Ian are soooooo perfect for each other! Great review lad!

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  13. Brilliant review, Ian! It's so great to have a male's perspective on these products - I am definitely getting some for the bf now!! And you're HILARIOUS .. =D

  14. this is a really great review, think i have to buy some of these products for my boyfriend! thanks a lot :)

  15. Bravo. It took me 15 years to get my husband to use sunscreen and moisturizer.

  16. Lovely first post & great to hear a man's actual perspective! Even though I have persuaded my other half to use some products, if I don't actually buy them for him, I'm sure he'd only re-purchase half!
    Any chance of reviewing some mens Christmas gifts/packs?

  17. awsome maybe i'll buy the eye cream for my brother :D and i must say your writing and male thinking is very refreshing!

  18. Cool, will check if Origins will do a special X'mas pack for my brother. My husband refuses to touch anything that can moisturise believing it will chemically castrate him. :D

  19. Did Ian use anything else before trying out these Origins' ones?
    I use Clinique's and/or The Body Shop's facial washes, toners and eye-creams, and luckily I've managed to get my boyfriend to use them too! But now I'm really curious about the Origins' ones. Have to look them up, not sure if they sell them in where I live.

  20. Thank you Ian!!! If any of my male friends inquire about male skincare products, I now have your review as an excellent reference.

  21. Hey nice review Ian. I will definitely try the shaving products as, like you, I suffer with very sensitive skin.
    Looking forward to more reviews!


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