Monday, 21 September 2009


We are giving away a Louise Young 15 piece brush set worth hundreds of pounds.
All you have to do is create a make-up masterpiece!

1) It MUST be your own work and your own creation. (no copying from magazines)
2) You can enter as many times as you like. Only one look will win.
3) You can enter from any where in the world. (that has a postal system)
4) Do NOT email me your images, they must be uploaded onto an image hosting website and then the link sent to me via the entry form on the website.
5) All entries in by 9am on the 1st November GMT
6) The winner will be required to provide their image as a hi-resolution jpeg (300dpi) for a winners video.
We may also ask for a snap shot of the person in the image to prove ownership and confirm copyright.

To view the brushes go to


  1. O wow!
    I'm definately going to enter!!

  2. Oooh exiting! I'll have to get thinking! x

  3. Would it be possible to maybe show after the competition has ended some of the a hall of fame...? I am really looking forward to some of the creative looks.. ;-)

  4. We will indeed. There is a box on the entry form that asks permission to use images in a video. Providing entrants give us permission we will make them all into a video.

  5. I'm very excited for this contest <3

  6. Wow, as I said on YT I think there will be stiff competition for this for sure, so many talented folks out on the web. An amazing and very generous prize. I will have to have a go.


  7. Hi Samantha and Nicola! I am a recent You Tube follower and am such a big fan of your work! I love makeup but am not as creative with it so I won't be entering. I am however looking forward to seeing all the entries! Good luck to everyone!

  8. Hi Sam and Nic hope you are both well.I am so so excited about this contest as i have been lusting after those brushes for a long time. I also love it when we can let our imaginations run wild I just wondered if you (or anyone else) could tell me what an image hosting website is and how to use one. Thanks so much for this contest. Cant wait to see what people come up with

  9. Hi girls! Wow this is a cracker of a comp, I am going to have a go at it.


  10. Thanks for following. What a great competition.
    Hope you're well xx

  11. Excellent competition! Am definitely entering x

  12. hullo...i've already entered like three times LOL only my looks aren't very creative, i will keep trying though. You both are very inspiring and lovely. This is a very generous thing you're doing and may the best woman [or man...] win!
    [[fingers crossed]]

  13. I'm totally going to try my best. Hopefully I'll think of something to submit!

  14. Maybe this has already been addressed and it slipped by me, but I have a question:

    Does the look have to be done on yourself? Or can you use a model? Of course, both artist and model will provide a "salute" snapshot along with the entry photo.

    Thank you!


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