Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, Collection 2000... and toilets.

Up at 5.30 and on the train an hour later, we started the morning with a croissant and coffee followed by an hour of applying make-up on the train. The trick to MVMA (moving vehicle make-up application) is to apply all the easy bits while the train is moving but save the technical bits like liquid liner and brows for when the train stops at stations. 
The first ever Cosmopolitan Blog Awards were held at Sketch in Mayfair, London. 
The venue was filled with major talent of the blogging world. We chatted with the lovely Fleur de Force and GemsMaquillage while browsing Collection 2000 cosmetics.
Surprisingly, the range is really good quality especially considering that 95% of their products are under a £5 each. 
Perhaps a lot of the success and direction can be attributed to Collection 2000's Creative Director and Top Make-up Artist Athena Skouvakis. 
Athena and I have known each other for many years so it was absolutely lovely to bump into her and catch up as the last time I saw her I had just had Lily (6 years ago).

The winner of Best Beauty Blog went to a very deserving Lollipop26. Nic and I were thrilled to get a highly commended mention which means that we had the second highest number of votes. Thank you to all those that voted for us.

Winners in other categories were:-
Best sex and relationships blog – Fairytale Beginning 
Best fashion and style blog – WishWishWish 
Best e-tailer blog – ASOS 
Best lifestyle blog – Diary of a Vintage Girl 
Best gadgets and technology blog – Girl Geek Chic 
Best news and current-affairs blog – Uplift Magazine 
Best celebrity and entertainment blog – Kickette 
Best new fashion blogger (in association with – What Emma Did
Congratulations to all winners.  Strangely, I will leave you with pictures of the toilets in Sketch. We were astounded by the design and sheer sparkliness. Be sure to click on the image of the Swarovski crystal woman to appreciate just how spectacular she is.
NOTE: I can assure you that I don't usually hang around toilets taking pictures.



  1. that's not a place to be in when your way past inebriated and or hallucinating. :S Just saying. :)

  2. that mannequin looks fabulous! it would probably also scare me at first glance.

    congratulations on the highly commended mention (i personally vote for your blog), you guys really deserve it!


  3. congrats :) u deserved the first place cauze ur great.

  4. Omg those toilets are amazing!! I do love a cool toilet...!! Well done on coming second though :-)

  5. Congrats!!
    Hahah, the bathrooms are beautiful.

  6. Congrats ladies. I love the piccies of the the toilet! What a classy venue. Hope you had a fun time ;o)

  7. Sorry you didn't receive first place this go round, next time we vote more!

  8. Lollipop? I like her blog and subscribe to and enjoy her YouTube vids and channel...buuuuuuuuut, that's not where I'd go for say a tutorial on an eye look or how to choose a foundation. Maybe I don't really grasp the definition of 'Beauty Blog' since I would consider Laura's more of a 'What's new in makeup?' blog. Oh well, next year.

  9. I think this was more of a popularity poll... and I hate how it turns into those. I voted for you guys, and even though I still love Laura's YT I prefer your blog.

  10. Congratulations ladies! You deserve every bit of success. Lovedddddddddddd those toilets!

  11. Wow!! That's awesome congrats to Pixiwoo!!! LOL love the loos! ;)

  12. Well done! 2nd is awesome and very much deserved :)


  13. Arrrgghh!!! So close!!!! That was cool they mentioned you though. Lollipop?? Never heard of her. Seriously. Well you are #1 to us. World domination will be yours eventually. My two fave sisters definitely deserved it.

    love Jennifer (youtube aka windyfields)

  14. I really think you deserved to win....:$

    I like lollipop26 so I'm happy for her but I would be happier for you both...!! ;)

  15. Love your makeup and gorgeous hat Nic!!!

  16. I absolutely love your blog so I'm giving you guys an award at my blog. Come check it out! :]

  17. I have to admit I love Sketch, although £60 for afternoon tea is a bit much. I tried to take my friend there recently, and she said 'maybe five years ago sweetheart'. Apparently it's seen as grotesque now. It's a shame, the tea is fantastic!


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