Thursday, 23 September 2010

Elizabeth Arden Masterclasses

Nic and I will be teaching masterclasses and doing a bit of backstage filming at London Fashion Weekend this Saturday 25th September at the Elizabeth Arden Beauty Studio in the catwalk tent.
The classes are trend based and 30 minutes long. The times are 11.30am & 2.15pm.
So if you are attending LFWE; come in and say Hi.

If you have not heard of London Fashion Weekend check it out here
We cannot wait for this event but we have the difficult decision of what to wear. On one hand we want to look good but on the other hand we need to be practical and think about being on our feet all day.  Hmmm... choices, choices.


  1. How cool is that! I hope you have fun!

    yours Chandra!

  2. What about one of those baggy dresses with horse-rider styled boots? It looks good, but it is also practical!

  3. They look awful with massive boobies.

  4. Sounds like fun, wish I was in your neighborhood!

  5. Hi!it sounds like so much fun! I wish I was there...

    I was thinking about to ask you a few things but Im a bit shy about it...

    Im going to live to London next january, I studied make up here in Spain and I do work as a make up artist, but i would like to learn more about fashion & photo make up there in London
    Maybe you can help me?(where to study, if its easy to find a job as a make up artist there)
    Sorry for so many questions...

    Please visit my blog!

    My email if you want to answer my question:

    Thank you so much and good luck!

  6. I will be there that day. Yay..cant wait to see you both:)



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