Sunday, 29 August 2010

Corinne Day 1965 - August 28, 2010

Corinne Day was arguably one of the most influential photographers of the 90s.

Working with a young Kate Moss on a fashion story for The Face magazine titled 'The 3rd Summer of Love,' which was published in July 1990 and later (1993) on the British Vogue cover story (opposite) the images would define the 'Waif' look and spark the 'Heroin chic' movement.

The imperfect and voyeuristic feel of the images that Corinne Day produced were in stark contrast to the perfectly made up supermodels and photography of the time, paving the way for the documentary style photography that became synonymous with the late nineties and beyond.



  1. i absolutely love the 4th and 5th shots. utterly beautiful.

    RIP, corinne day.


  2. Its interesting to see that elegant tulle dress present in the 90's and some decade and a bit later it's playing it self out again. Yes, fashion makes a comeback with a bit of reinvention years later, but that particular style; absolutely beautiful and no idea that even existed in the 90s.

    But regardless, rest in peace.

  3. Love these shots a long with the ones I posted on my blog yesterday. Love everything about her style of photography, she has so many great shots to be remembered by.

  4. kate moss looks so beautiful in these, so young and innocent theyre so beautiful. woah.

    love the blog <3

  5. has it been confirmed? so sad, I remember that edition of The Face so well! that mag was quite good, shame Jason Donovan had to ruin things

    Great post as always xx

  6. gorgeous! i love the style of these, so inspiring and captivating! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful! Gorgeous images


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