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Questions and Answers from Make-up Artist Maggie Hunt

If I could have a pound for every time someone asked me why I became a make up artist I would probably have about £30.... Ok, so I wouldn’t be rich but £30 is better than nothing. 
Both Sam and I were inspired to become make-up artists by Maggie Hunt, who also happens to be our auntie (handy).
So I decided to ask my Auntie Maggie a few questions about her life as a make up artist. 
MAGGIE HUNT is a leading name in the fashion and beauty industry, working with top photographers like David Bailey, Terry O’Neill, Lord Snowdon and directors such as Gerard de Thame, Joe Pykta and Tony Kaye.  Maggie’s make-up has appeared on covers including Vogue, Harpers, Tatler, Brides, Elle, Cosmo, Company, The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph.  
This is just a few of the high profile people Maggie has worked with.
The (late and great) Princess of Wales.                                      
HRH The Prince of Wales 
Gillian Anderson
Kate Beckinsale
Honor Blackman                                  
David Bowie
Pierce Brosnan
Shakira Caine
Naomi Campbell
Belinda Carlisle
Julie Christie
Abigail Clancy
Simon Cowell
Cindy Crawford
Dame Judi Drench
Agness Deyn
Paul & Linda McCartney 
Janet Jackson
Check out Maggie’s website for more info and images;
Maggie Hunt Questions and Answers. 
1.How many years have you been a make up artist for?
I’ve been a make-up artist for 30 years yet I’m still as passionate about it now as I was at the beginning of my career.
2. How did you get into make up?
I became a fashion model in the sixties. I was truly inspired by the make-up of the swinging sixties and models such as Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy; I could relate to these young and successful girls.  During this period most photographic shoots did not include a make-up artist, hairdresser or stylist so I was required to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’.  Make-up changed dramatically from big wide eyes and pale lips to dark eyes and dark lips (Biba inspired).  Then the feeling moved on to romantic and then punk.  It was around the punk era that I decided to put my creative flair to good use but I wanted to do it properly as you are only given one chance, so make-up school was on the cards for me. 
3. What has been your best job to date?
It is not so much what I perceive to be my best job but the perception of others, so in this case I would have to say having done the make-up of The Princess of Wales and HRH The Prince of Wales for their official engagement photographs shot by Lord Snowdon which where used globally on and in every magazine plus postage stamps.

4. Can you tell us 5 of your favorite products and why you love them?
I would prefer to say that without the use of great make-up brushes you can not achieve glorious make-up. With the use of my choice of brushes I'm able to create beautiful make-up, with all make-up, irrespective of price.
Maggie Hunt Make-up brushes at

5. Who/What inspires you?
I'm mostly inspired by photographers and their work rather than catwalk make-up but I'm also influenced by films and pop videos.
To name but a few these are some great photographers whose work has inspired me over the years - Steven Miesel, Guy Bourdin, Paolo Roversi, Helmut Newton, Sarah Moon, Barry Lategan, Nick Knight.
Great make-up artists that I have admired over the years - Barbara Daly, Francois Nars, Serge Lutens, Pat McGrath.


6. Who is the nicest person you have worked with?
I do like Paul McCartney and Sarah, The Duchess of York as they are both kind and genuine people but I also work with some really nice models too. 

7. How did you get so successful?
It is a combination of many different qualities and not just creativity.As a model I watched many talented make-up artists work and I also watched many untalented make-up artists work so I was able to compare and understand the different emotions a model and myself included would go through with the application of amazing make-up and ugly make-up.  So I knew my aim was not just to please myself but also to please the person I was making up.  Yet, it isn’t only that, to success you need to be liked and wanted because of your talent, professionalism, dedication, hard work, self-belief, organization, modesty, kindness and these qualities cannot be learnt; methods can be taught, products can be brought but the rest is down to your personality.
8.What do you think is the most difficult thing to do as a make up artist?
There is not much that I’m fazed by as a make-up artist and I love going out of my comfort zone to create looks that I’m truly proud.  However the realms of make-up are very broad and I do not venture into an area that I do not cover such as prosthetics. 

9. What do you think about your nieces following in your footsteps?
 I feel honored that my nieces have wanted to follow in my footsteps; they have the perfect attitude and on top of that they have captured a market which has propelled them into an area that was untouched until now. Although they are both still young they have many years of experience, which has built them into who they are today. Samantha and Nicola are focused on succeeding and with their determination and hard working ethics they will arrive and that pleases me. my sister (their mum) and all the family, which gives encouragement to the younger members of the family and hopefully to all those trying to make it in the world today.

10. Have you got any advise for people starting out?
It doesn’t happen over night, never give up learning, confidence is good, arrogance is not, live and breath make-up, patience is a virtue and dedication is paramount. 

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  1. Great post! How cool that she is your aunty :p

  2. Your family definitely lucked out on the 'unbelievably gorgeous, sexy and intelligent' gene!!!

    Love you guys~~

    Youtube/windyfields (aka)

  3. This is amazing, the pictures look beautiful, she is a true artist... working on one of the most difficult and changing canvases. Thanks for the post! xx

  4. The pictures look great! I loved this post!

  5. what an amazing artist, no wonder you two were so influenced by her! you both have such great attitudes regarding your work and all the unnecessaries that come along with it so i'm sure you'll go as far and achieve as much as your aunt :)

  6. thanks for this post, so inspiring!

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  8. This was truly fascinating! How remarkable that your aunt has done such high-profile work, particularly with Princess Diana. As someone said upthread, it's no wonder that beauty and talent run in your family.

  9. oh wow! Very handy indeed! Great post girls x

  10. What a great interview : ) I'm sure your Auntie is very impressed by your talents x

  11. when I saw that portrait of liz by helmut newton i got the chills! I absolutely love that photo, her make-up is un paralleled! I live in berlin & visit his photography foundation whenever i have a free day.
    you're aunt is a genius.
    r.i.p helmet newton

  12. How brilliant! what a great auntie! no wonder you two are so good with maggie hunt to go on!
    I am definetly going to sort my brushes out now, time to start saving!
    p.s I really hope someone can get back to me on this, I have found a uk stockist of embryolisse and really want to order it, i just was wondering if it has a really strong perfume or scent? because I am really sensative to that sort of thing- tried steamcream, great moisturiser but never again!

  13. Fantastic post - so interesting to learn more about your aunt. She is a beauty as well. I am so inspired by her attitude about makeup and her drive.

  14. have u seen this look? i know one of u would like to recreate it its the best makeup ive seen in ages

  15. The link to Maggie Hunt's website (above) did not go through ... so, try out this link - for all the people who wanna check out the website!

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    question :
    What is the best brushes for Foundation ?

    mac190 or Adesign or sephora or Estee Lauder or Flat brush or Clinique or what ???

    i try Make Up For Ever it's very bad , can you help me to find best brushes Foundation

    thank you

  18. Thank you for posting this. There are so many MUAs with bitchy attitude out there. It's so hard to find some one like your aunt (and ofcourse you both) with talent and super modest.

  19. Wow.... Looks like makeup is in your genes ladies... im sure you know how lucky you are to have MAGGIE HUNT as an aunt! I could probably listen to her stories of the people shes worked on all day.

  20. I really really enjoyed this post, thanks!

  21. I love the last statement Auntie Maggie said, "Confidence is good, arrogance is not, live and breath make-up, patience is a virtue and dedication is paramount."
    That's something all new MUA's need to hear and know. Being a new MUA that is very valuable information. Nic and Sam you two are very lucky to have an aunt to be a role model to you. I love this post and thanks.

  22. Ahh this has been great to read as I am an aspiring make up artist...really interesting & so cool that she's your aunty! :)x

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  24. This post was so inspiring! I just came across your youtube channel and found my way here. I completed makeup school in California, six years ago, but have been unmotivated to pursue my career professionally. I had a young child at the time and was told to not expect to have a family as a makeup artist. Which has always stuck with me. I do the occasional wedding parties from time to time, but would love to step it up a notch as I am finding that makeup and photography are my passion. The words from this post spoke right to me and wanted to let you guys know how simple things like this really make a difference in a person's life. Thank you for this post!


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