Friday, 17 September 2010

Win, Win, Win

Please prepare for an exciting and creative feast of a competition. Alongside the theatrical launch of the Art of Darkness collection for which Alex Box created 13 characters for a faerie banquet, London Muse Make-up Academy have joined forces with the genius talent that is Illamasqua and fabulous blogger Mizzworthy to offer two people the chance to win the entire Art of Darkness collection (worth £350) and one of London Muse's most popular courses, the Catwalk Trends Bootcamp Course (worth £295)

They want you to create a final 14th character so let your imagination run wild as you work your own personal magic and create something that reflects the intensity and creativity of this unique collection.

There will be two ways to enter the contest - via blog/email on MizzWorthy (, or by Video by leaving a response to the LONDON MUSE video announcing the competition (

  • To enter in the form of a photograph/blog entry simply leave a comment on Mizzworthy's blog ( with a link to your post, or email her if you would prefer to enter by email or you want to enter but do not have a blog. Your entry must include a description of your character, the inspiration behind it and finally the look you have created. Any additional info such as how you created the look, products used etc can also be included. Please do not photoshop your entries.
  • To enter by submitting a video, you must leave a video response to the LONDON MUSE youtube competition video (, which must be a maximum of five minutes long. The video can either be presented as a make up tutorial or, as with blog/email entries, you can choose to tell us about your character, how you created it and show us the final look. Again, you can include further information if you would like to.

The contest will run for one month from Thursday 16th September to Midnight (UK time) Sunday 17th October 2010. This is the final deadline, and due to the nature of this contest, cannot be extended.

The photographic entries will be judged by Mizzworthy and Alex Cummins from Illamasqua and the video entries will be judged by Nicci Jackson and Antonia Confalone from London Muse. The finalists will then be sent on to Alex Box who will then make a final decision and select one winner from the blog/email entries and one winner from the video entries.

This is a fantastic competition designed to allow artists to show their ability and enjoy the honor of having it judged by one of the most influential make up artists of today. Please read the terms and conditions carefully regarding the rules, how to apply, confirmation of entry and the deadlines. 

The winners will be announced by Wednesday 27th October. 



  1. Hi girls, i would like to know if they have any restrictions about nationality. I live in Brazil, but would looove to participate on the competition.
    PS: Love your tutorials! You´re awesome...I´ve been learning so much with your videos. Thanks

  2. I will defo enter! amazing contest!

  3. That Illamasca campaign is absolutely stunning. BEAUTIFUL! Great blog :-) xx

  4. Happy Birthday, Nic! we share the same birthday :) Hope you have a great day!

  5. Hi Nic/Sam :D

    You´re on Illamasqua blog featuring the opening of the new store on Beak street, looking good :)

    A bit off-topic..sorry


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