Thursday, 24 September 2009

Saint Kate.

It feels a bit strange to post about someones beauty and success as a model. After all she just looks good she isn't saving lives.

The truth is that we are affected by beautiful things everyday of our lives. We want to buy beautiful clothes, own beautiful homes and most of all we want to look beautiful because beautiful things are prized and celebrated.
Kate is one such treasure.
So what is it about Kate that makes her so especially beautiful and successful?
Is it the perfect distance between her eyes?
Her heart shaped face?
Her high cheek bones?
Or her Full lips?
For me, it is all these things and something else... she has grown up with me.

I loved her (and probably wanted to be her) when I first saw her (she was 16) in “the third summer of love” shot by Corinne Day for The Face magazine, which I subscribed to, thankfully my mum didn't realise it was wholly inappropriate for a 14 year old.
Eighties models were overly made up with big hair and perfect teeth, they all looked older than they were. Kate was young, fresh and real.

It seemed to me that a lot of models tried to mold themselves to fit into whichever trend was current, Kate could set trends.
I believe the reason Kate has achieved such lasting success is because she is beautiful but doesn't have a specific 'look'.

For example, Cindy had the sex bomb look, which didn't really cross over to high fashion.

Linda had an exotic, classy sexuality that wasn't right for Heroin chic or waif.

Naomi, has an attitude that means Naomi always appears as herself. She has become more of a personality than a muse.

Claudia is elegant and sensual but her deep-set eyes limit experimentation with make-up meaning that she always has a similar look.

But Kate shook off the waif label with ease and can be anything we want her to be. Her face is incredibly versatile and open. Any make-up will look amazing on her and she will carry it off with that Kate attitude and style. Gemma Ward has this chameleon quality too.
Kate's beauty is not theatening and although stunning there is something very girl next door about her too. Which brings me back to the fact that she always looks like Kate, not like she is trying to be someone else, look a certain way or sell us something.



  1. Katie!! love this chick.... she is the most beautiful person I think I've ever seen. White stripes video... wow!

  2. I love the last one most. So striking in its simplicity.

  3. I wanted to be her too:) She has always been my favourite. Great post!! I love all the pics xx

  4. She's graced so many covers!

    This one isn't up there but I loved this one- and I loved this whole issue-

  5. I have about 10 more including that one that I didnt post. She has just done so many.

  6. One of the best blog entries I have recentrly read!!

  7. PS. Fantastic post- I will be bookmarking!

  8. This has been one of the most enjoyable blog posts I've read in a while. I agree with you totally - Shes a Legend... Simple As :) Great Post xx

  9. Ooh post the other ones please, she's just so inspirational. I still have a huge collection of pretty much everything she did in the 90's - I was/am obsessed with her. Love!

  10. You can see the rest here...

  11. I think it's the perfect distance between her eyes, it's very rare to have that much space. And her child-like lack of any self-consciousness: also very rare in any adult; it's not an arrogance, it's just a total confidence in herself. Very striking.

    Great piece btw! xx

  12. I agree. I remember a Harper' Bazaar cover where she was wearing a big red dress. It was a Christmas issue. She was holding a snow globe and she was in the snow globe, too. It was gorgeous!


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