Tuesday, 21 September 2010

ILLAMASQUA Flagship store and launch party

The ILLAMASQUA flagship store opened this week on a massive high.
The launch party reunited make-up mavericks of the eighties and introduced them to the current talent.
The new store at 20 Beak Street was packed wall to wall with colour and crazy individuals including Vivienne Westwood, Boy George, Philip Salon, Adam Ant and Steve Strange among others.
It seemed a very fitting tribute to a brand that embraces anything other than the ordinary.

The store itself is a real feast for the eyes decked out in black, accented in white and adorned with smashed mirrors. The neon signs in the windows give a nod to the fact that the store is located in the infamous Soho area of London, and the hand painted mannequins make it clear that you are about to experience something a bit out of the ordinary.
Sectioned off by House of Harlot rubber curtains is a large make-up studio with 10 work stations.
One of the studio's many features is that it has different types of lighting so that students can learn how to work with the correct shades for different conditions.

If you happen to be in London pop into the store for a look around. Located just off Regent Street, the closest tube stations are Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.

Posted by Sam


  1. Great pics! Store looks amazing and Alex Box is looking fierce! Love it! x

  2. I walked past the shop a couple of weeks ago and it was still being fitted... so excited that its now open it looks amazing!


  3. I really want to goo!! Ahh why do I have to live an hour away from London?! :(



  4. the store looks fantastic! love the hand painted mannequins and the workstations look so chic!

    and of course, you two look gorgeous, as always :)


  5. looks amazing.....


  6. Wow. Amazing the store!I love this.

  7. You two look incredible!!!!!!!! sam the mums at your daughters school must be green with envy, you are gorgeous!- please do a tutorial for this look- and the hair! nic you look great too, very 60's!
    *ahem* the shop is also great!

  8. Ah where is the bite me t shirt from?? Xx

  9. Hey there,
    Have you ever done a make-up tutorial inspired by Sofia Copola's Marie Antoinette? I'm planning to go as Marie Antoinette for Halloween and I'm a fan of the dark rose pink lipstick they used in the movie. And I am hopeless at make-up, but I found your Edie Segwick one really helped me for a costume of her not long ago.
    I would really love it if you could help me out.

  10. It all looks so great! I wish I lived nearer to London instead of up here in the North. And you both look fantastic!!

  11. Beautiful pictures. :)



  12. That looks amazing! Can't wait to visit soon.


  13. wow, the store looks amazing, though like a make-up version of agent provocateur, though slightly "darker".will have to visit it, next time i'm in london. especially since illamasqua isn't available in germany

  14. looks great!
    I'm wondering if you could do a tutorial on the look Nic is wearing in your banner, looks so gorgeus! Lots of love to both of you! (sorry for my english..)

  15. I saw some of the pics on Alex's blog and was amazed at all the people that came to the launch. It must have been so thrilling to be there. I think the store looks amazing, I'm looking forward to a visit soon.

  16. Girls, you look divine. Just wanted to say I can see the fruits of your slimming in comparison to Sam's fav outfits video and Nic's vacation video. I thought you both looked great before as well, but congratulations!


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