Friday, 25 September 2009

About Me

I often get asked questions about myself and my work so I thought I would try to answer some of them.

How old are you?
I am the oldest of four. Me - 32 (the opinionated one), Nic - 29 (the crazy one), John - 21 (the sensitive one) & James - 21 (the witty, clever one).James and John with our precious Mumsie on their 21st birthday. (above)

Where did you study?
Both Nic and I went to the same college. The College of West Anglia (formerly NORCAT)
We both studied a 2 year BTEC in Media Make-up and Hairdressing.
Apart from a summer job cooking doughnuts at Banham Zoo it is the only job I have ever done.
My Tutor was Louise Young, Yes thats right....the brush lady!

What makes you laugh?
Nothing makes me laugh like my family.
They are the single most important thing in my life.
My brothers and their girlfriends still live at home with my mum and her partner, Brian.
If we could, Danny and I would take the girls and move in too.
Mums house is full of love and laughter but its always bloody cold because she's tight with the central heating.

Where do you get your jewellery?
I have a healthy obsession with Jewellery, Hats, Shoes, Sunglasses and Bags.
Being a good size 14 and quite busty not every fashion suits me but accessories don't discriminate, they will always fit me no matter how much weight I put on or lose.
I get most of my jewellery from a shop called Soho Hip in Norwich but some of my favorite rings come from Hoxton Boutique in Old Street, London. I also love Vivienne Westwood earrings and Butler and Wilson for a bit of bling.

What motivates you?
I can't really say what motivates me without exposing aspects of my life that are incredibly private but suffice to say, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
I also think that everyone has something that they are really good at, Nic and I are really good at make-up which is just as well because we suck at most other things.

What inspires you?
Beautiful images.
I get inspired by films, shows, shoots and campaigns. I live and breathe Make-up. It is my hobby and my career which is a little tiny bit tragic.

Are you glass half empty or glass half full?
For years the glass was half empty but its been full since I was about 22.
I think it was a defense mechanism, If I thought everything would go wrong then it was a bonus if it turned out Ok.
I distinctly remember one of my best friends saying to me that she couldn't deal with my negativity and that stuck with me. From that moment I decided to change my thought process.
I really believe that positive people get more opportunities and make things happen for themselves.

Why did you start your YouTube channel?
I made my first tutorial in October 2008 when I was heavily pregnant and bored. My face was the only part of me that still looked ok.
I didn't know anything about YouTube. I didn't know about subscribers or hits or the partner program. I just did it to make myself feel better and to relieve the boredom.
I still make tutorials for myself. I cannot create a tutorial if I am not inspired by the look or don't like the subject.
That is not to say that I don't listen and value the people that subscribe, comment and message. It is great to be able to share our knowledge and receive such amazing feedback from so many of you.

Eliza asked 'Do your family and friends watch you on YouTube?'
Mum watches us religiously but thats about it for family. As far as my make-up artist friends go, I am sure that they have checked it out but I don't expect they have tuned in more than once.
To be honest, I haven't asked them but I am pretty sure that after shooting all day the last thing they would want to do is watch someone else put make-up on.

Lizz asked 'Do you ever go out bare faced?'
Yes, but I hate it. Anyone who has kids will understand that sometimes you have to be somewhere at a certain time and before you know it you have 5 minutes to get out the door and you've spent the whole morning reasoning with your daughter about the skirt she doesn't want to wear. When this happens, I just hope that I don't bump into anyone I know.

Kerry and 3ate4 asked 'How did you change your attitude from negative to positive?'
It was a spiral, things happened when I was growing up that made me expect the worst but I hadn't realised just how negative I was until my friend told me and I had to look at the situation from other peoples point of view.
Negativity affects the people around you just as much as yourself. I reassessed what was important to me and made a very conscious decision never to be a victim.
To me, negativity is fear, fear of failure, fear of the unknown... I will not live my life in fear, it will taint every success.
Ultimately, I am responsible for every choice I make, my own happiness and destiny.
I could blame others for my short comings but whats the point, I don't want to waste my life in bitterness and regret.
Hence, What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Wow...I should write a self help book!

Jools asked 'If you had to use just one cosmetics range what would it be and why?'
Hmmmm...tough one.
I think it would be Estee Lauder or Jemma Kidd.
I think that they are great all rounders.
For example, I love Chanel foundations but the colour (shadows, blush etc) bores me.
I love MAC colour but the majority of skin products are vile. (Just my opinion)

If you have any questions that you want answered leave them as a reply and I will add them to this post.

A day in the life...

James Lincoln is covering a Cosmopolitan fashion event presented by GMTVs Jeff Brazier.

Rachel Wood is having a much needed rest by the pool in Florida, having keyed 11 shows at London Fashion Week and moved house.

A day in the life...

I just asked some friends to MMS me a picture of what they are doing right now.
I guess its a bit like Twitter in pictures. As I get them I will post them.
Nicci Jackson is doing Alexandra Burke for Bliss Magazine in London. (above)

Nicola Chapman is doing the stock in the basement of the MAC Pro Store on Newburgh St, London. (Its all glamour)Katie Pettigrew is shooting a race campaign for Channel 4, featuring a lady dressed as a black Margaret Thatcher.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Couture Cards.

Need to buy a birthday card for a fashionista friend?
Look no further than Paperchase. They are stocking the stunning blank cards by fashion illustrator David Downton.
I got three different ones for my birthday!

Saint Kate.

It feels a bit strange to post about someones beauty and success as a model. After all she just looks good she isn't saving lives.

The truth is that we are affected by beautiful things everyday of our lives. We want to buy beautiful clothes, own beautiful homes and most of all we want to look beautiful because beautiful things are prized and celebrated.
Kate is one such treasure.
So what is it about Kate that makes her so especially beautiful and successful?
Is it the perfect distance between her eyes?
Her heart shaped face?
Her high cheek bones?
Or her Full lips?
For me, it is all these things and something else... she has grown up with me.

I loved her (and probably wanted to be her) when I first saw her (she was 16) in “the third summer of love” shot by Corinne Day for The Face magazine, which I subscribed to, thankfully my mum didn't realise it was wholly inappropriate for a 14 year old.
Eighties models were overly made up with big hair and perfect teeth, they all looked older than they were. Kate was young, fresh and real.

It seemed to me that a lot of models tried to mold themselves to fit into whichever trend was current, Kate could set trends.
I believe the reason Kate has achieved such lasting success is because she is beautiful but doesn't have a specific 'look'.

For example, Cindy had the sex bomb look, which didn't really cross over to high fashion.

Linda had an exotic, classy sexuality that wasn't right for Heroin chic or waif.

Naomi, has an attitude that means Naomi always appears as herself. She has become more of a personality than a muse.

Claudia is elegant and sensual but her deep-set eyes limit experimentation with make-up meaning that she always has a similar look.

But Kate shook off the waif label with ease and can be anything we want her to be. Her face is incredibly versatile and open. Any make-up will look amazing on her and she will carry it off with that Kate attitude and style. Gemma Ward has this chameleon quality too.
Kate's beauty is not theatening and although stunning there is something very girl next door about her too. Which brings me back to the fact that she always looks like Kate, not like she is trying to be someone else, look a certain way or sell us something.


The Fashionface team were out in full effect at fashion week. Even our little brother James got in on the action. (below, Jim stands in for the models so that last minute adjustments can be made)
(above) Little Tanya working her magic backstage. While Model Johanna waits for Nic to fit her crazy lashes.

Johanna working it at Ziad Ghanem
Tanya backstage at David Koma (above)
One of Tanyas models complete and stunning.(below)
With thanks to Rachel Wood Key Make-up Artist.

Vogue Cover inspiration

I have about 700 Vogue covers archived. Here are some of my favorites.
I do prefer the European covers. Vogue Italia is my all time favorite though because not only are the images striking but the design of the cover beautiful too.
Australia also have some excellent covers. My least favorite are the American Vogue covers.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Iconic images No.1

During the filming of my coloured mascara video I looked into the mirror and realised that the look I had created was reminiscent of a make-up look gone by.
The look I am refering to is the May 1975 Vogue Cover featuring Jerry Hall and shot by Norman Parkinson on location in Jamaica.
This is such a classic Vogue cover even though the phone tucked into the swimming hat is actually quite ridiculous.

This has got me thinking about all the iconic images and looks that are filed away in my head for reference. I will be posting some of them for discussion.

Monday, 21 September 2009


We are giving away a Louise Young 15 piece brush set worth hundreds of pounds.
All you have to do is create a make-up masterpiece!

1) It MUST be your own work and your own creation. (no copying from magazines)
2) You can enter as many times as you like. Only one look will win.
3) You can enter from any where in the world. (that has a postal system)
4) Do NOT email me your images, they must be uploaded onto an image hosting website and then the link sent to me via the entry form on the website.
5) All entries in by 9am on the 1st November GMT
6) The winner will be required to provide their image as a hi-resolution jpeg (300dpi) for a winners video.
We may also ask for a snap shot of the person in the image to prove ownership and confirm copyright.

To view the brushes go to

Friday, 11 September 2009


Dear all,

You may have noticed our absence over the past month or two.
You probably all know that I had a baby 9 months ago. Like all babies of her age she is into absolutely everything.
Recently, I have said Goodbye, to her sleeping for 5 hours during the day and Hello, to Stair-gates and being on 24hr danger patrol. All this means that I have very little spare time and what I do have is precious...

To film a video takes approx 1hr 10 (minimum).
To edit the video takes 1hr 30 (minimum).
To create the movie file takes about 55 minutes.
To upload onto YouTube usually takes 2hrs 30.
From start to finish it takes about 6 hours...per video!

If a look is very complex there is the need to edit and create and upload 2 videos. Which I simply don't have time for.

As you may know YouTube lets us upload a maximum of 10 minutes but I have found that I can still upload 10mins.40secs. However, exceeding our time limit means that we cannot upload in HD and nor can I automatically upload from iMovie which would cut the whole process down by an hour.

With this in mind Nic and I have decided to become YouTube partners.
This means that we can create one long video and upload it straight from iMovie which cuts down the time drastically. As I said before, it also means you will enjoy a higher quality of video.
To see what I mean check out the quality of our Eyeko competition video. It does make a huge difference.

We hope that getting a better quality, longer video will make up for us backtracking.
I really hope you understand.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Here comes Dystopia...

... and I freakin love it.
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