Saturday, 13 March 2010

Company Magazine Poll

I have just spent a bit of time reading about the other blogs in the Company Magazine Poll.

These 3 in particular strike me as blogs worthy of votes. If you or anyone close to you has been affected by any of these issues perhaps you would like to give them a helping hand.

Children of Alcoholic Parents
Emma Spiegler, 27, a support worker, from Hertfordshire, runs the Children of Alcoholic Parents website (, which she set up after struggling to care for her alcoholic mum

Kick Cancer
Bex Joyce, 27, a writer from Lancashire was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2009. She launched her Kick Cancer campaign last January via Twitter ( and Facebook to help raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK.

A Mum Shaped Hole
Laura Driver, 32, an administrator from Leeds was nine when her mum died of cancer. Her blog,, has helped her through the long grieving process.



  1. its a great thing you've done here( :

  2. this is great!

    whether its people supporting each other through terrible loss or people supporting each other by helping them feel more confident in their own skin (like what you lovely ladies are doing), blogging has really come a long way.

    a lot of the time makeup becomes too daunting for women, so they don't even bother trying. there are too many products in too many shades sold by too many brands. then they get stuck in their own rut of discomfort and low self esteem. that's why i think what you ladies do is so great; because you make it accessible to everyone and it allows women to learn at their own pace.

    keep up the great work, ladies!



    I Love all your work and your video's... I have added you to my facebook page for people to be able to link onto.. Thank you for all the wonderful and beautiful looks.. It would make my day if you could come to my brand new blog and give me a comment on a few looks I have put on there...

    Again thank you so much Laura Gonzalez

  4. All the blogs sounds incredible
    A Mum Shaped Hole looks like a wonderful caring way of making the struggle of living without a mum a bit easier


  5. hi there - I'm sooo glad I picked up Company while sat at the hairdressers - reading about all those blogs inspired me to start my own about my two passions - makeup and cupcakes!!! I think this blog is fab.


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