Monday, 6 September 2010

Some of my favourite books

These are just a few of my of the books that I love.

1. David Lachapelle - Heaven to Hell
2. Model as Muse - The Model as Muse Embodying Fashion
3. NARS - Make Up your Mind
4. Helmet Newton - A Gun for Hire
5. VOGUE - People in Vogue
6. EDIE - Girl on Fire
7. TASCHENS - 1000 Pin-up Girls

Reviews coming soon.

Nic xx


  1. I love the Nars book, it's so beautiful!

  2. I want the Nars book, so far I have just stuck with books by Kevyn Aucoin and love them. Also the pin up book looks good! Looking forward to reviews x

  3. I'm interested in the people in vogue book. I really want to have a book of just pictures full of inspiration. Would this book be that?

  4. Wow, I Nars, and Pin-up girls accept books.
    May be very good.

  5. You have just reminded me - I was browsing in this ENORMOUS second hand book shop today, and they had a whole row of bookcases filled with fashion and beauty books - almost every single one was from the 1980s! I nearly bought some for their kitsch value, but what I really wanted were 50s or 60s ones. x

  6. I love Lachappelle's work...the other books I don't really know, except the Nars' one of course, but I don't like it as much.

  7. Hi Ladies.
    I really like your website and You tube. I am a loyal follower :). Thanks for all you do.
    i love make up..have alot of ..and like to play with it. I was looking at your book section in your blog. I am looking for a make up book that is comprehensive, can give me some good ideas with some photos. I guess that would be the BEST make up book :) . This is more for myself. Not doing anything professional. Just would like to learn more.
    thanks so much
    happy new year and keep what you are doing!


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