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MAC Pro to Pro party

WARNING: The models in the pictures are completely naked so I have kept the pictures small. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

If you follow us on twitter you will know where we have been for the last week or so. For the benefit of those that have no idea I will be writing a series of posts to fill you in, up to the point where I was struck down and bed ridden with the dreaded flu.

Date: 21st October 2010
Location: Victoria House, Russell Square
Event: MAC Pro to Pro party

Essentially the Pro to Pro party was an industry networking event and it served that purpose perfectly, it also was a brilliant excuse for a knees up.
The theme of the party was Typography. I took the picture (left) and sent it to Danny (Typographer) He replied with 'Fail, bad typography. Widows and orphans everywhere'
For those of you like me; that have no idea what he was banging on about... apparently it's bad to have a single word on one line and some of the full stops and commas are in the wrong places. BORING... Ok, so the poster might be a bit of a fail but what about the party itself?

The body painting was incredible much of it created by some old friends, Dean Rudd - Pro Trainer, Caroline Donnelly- Senior Artist, Tiffany J - US Senior artist and many more.
My pictures don't do the incredible artistry justice. I also have to give massive props to the models that stayed absolutely still for 3 hours while all around were abusing the free bar.
We caught up with Terry Barber - Director of Artistry as he was holding court. Literally nothing he told us is printable but we were roaring with laughter; as always the life and soul.
Also in attendance was Andrew Gallimore - Beth Ditto's MUA and creator of many of the Ditto looks we have recreated.
Sharon Dowsett - Top fashion MUA who created the Kate Hudson ELLE cover look that Nic recreated.
Hamilton - Hair stylist for Dita Von Teese, Scissor Sisters etc
Georgina Graham - Top fashion MUA. Georgina made my night "I copied your Sophia Loren on Sophia Loren" Seriously Georgina? I told her there and then that I was twittering that quote and she can't take it back.

There were so many people at Pro to Pro that we didn't get the chance to meet and would have loved to.
Hopefully MAC will throw another one next year and hopefully we will be invited again.

Sam. x


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ian's Skincare Review Results

Results : Ian / Metro Sexual Male 

Well after innocently borrowing (thieving) my girlfriend Nic’s new moisturiser, I have
kindly been sent numerous ‘Origins’ products to both test and review.
With a job working for a large American software company three days a week in London I often endure 5am starts in order to commute back and forth daily. A few side effects of these early starts are shaving with puffy eyes that only have 40% morning functionality in very limited time, therefore the products I will be reviewing are mainly shaving oils, body wash / scrubs and eye care cream.

My first products are Blade Runner and Easy Slider. After opening the easy slider on the first morning I found the application of the oil very easy but needed to use a large quantity with my coarse stubble. I thought at this point, I should do the one thing that Males never do, and that’s read the instructions!. On reading the directions for the oil, Origin suggests that I use in conjunction with the Blade Runner cream.
After applying a mixture of the two products, I now found the consistency perfect and similar to that of Clinique's. On shaving, the blade didn’t seem to drag like I often get from other creams and cooled my skin after each stroke, this I gathered from the ingredients was from the Eucalyptus and Peppermint content.
After rinsing my face, I found that I had shaved closer than I usually manage and my skin didn’t feel half as irritated. However, as I have sensitive skin, my face always needs some sort of moisturiser in order to stop any red bumps or shaving rash appearing.

 This then leads me nicely onto the Fire Fighter shaving balm
After applying the Fire Fighter, it is instantly apparent that it must contain similar ingredients to that of the Blade Runner cream as my skin felt the same cooling experience gathered earlier from shaving. The peppermint again makes you feel fresh faced and the mousturiser kept me from getting any dry patches for the entire day.
Time is very important to me and I usually only allow half an hour to get up, shower, shave, get suited and booted and out the door. I was shocked that this is easily achievable with these three products and also gave me the added benefit of not needing to shave the next day thanks to the closeness of the cut.

The Ginzing eye cream is ideally applied first thing in the morning and I tried it for a week after I had washed and shaved. Your eyes instantly get the same cooling experience you receive from all the Origin products which makes your face feel awake. I found that after 5 minutes my under eye puffiness had completely gone, this is usually only achieved after several mid journey coffees or a pack of Pro Plus and this is probably due to the coffee bean extract within the ingredients?
I think the GinZing is specifically designed to help with dark circles under the eye, I however do not have these (only puffy) therefore can’t give any feedback to how this may work. I can say that I will be using this every morning without fail instead of lashings of cold water.

Jump Start body wash. The first thing about these three products is the smell, most men’s body washes I find are scented with Lemons, Limes or other fruit based combinations. The Jump start and Skin diver range all have a very similar smell, which I can’t really say smells like anything I can describe to you. I suppose it has a gentle undertone of maybe ‘ tea tree oil’ for which I am not a fan and maybe lavender. However, after three days of using the products, I started to quite like the aroma.

The Skin Diver is a very dark charcoal type scrub which is ideally suited to the body and not the face as I found the face area was completely stripped of any oils for the first day which in turn gave me greasy skin due to the over reaction or my pours trying to generate more moisture.

Please bare with me on some of these product comments as I would like to add that I am a ‘man’ with limited knowledge of skin care analysis and therefore tend to express maybe silly advice on maybe obvious things, such as ‘using body wash on the face’.
I openly admit that ‘Body wash’ to me means pop it anywhere, where in fact, after a brief discussion with Nic it would appear that the soap contents may be too harsh for the delicate skin on the face. I thought it best mentioned, as some of your partners receiving these for Christmas presents may well do the same thing, thus saving your partners from walking around with a glowing red face!.

I mainly use the Jump start every morning and the Skin diver once a week for a deeper cleanse. The Jump Start contains conditioning moisturisers which I found left the skin smooth and not completely stripped of all the oils.
Well that’s the end of my first review, many thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Crème Colour Palette

Nic and I decided that we loved this palette the moment we saw it. We are both fans of creme products although perhaps this is the kind of product that is suited to the summer. Either way, the palette is brilliant and versatile. 
You may be able to see the little black tabs above the mirror (see below) These tabs can be pulled out to reveal excellent instructions, tips and tricks on how to use this lovely palette.

The palette is inspired by Laura Mercier's work with celebrity clients, in particular Sarah Jessica Parker.
The Story goes that Sarah walks into a shoot ready for make-up and pulls out a homemade palette featuring a bunch of her favourite LM products crushed into one place... Cue Laura's brain ticking. Apparently, SJP received the first of these palettes ever made.

What they say
'This ultra-sheer, blendable palette was inspired by Laura’s work with celebrity clients, who wanted a universal compact that would “wake up” their skin and give them an immediate healthy glow.  From bronzer, to cheek colour, to glow, it’s easy to customize any look. The palette provides a finished effect – skin has a natural “no-makeup” glow that looks soft and sun-kissed. The built-in mirror and step-by-step instruction tabs allow for easy portability.'

Crème colour palette includes:
  • 1 bronzer veil
  • 2 glow veils
  • 2 cheek veils

PRICE: £35

September 2010, Exclusively at Selfridges.


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Origins Skincare for Men

I have a so called 'metro-sexual' for a boyfriend. He really does like to look after himself and without fail will try any skincare I leave around the place.

So it makes perfect sense that I would utilise his opinion, right?
I just called in some products from one of my favourite skincare brands Origins and told Ian that if he wants them then he has to review them.

After 8 months together I am still a little confused about what Ian's job entails. I know he works with computers but I simply do not have the ability to retain the finer details and I confess, my eyes glaze over every time it is explained.
However, I do know that he works very hard, leaves the house before the sun come up, drives a lot of miles and works till very late.
He wears a suit to work so has to be well groomed and because of the driving and early mornings he suffers from puffy eyes. I am hoping some of these products will help.

The Products
Jump Start
1. MORNING " When you're just too weary to wake up or when your systems start to stall, lather up and let nature's spark plugs, including Cinnamon, Geranium Oil, Lavender and Ylang Ylang, give your batteries a boost to maximize your momentum. Beleaguered bodies take a rosy glow, feels revved, recharged and raring to go. Kindly cleaners from Coconut plus conditioning Wheat Protein leave skin silky-smooth never stripped dry."

Skin Diver

2. EVENING "What's a body to do when the day's debris works its way under your skin? Lather up and let active Bamboo Charcoal go deep to draw out pore-cloggers and remove the kind of blockage that breedsbaddies like bumps and breakouts."

Easy Slider
3. Pre Shave Oil "Just a few drops of this lightweight Sesame and Orgasmic Jojoba Oil softens follicles to give blades a fast, friction free glide. And the crisp, clean scent leaves skin feeling awake and fresh."

Blade Runner

4. SHAVE CREAM "Just when you thought shaving was a drag, it becomes something worth waking up to. Feel blades sail with no resistance as skin-conditioning Kukui, smoothing Soybean and other plant protectors run interference between skin and blades to give you a close, friction-free shave."
Fire Fighter 

5. TAKE THE BURN OUT OF SHAVING "Soothing Chamomile, Cucumber and Winterbloom douse the flaming-feeling fast to cool, calm and comfort razor-scraped skin while refreshing Eucalyptus and Peppermint give you a burst of get-up-and-go. There's no stinging, no smarting, no ouching."


6. REFRESHING EYE CREAM "Late night? Long Flight? Look tired? Nature's clinically-proven wake-up cream visibly diminishes dark circles. bags and puffiness around the eyes.

We await the final verdict.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Estee Lauder Extravagant Collection

From Estee Lauder the quintessential holiday/christmas collection. Rich berry tones for lips are complemented by bronze shadows. As with most crimbo launches there is nothing mind blowing in this collection but it does what it says on the tin. The palettes would make beautiful and wearable gifts.

 They also have an awesome christmas offer.  If you are planning to buy any Estee Lauder fragrance you can get this collection of goodies for rrp £49.00. Having seen the collection in the flesh we were shocked by the size of it. All products are full sized products. This will undoubtably sell out to desperate partners on the last minute gift hunt.


Monday, 4 October 2010

What's the deal with glitter eyeliners

I admit that i'm not the biggest fan of glitter liners but they are undoubtably popular so I felt that a little investigation might be needed to determine the good from the not so.
It seems that some of the cheaper drugstore brands have got this dialled.

The Collection 2000 Glam Crystals liners are jam packed with glitter particles suspended in coloured gel which often eliminates the need to use another liner before hand. 14 shades available.

The new MUA range from Superdrug features 10 shades of glitter liner.
Every single item in this range is £1.00. I tried Shade 2 which is a beautiful true gold, not yellow, pink or green. The glitter is set in a clear gel but there is so much glitter in this product that it does not look patchy or sparse, possibly helped by the brush which is excellent. A ridiculous bargain for a pound.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal liners have the finest grade of glitter. They certainly have the most sparkle but they need to be layered over another opaque liner to get the full effect as they can appear patchy and reapplication often lifts off the glitter already placed.

I have tried 2 of the Models Own glitters. I liked neither. The gel was too watery and the glitter too fine and sparse.

Note: Another brand to check for good glitter liners is Sleek Make-up.

Posted by Sam

My 5 favourite MAC products

#217 Brush 
Omega for Brows 
Charcoal Brown Brows 
Stone Lip pencil used softly around the outside of the lipline 

Studio Finish Concealer
Reflects Pearl

Posted by Nic

Friday, 1 October 2010

I love... activity books.

Danny is in my good books (literally) because yesterday he bought me this book from a brilliant little store in Norwich called Knotty Green (sadly no website).
What an inspiring book! Every page features an activity, from designing a handbag to creating hairstyles and of course colouring in.
Collaborators include Marimekko, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Costume National, Shu Uemura and Salvatore Ferragamo.


Les Tentations De Chanel - Holiday Collection

Look what landed on the desk at Pixiwoo Towers yesterday, we have the Les Tentation De Chanel 2010 Christmas Collection.

Chanel say it's 'A palette with warm tones, dashed with joyful pink, compliments coppers, and bronzes swept over eyelids. On cheeks, lips and fingertips, the radiance of ultra-feminine fuchsia is a playful weapon of seduction'

We say 'Oh it's another collection of browns'
Then we say 'Oh my god, this palette is divine'

Yes, this is an incredibly wearable collection. Infact I will wear every single item in it but don't be fooled into thinking it's boring.
The Tweed Fuchsia blush is a wonderful amalgam of matte pinks and shimmering gold, which gives a subtle glow to the cheeks but can be applied with more intensity if desired.
The Les 4 Ombres shadow palette is a collaboration of warm iridescent pinks and browns. It follows in the footsteps of the Enigma palette in that the colour payoff is immense. The dark brown (Rouge Noir Cuivré) is an absolute dream to work with. It is the colour of the deepest rich mahogany with shimmer, the colour is so rich that it looks like it would taste nice... does that make sense?

Other products that I love in this collection are the fuchsia nail polish in Pulsion and the fluid iridescent eyeshadow Ombres D'eau in Splash which is another highly pigmented deep and luminous bronze.

Enjoy. Out on counters from 5th November 2010

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