Sunday, 12 September 2010

Illamasqua - Art of Darkness

Illamasqua's Art of Darkness collection is full of intense, rich, dark, autumnal colours just as the name would suggest.
There is a real buzz about this collection and future collections as Illamasqua have appointed David Horne (previously of Jemma Kidd and MAC) as Director of Product Development. With Alex Box's creativity and David's attention to detail this may mark a new period for the company.

I chatted to David about what the future holds for PD at Illamasqua.

"Illamasqua has always been cultivated with professional quality pigmented make-up product at the core of the brand, and now as the company moves forward with our exciting first UK flagship store and School of Make-Up Art the creative and technical challenges are as ever continuous and vast.

Product efficacy is at the heart of Professional Make-Up Artistry and to the Illamasqua brand, and the process is underway to deliver even more continuous improvements to product being developed as we endeavor to respond to product feedback, listen to our customers, and communicate with our suppliers to push our creative vision and expand their capacity to achieve colour results we strive for.

We are a brand that is responsive, not complacent like other cosmetic industry brands. We have a responsibility to position and offer the unusual.

Never colour cautious.

We acknowledge we have not always got everything 'pigment perfect' in our evolution, not always possible in a business driven by pigments that can become variable. However when we are not able to be satisfied with a product we go back to supplier production and strive further to mutually get the result we initiated.

Our product development direction has quality assurance at the forefront of its agenda and we are assessing our products item by item and shade by shade to respond with an dynamic inspirational range to inspire the artists which make professional make-up art so creative. This is not an overnight process but one, which will position us to offer you exciting kit pieces for your delectation.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, it is that candid product passion which drives us to deliver the results team by team as we move forward and evolve as a brand".
David Horne, Director Product Development & School of Make-Up Art



  1. Oh gosh, I must have that lipstick!

  2. Hi Robyn,
    I was just thinking about trying it on. Its 8pm on a Sunday and i'm watching 'Men in Black' but that lipstick is all i'm thinking about. I am a loser.

  3. noo, try it on and twitpic it :D - what an intense collection, the promo pics are mind blowing!

  4. me & gemsmaquillage tried the lipstick on on the train home! she twitpic'd it! we were sexy!!

  5. Ooo wowww the swatches look sooo amazing :)

  6. Ohh! The collection looks amazing!! I want to try my first products from Illamasqua asap!

  7. The lipstick is hardcore! But the lipgloss looks amazing!! I want it!


  8. I am so so sad I couldn't make it to the event yesterday! Flights from Italy just for the event were too expensive!
    But I am really looking forward to play with some of the things in this collection, especially the pigments and the gloss in hermetic! It is so so gorgeous!
    And the gypsy promo image is so sexy!

  9. Looks amazing. Cant wait to visit it! Emma x

  10. That lipgloss is gorgeous, one I must invest in I think.

  11. wow, the liquid metal in superior looks just great ^^

  12. hermetic is gorgeous!!! *-*

  13. The liquid metal in Superior looks stunning!


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