Sunday, 8 November 2009

What's in my jewellery box

These are some of my favorite pieces. It is fair to say that I have an addiction.

Necklaces (above & below)by Pick Up Sticks available from Soho Hip in the UK.

Necklace (The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know) from Eclectic Eccentricity

Earrings from Anna-Lou of London

Bow ring from Hoxton Boutique

'Once upon a time' Necklace from Soho Hip

'Amore' Necklace from Classic Hardware available from Soho Hip in the UK

Wing ring from Hoxton Boutique

Butler & Wilson 'Ruby Slipper' earrings

Vivienne Westwood earrings

Bracelet from Classic Hardware

Bracelet from Chanel

Snake ring from Hoxton Boutique

Vivienne Westwood Earrings

Vintage Marcasite Necklace.

Feather Bracelet from Eclectic Eccentricity

Tatty Devine Pegasus earrings

Pandora Charm Bracelet

Butler & Wilson Peacock earrings

Flower ring from Hoxton Boutique

'Such is life' Necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity


  1. All of your jewellery is amazing! Especially loving the snake ring (I adore anything with serpents) and the bow earrings.

    I really want a Pandora. I think I'm going to get one for my sister's 18th x

  2. Great collection! You have got some lovely things :) x

  3. great collection!
    blogging night tonight?! eheh...

  4. Gorgeous collection. I am slightly green with envy! Emma x

  5. Oh fabulous! Funny, I just asked you on Youtube if your Westwood earrings had gold in them...big picture just gave me my answer.

    My sister will be 30 in January and she loves jewellery and I thought those earrings would be perfect for her.

    I am going for the B&W Peacock have such great taste!

  6. Cute stuff!!! I am addicted to both jewelry and makeup. I ahve a similar piece from Classic Hardware — it has the exactly same key ;)

  7. Wow! Fair to say I would like one of each piece. Stunning items. I very much want a pair of Pegasus earrings. Will be writing to Santa about those I think.


  8. these pieces are spectacular, i love your blog!

  9. Wow.... What a collection, I love the Hoxton rings and how about those pegasus earrings. I love the style of the classic hardward, I make those for myself and it is so easy.

  10. Yay! I just ordered the Tatty Devine Pegasus earrings!! I have been looking for something like this for awhile. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful collection :)

  11. I have a pandora also. Is the dark bead the wooden healing bead. I have one too. Such a lovely collection Sam. I really enjoy these types of post.

  12. Wow you have quite some pieces! First one is hilarious :))

  13. Wow you have some really nice stuff! Can't even pick a favourite piece out, because I like them all! x

  14. Love your jewellery collection!! The heart vivienne westwood earrings are gorgeous.


  15. Not exactly what you're wearing but for the fun of discovery , here's an artist from montreal :
    The site doesn't make justice to her jewellery...

    Caro xxx

  16. hi!

    i noticed the Tatty Devine Pegasus earrings, i've loved those since i first started watching your youtubes. do you and nic share the pair or does she have her own as well?

    love, love, loving the new vids on youtube. we appreciate you weeding out the jackholes.

    thank you :)


  17. I remember the snake and the bow rings from the videos. When youa re wearing the, I hardly looka nywhere else than at your hands hahaha... I'm a bit of a "bling bling" girl myself.


  18. Oh my goodness. You may have spawned a new addiction with Eclectic Eccentricity. I'm adding half the website to my birthday list as we speak! Thank you thank you thank you! x

  19. looove all of it! Especially the pandora and your necklaces!

  20. Accessories are my trusted friends too.
    They guide you thru thick and thin, and even don´t judge your weight.
    This is my reason for being obsessed with jewelery and shoes, because they fit always, no matter what size you are.
    It makes me smile that you own some pieces from one of my favorite vintage jewellery brands "eclectic eccentricity".
    I just got two new pieces last week.
    I wanted that "C´est la vie" necklace so bad, but it was SOLD OUT, so now I know where it is gone.
    If you are interested go and check out Alex Monroe´s Website.
    He is a phenomenal British jewelery designer. As you seem to have an eye on "Feather-Jewelery" you will find some breathtaking pieces.

    I´m not sure if "Konplott" and her artist Miranda Konstantinidou is known in the UK?
    But she is one of the most inovativ high end fashion jewelery designers you could find around.
    Her aim is "to make the world sparkle". Everytime I watch at her jewels my heart beats faster :o)
    Take a look at her Website or her YT chanel, because on YT you could seen the pieces in motion, if that makes sence.

    Last I would appologize for my poor english, and send you the warmest regards from Germany.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, time & skills!
    I can´t tell you how much I am obsessed with pixiwoo, each time a new tutorial is up it makes my day.

  21. Loved all the jewelry, thanks for sharing with us! The peacock earrings are FANTASTIC!

  22. I have kind of a terrible addiction to costume jewelry as well. Well over 100 pieces, I'm sure, so I completely empathize! The right accessories just adds that special something to an outfit.

    I am in love with the pegasus earrings, bow ring, serpent ring, and feather ring. Oh, and how could I not mention the Chanel bracelet? I love anything Chanel! :)

  23. love all those pieces especially the chanel bracelet! lovely!

  24. Loving this post! I'm a jewellery-nut too and you have some beautiful pieces!

    I agree with someone else who suggested Alex Monroe - he does some reaaaalllly nice jewellery. I have a necklace of his which is a little gold bird on a silver hoop pearch - it's tiny but so detailed!

    Love your YouTube and blog as ever x

  25. it's all sooooo gorgeous!
    quite the collection :)

  26. What a gorgeous collection, my faves are the red ruby slippers earrings and the chanel bracelet x

  27. I am seriously lusting over those tatty devine pegasus earrings. I have no money left and theyre a touch out of my price range though :(

    SERIOUS LUST, however.

  28. What lovely jewellery you show! I looove the "ruby slipper" earrings and the "Such is life" necklace.

  29. Hi!! Maybe you should take a look to this beautiful Etsy shop , it's very similar to Eclectic Eccentricity.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Thank you Sam! this collection it's such a a great suggestion for my styling research for my shop, Lovely Viper!
    I've just contact eclectic eccentricity to sell their items in my shop (obviously saying them that I've known their brand on your blog)!


  32. i think i can safely say i am so JEALOUS of your collection ... the vivenne stuff is gorgeous ... ive got abit myself, not alot though! lol

    I follow your youtube channel ... and ive just come across your blog! So i'll be following this too!!

    x <3 x

  33. this is the thing I love about blogs, you can find such niche little treasures like 'eclectic eccentricity' was that the name? any way in the studenty area of east london that im in its really inportant to be individual, and i LOVE that feather bracelet... will be purchasing uber immediately!

  34. I have that 2nd pair of VW earrings too, they are super cute. But I find them far too big/heavy for my ears. I have the matching necklace too, all living in a box till an appropriate moment to bust them out, lol.

  35. Spot on! And I love that you gave it a name too, 'complexity' is an excellent name for a cow!
    I agree with everything you wrote, and I can see all these parts in your work, the layers adding presence and the final bead giving life being such a perfect description, and it fits my work too, SO TRUE!!
    silver jewelry manufacturers

  36. Such a beautiful collection !
    You're so lucky to have so many unique pieces x

  37. This won't help your addiction, but you should check out They have the most amazing jewelry.

  38. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of, "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison connait point" I think it's a beautiful saying.


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