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My love of all things Illamasqua is well documented but after seeing the new collection it may well have stepped up a notch.
Nic and I joined up with an army of Bloggers to be introduced to Dystopia (visuals above 2 of 4)

Not for the faint hearted, Dystopia is a strong statement of defiant confidence. Where the dark meets the light. Monochrome shades build and blend, brought alive by flashes of intense pink and lurid purple, while dazzling pigments, metallic textures and iridescent finishes all add to the drama of this strikingly uncompromising look.

The visuals are dark and angular with a slightly disturbing edge. Love them or hate them, you just can't ignore them.
For me, they are incredibly stunning...breathtaking infact. I couldn't help but look closely at the detail and wonder if the brain that thought up such a look might indeed be genius or even slightly mad.

Luckily for us, the make-up artist behind the images was at hand to share her background and explain what the hell she was thinking!
Alex Box has a background in fine art, She didn't intend to become a Make-up Artist but just ended up here. When her Art grew and took to the body and face it was noticed and a slight change of direction was suggested by friends.
Which means that her career as a make-up artist was born out of sheer talent rather than intension.
Today, Her make-up explores the relationship between art, science, nature and the magical.

Alex told us that she never has a plan when creating a look. It just comes about organically and while she appreciates that the visuals may not be to everyones taste, the fact that they are getting talked about is exactly the point.

After meeting the cast of colourful characters behind Illamasqua I really feel that this is a totally unique brand.
Unique because Illamasqua is fuelled by passion, raw talent and a huge respect for what each individual brings to the table.
Rather than creating easy to sell diluted products Illamasqua take risks and ultimately its paying off.


  1. Their new collection looks so stunning. They are one of the very few brands that make me wonder 'what will they do next?'. Seeing their visuals just makes me want to play around with it all. It appeals to my art background as well as my love of make up. Considering their aim that is no surprise though really. My only wish is that they would sell somewhere closer to me, but then my bank balance probably couldn't take it.

  2. I absolutely agree. It was amazing!
    And I loved hanging out with you and Nic afterwards!
    Thank Nic again for the lippy swap! :)

    Great Post!


  3. I love illamasqua.. The first time i saw their products at Selfridge's in manchester I was just stunned by how amazing their items are!!

    (: Love your troll kicker :L
    a.k.a EmiiLou

  4. @EmiiLou - You did a great job getting rid of those nasty trollers. You can be the Blogtv Buffy! ;) Wish I could watch tonight but off out.
    Ex (Miss Astrid on blogtv)

  5. I personally think it's an advertising technique which could pay off or just scare people away and juding by the responses on twitter to what they did to that poor girls face it is scaring people away! MAC has garish and outlandish visuals yet is also demonstrates to the public how their products can work on a daily basis and illamasqua seem to just be going for the OTT 'shock' value which is really just hideous theatre make-up.

  6. The make-up Alex demonstrated yesterday was directed at professional bloggers and make-up artists.
    Personally, I would have been really bored and slightly offended if she had demonstrated how to use the products for everyday use. As bloggers and make-up artists we should all be able to use those products diversely.

    I dont see how MACs 'garish and outlandish Visuals' demonstate to the public how to use them? I dont see much difference between the wearability of the Colour craft visual or Dystopia.

  7. I can see a difference between the MAC Colour Craft visual and the Illamasqua Dystopia one. The Illamasqua one definitely used Illamasqua products ;)

    I like visuals that are arresting and interesting. I found it fascinating how completely Lydia's face was changed by the contouring - no I wouldn't wear the whole look to the office, but I do a dilution of the contouring on a daily basis.

  8. Haha Grace...
    You just hit the nail on the head.

  9. I'm sure it made for a interesting demonstration but overall it seems to me it must have been pretty useless.

    It is just my opinion that the make-up looked like amateur operatics make-up and and another blogger called it 'disney villain-ish!'. Perhaps an out-there demonstration on a model and a still-dramatic look but one that could be used in real life could have been used on the blogger? I just feel sorry for her that she ended up with such a ridiculous looking face and would have either had to travel home like that or all shiny-faced after using a make up wipe?

    I believe there is a happy medium between every day make-up and editorial extreme make-up which would make for an interesting and unique make-up demonstration but these visuals honestly just look like terrible theatre make up.

    This is just my opinion and i'm not meaning to offend any one by it.xx

  10. Am I being stupid? I just don't get why you wouldn't want to see something creative and different regardless of whether its wearable or not.
    The world would be so boring if creative expression was dictated to by what is wearable and what isn't.
    No Westwood, No Jean Paul Gauliter, No McQueen etc...

    I absolutely do not feel sorry for the blogger, I would have been so pleased if Alex had done my make-up. As for leaving with a shiny face, she came with pretty much no make-up on so im sure she wasn't to bothered.

    The day that people only create 'wearable' looks is the day that I stop being a make-up artist and look for another creative outlet.

  11. I'm no makeup expert, but when I see Illamasqua and MAC editorial looks I feel so refreshed with their fearless use of the medium.

    Eyeshadow up to the forehead? Yes, please! Blusher down to the clavicles? Bring it on!

    I just think if the mua's creating these looks were seeking to be wholly traditional, then MAC and Illamasqua ads would look like Almay, Maybelline, CoverGirl, Revlon, etc. I see ads for these drugstore brands and you simply can't tell them apart. It all starts to look the same after a while.

    I can see why one would belittle editorial looks as awful theater makeup, but it would be the same as belittling abstract expressionism as splotches and smears on a canvas. It's really just personal preference and how deep you really want to look into it.

  12. I went to the Manchester event and really enjoyed it. I will definitely purchase more from the brand now! x

  13. I went to the Manchester illamasqua event where Mizzworthy was made up by Alex Box, it was absolutely amazing! I think some people are missing a trick, if you ask to be invited or accept an invite to an Illamasqua event you know what you are signing up for. Their ethos is clear, make up for your alter ego. It's risk taking but so fresh and exciting, i love it!
    You want a smokey eye, nude lip then Illamasqua is not the place to go (although u can find it there if you look!!)

    Possibly next time Illamasqua need to narrow down their audience to those who are genuinely interested and moreover genuine buyers of their brand.

    Needless to say I love Dystopia! whole concept is genius!

  14. Your outlook on makeup and its application is always so refreshing. This collection looks wonderful, thank you for giving us a sneak peak!

  15. Love it! wish i went. x


  16. By all means, let us all climb into identical generic boxes where creativity is an extinct phenomena...NOT! Bravo to Illamasqua for once again showing us that there is no limit to the imagination and how something so out of the ordinary can still be beautiful. If you can't appreciate it for makeup, then think of model as a living canvas. How fortunate you were to see a true artist create infront of you. What a humbling experience.

  17. when I saw these pictures and Sam your interpretation I almost had a heartattack! I absolultey LOVE LOVE it! I only dream of one day having the absolute creativity, skill and will to be able to create art like this.
    It must feel very empty to one who cannot appreciate creative expression.


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